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News Headlines for November 2004

Nov 30 - Review: CSI: Miami--'After the Fall'
While Horatio investigates a homicide that leads to several other crimes, Stetler investigates charges of police brutality against Horatio.

Nov 30 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Cold Case,' Szmanda on 'Early Show' & 'CSI' reviews.

Nov 30 - Rambo Gives 'Wagon' A Touch-Up
'CSI' scribe adapted classic musical 'Paint Your Wagon' for Geffen Playhouse.

Nov 30 - Download 'Officer Blue' Trailer
Transcript and screencaps inside for the 30-second promo of this week's Big Apple outing.

Nov 29 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Mea Culpa'
Ecklie investigates the night shift when Grissom discovers a piece of evidence he may have missed in an old case.

Nov 29 - Critics Have The Hots For 'Miami'
Tonight's 'After The Fall' makes 'TV picks' lists at TV Guide, USA Today and St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Nov 29 - Zuiker: Globes Put 'CSI' On The Map
'CSI' among the possible contenders for a Best Drama nod from the Hollywood Foreign Press in 2005.

Nov 29 - Site Columns
Summer TV Wasteland & Best of 'CSI', Talk CSI discussions, 'After the Fall' poll & CSI on TV this week.

Nov 28 - Music Recap: Week of November 22, 2004
Dramatic changes, strong music, and surprises for all make it a great week for CSI.

Nov 28 - Mac Gets Entwined In 'Tanglewood'
Baseball bats are the weapons of choice when suburban warfare breaks out between two New York suburbs. Contains spoilers!

Nov 28 - 'CSI' Gobbles Up The Competition
'CSI: Miami', 'CSI' win their time-slots this week, but 'Law & Order' puts the stuffing in 'CSI: New York'. Plus: 'Ch-Ch-Changes' tops 2004.

Nov 28 - Official Details For This Week's 'CSI' Outings
Synopses, guest cast and creative staff listings for 'After The Fall' and 'Officer Blue'. Contains spoilers!

Nov 27 - Bianco: Caruso Shines, 'New York' In Darkness
USA Today's TV critic weighs up the three 'CSI' spin-offs, saying the original series is 'as good as ever'.

Nov 27 - Cast, Crew Revel In 100th Episode Milestone
Mendelsohn, Zuiker, Moonves, Helgenberger & more featured in special CBS news report.

Nov 26 - Review: CSI: New York--'Three Generations Are Enough'
An abandoned briefcase in the Merc puts Mac Taylor on the trail of a missing commodities broker.

Nov 26 - Nick & Catherine Chase 'Snakes'
A severed head in a newspaper bin leads the CSIs into the seedy underworld of Mexican drug culture. Spoilers inside!

Nov 24 - News Bullets
CSI show leads, Petersen x 2, CSI effect, show locations, 'Cold Case' reruns and more!

Nov 24 - Caruso And Rodriguez, 'Pirated' Behind The Scenes
See explosions and SFX galore as 'Miami' actors discuss Monday's show.

Nov 24 - See What It's Like 'After The Fall'
CBS releases trailer for next week's 'Miami' outing. Full transcript inside!

Nov 24 - Meet Detective Thacker In 'Officer Blue'
Paul Carafotes dishes his 'hunky' new recurring role on 'CSI: New York'.

Nov 23 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Pirated'
Pirates, cannibals, and racists try Horatio's patience this week.

Nov 23 - Mac Goes To The Dogs In 'ReCycling'
When an animal handler is found dead and a dog is your only witness, how do you get it to testify? Find out in our 'CSI: New York' spoiler report!

Nov 23 - Site Columns
Chris on illiternets, TalkCSI topics, new poll and TV listings!

Nov 22 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Ch-Ch-Changes'
In the show's one hundredth episode, Grissom and company investigate the murder of a transgendered woman.

Nov 22 - Eads On How He Found Being Evel
Nick Stokes actor talks playing fictional and real superheroes, plus how 'CSI' expands his vocabulary.

Nov 22 - Three Episodes Are Enough For Sweeps
Episode synopses & guest cast lists for this week's three 'CSI' outings. Contains spoilers!

Nov 21 - Executive Producers Land Showmanship Gong
Anthony Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn and Ann Donahue honoured by Hollywood publicists.

Nov 21 - FX Wizards On Keeping It Real
Danny Cannon reveals the magic behind the 'CSI shot'. Plus: Keane on letting the music tell the story.

Nov 21 - Watch Ecklie Break Up The Team
Download the 20-second trailer for 'Mea Culpa'. Transcript & screencaps inside!

Nov 21 - 'New York' Explodes On Your Screen Next Week
A bomb empties the stock exchange while a suicide rattles a church in 'Three Generations Are Enough.' Full 30-second promo transcript inside!

Nov 20 - Music Recap: Week of November 15, 2004
Surprises and musical content go a long way this week, especially for CSI: New York.

Nov 20 - 'Who Shot Sherlock Holmes?' No Elementary Case
Dr. Watson, Professor Moriarty and Irene Adler emerge as key suspects when the real inspector hound is murdered. Spoilers!

Nov 20 - Spike Looks For Bite Of Big Apple
Cable network reportedly negotiating to acquire 'CSI: New York' re-run rights for $1.9 million an episode.

Nov 20 - Producers: How 'CSI' Outstripped 'The Fugitive'
Zuiker, Donahue, Medelsohn, Cannon deconstruct the anatomy of a hit: visual style, writing and characters.

Nov 20 - Alliance Atlantis Reports Record Quarterly Results
CSI franchise producer shows healthy and growing financial status in 2004's third quarter.

Nov 20 - 31.4 Million Watch Grissom & Co.'s 100th Case
'Ch-Ch-Changes' sets a new ratings record, plus 'Miami' and 'New York' both secure time-slot victories.

Nov 19 - Actors Try To Explain The 'CSI' Phenomenon
For Petersen, it's the cast and crew, for Szmanda, the show's level of realism. And for Paul Guilfoyle? 'A lot of luck.'

Nov 19 - Helgenberger Whips Swing Shift Into Shape
Catherine Willows actress on bossing Warrick and Nick around, plus Jorja Fox & George Eads celebrate the show's 100th.

Nov 19 - Forensic Toys Not For Children, Says PTC
Pro-family lobby group doesn't want to see Santa bringing any 'CSI' Forensic Kits or DNA Labs this Christmas.

Nov 19 - Buxton Was Jonesing For Challenging Roles
'Ch-Ch-Changes' guest star didn't mind playing a transsexual: 'I never wanted to play boring girlfriend roles anyway.'

Nov 19 - Episode 100 Grabs The Headlines
Media mayhem: Mendelsohn on making forensics cool, 'CSI''s history, impact and level of violence all figure in newspaper reports.

Nov 18 - Review: CSI: New York--'Rain'
A bank robbery investigation uncovers a related kidnapping putting Mac & co. in race to save a child's life.

Nov 18 - Heat And A Few Ch-Ch-Changes Behind The Scenes
Entertainment Tonight goes backstage for hot 'CSI:NY' effects and 'CSI's' 100th outing.

Nov 17 - Bruckheimer, Showrunners Talk 'CSI' Differences
The creative quartet behind the 'CSI' franchise appear on CNBC to discuss real-life research, Locard's Theory and what makes each show unique.

Nov 17 - Watch Pirates And Sharks On Next Week's 'Miami'
CBS releases the thirty-second trailer for next week's appropriately titled 'Pirated.' Full transcript inside!

Nov 16 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Speed Kills'
Sorry, 'Miami' fans, Speedle isn't back, but the CSIs do have to discover who killed a man after an evening of speed dating.

Nov 16 - Caruso And His Women Get Interviewed
Horatio Caine actor talks chemistry with Christina Chang; Procter, Alexander & Milos discuss the 'ick factor.'

Nov 16 - News Bullets
'Miami' rules again, Mac game, new 'The Who' album, guns, 100th episode celebration party photos & more!

Nov 15 - Interview: Jonathan Togo
'CSI: Miami''s newest recruit sits down with CSI Files' Kristine Huntley to talk about replacing Rory Cochrane, his love of all the 'CSI' shows and his former band.

Nov 15 - Expect 'Ch-Ch-Changes', 'Speed Kills' And Some 'Rain' This Week
Episode synopses & guest cast lists for this week's episodes, including 'CSI's' 100th outing. Contains spoilers!

Nov 15 - Find Out What Happens 'After The Fall'
Horatio and company investigate a burglary gone wrong in this 'Miami' case. Spoilers inside!

Nov 15 - Holly Valance Books 'Miami' Gig
Aussie 'Neighbours' starlet set to kiss kiss her way through an upcoming episode.

Nov 15 - Ch-Ch-Check Out The Trailer For Ch-Ch-Changes
Get a sneak peek at next Thursday's special 100th 'CSI' outing. Spoilers inside!

Nov 14 - Music Recap: Week of November 8, 2004
A good week for CSI music-wise brings up the question of how Hans Zimmer may have played a part in it.

Nov 14 - Extreme Sport To Feature In 'Tri-Borough'
Mac and Stella delve into the world of Parkours, where real-life spider-men traverse an urban obstacle course. Spoilers inside!

Nov 14 - Ratings Round-Up: Waves Of Success For CSI
'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami' cruise high whilst 'CSI: New York' continues to battle 'Law & Order'.

Nov 13 - 'CSI' To Undergo Major Format Changes
TV Guide reveals the introduction of a new swing shift will have characters moving and relationships evolving. Massive spoilers inside!

Nov 13 - CBS News Fires Producer Over 'CSI: New York' Interruption
Arafat newscast at the end of 'Outside Man' turns from minor annoyance for East Coast fans into major embarassment for CBS.

Nov 12 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Formalities'
The death of a girl at a penthouse party lead the CSIs into an abduction scandal.

Nov 12 - CBS Releases 'Rain' Promo
In the midst of a torrential downpour Mac and Stella have to solve a bank robbery that turned explosive. Full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 12 - News Bullets
Watch the 'Outside Man' end online, CSI trivia, interview with a corpse, and the random CSI quip generator

Nov 11 - Review: CSI: New York--'Outside Man'
Danny and Aiden must discover who robbed a restaurant and killed the employees there.

Nov 11 - CBS To Repeat 'CSI: New York' Friday Night
Network to make up for cutting into final minutes of 'Outside Man' for Arafat newscast. Plus: ET & CNBC to feature 'CSI' segments

Nov 11 - Almost 'No Humans...' Left Alive On 'CSI'
The body count at a routine crime scene triples when Greg finds another victim, and a hitman kills Brass's witness in cold blood. Spoilers inside!

Nov 10 - Ask Jonathan Togo Questions
CSI Files will soon be interviewing the new star of 'CSI: Miami,' and we're giving you the chance to take part!

Nov 10 - ALERT: Hill Harper To Appear On 'Entertainment Tonight'
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes actor visits the Los Angeles Coroner's office to compare fact with fiction, says medical examiners are 'heroes.'

Nov 10 - Death By Make-Up, The Artists' Way
'CSI' make-up artists talk creating death; plus cast experiences of corpses.

Nov 10 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, Petersen's Greatest Moments, UK awards, new screencaps and more!

Nov 10 - Death By Dating On Monday's 'CSI: Miami'
Transcript and screencaps for 30-second 'Speed Kills' promo inside.

Nov 9 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Crime Wave'
A tsunami brings an elaborate bank heist to Miami in this ninety-minute supersized episode!

Nov 9 - Site Columns
Chris on Chrises, TalkCSI topics, corrections, new poll and TV listings!

Nov 8 - CBS Rolls Three Out For Sweeps Season
Episode synopses & guest cast lists for 'Crime Wave', 'Outside Man' and 'Formalities'. Contains spoilers!

Nov 8 - See Dayshift CSI Sofia Curtis In Action
CBS releases 20-second preview of 'Formalities,' this week's new 'CSI' episode. Full transcript inside!

Nov 7 - Sinise Happy To Walk 'Into A Known Commodity'
Despite CBS Mandate the the newest 'CSI' show focus on the mysteries before the characters, Sinise remains satisfied with the gig.

Nov 7 - Paramount Home Video Announces 'Miami' DVD Specs
Second-season set to feature 7 audio commentaries & 4 new featurettes, plus full Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

Nov 7 - 'Outside Man' To Take Your Breath Away
Watch the claustrophobic 30-second trailer for next week's 'CSI: New York' - or it's too much for you, just read our full transcript!

Nov 6 - Ratings Round-Up: Hits And Misses For CBS This Week
'CSI' shows all perform well but host network's fortune peaks and troughs over the week.

Nov 6 - Music Recap: Week Of November 1, 2004
Chris Fullman looks at New York's 'A Man A Mile' and the original CSI's 'What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?'

Nov 6 - 'CSI: New York' Gets A Full Season
'CSI' network CBS picks up fledgling spin-off for a full season.

Nov 5 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?'
The Blue Paint Killer returns in this thrilling sweeps episode.

Nov 5 - Preview Next Week's 90-Minute 'CSI: Miami'
CBS releases 30-second trailer for special November sweeps episode 'Crime Wave.' Full transcript inside!

Nov 5 - Review: CSI: New York--'A Man, A Mile'
Mac and Danny must discover who killed a miner in one of New York's water tunnels.

Nov 5 - 'CSI' Alumni In New TV Gigs
'CSI' actresses to appear in popular Fox network shows.

Nov 4 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, 'Late Late Show' replacements, fan photos online and more!

Nov 4 - November Sweeps Prepare To Kick Off On CBS
Programming bonanza includes a tsunami in 'Miami' and 'CSI's' 100th birthday.

Nov 3 - Now 'U2' Can Experience 'Vertigo' on 'CSI'
Multi-platinum rock band to roll out tracks from their new album for original 'CSI'.

Nov 2 - CBS Not Betting On Return Of 'Dr. Vegas'
'CSI' network puts struggling show on indefinite 'hiatus'; CSI reruns to take up timeslot.

Nov 1 - Prosecutors Feel Hampered By Public's Forensic Knowledge
Time Magazine investigates the 'CSI effect:' jurors throughout the country refuse to accept anything but full DNA evidence.

Nov 1 - Site Columns
New music recaps, Talk CSI highlights, 'Swap Meet' poll & this week's TV.

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