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News Headlines for May 2005

May 31 - Cahill Reveals: Working With Sinise Is 'Awweesome'
Don Flack actor talks to Cult Times Magazine about the older cast members of the show and reveals what makes 'New York' unique.

May 31 - Ferlito Joins 'The Rock' In 'Gridiron Gang'
Aiden Burn actress lands new gig alongside Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Xzibit.

May 30 - CBS Loses May Sweeps Ratings Battle To Fox
The Eye network wins viewership but loses the 18-49 age demo to FOX. Plus: 'Miami' season finale wins its timeslot.

May 30 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings and poll results.

May 29 - Paul Guilfoyle: 'Acting Is A Constant Exploration'
Jim Brass actor returns to his alma mater to talk to acting students about the business.

May 29 - News Bullets
Watch Sinise live in concert tonight, Q&A with Mendelsohn & Tarantino, 'CSI' VFX, William Petersen on holiday, fingerprints and more!

May 27 - Zuiker Reveals: Tarantino Taught Him To Take Chances
The 'CSI' director discusses Tarantino's influence on the writing and reveals 'Grave Danger' as the show's biggest event.

May 27 - 'New York' Cast Reacts To Fanbase
Kanakaredes, Cahill, and Ferlito discuss their fan encounters. Plus: Gary Sinise reveals where his band's name comes from.

May 26 - Szmanda's One Man Show Heads To New York
Greg Sanders actor's play relocates to a new city. Plus: Szmanda reveals why Jorja Fox chased him around with a camera.

May 26 - The Yukon XL Denali Joins The Cast Of 'CSI'
Grissom and his team receive a brand new Mobile Analysis Unit. Plus: director Quentin Tarantino reveals what turned him into a 'CSI' fan.

May 25 - News Bullets
'10-7' ratings, Gary Dourdan heads to Trinidad, 'Miami' gets a new lead in, 'Whacked' screen caps, 'Amber Frey' gets panned and more!

May 25 - Bruckheimer Tenacity Saved Director's Job
The 'CSI' producer talks about his involvement with the series. Plus: Donahue and Littman discuss the Bruckheimer's unique approach to television.

May 24 - 'Miami' Actresses Make Plans For The Summer
Sofia Milos and Emily Procter unveil their personal and professional plans for this summer vacation.

May 23 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and post-finale blues, or proof that I care too much for fictitious characters.

May 23 - Berman's New Series Undergoes Name Change
'CSI' producer Josh Berman's new television show 'Deviant Behavior' is renamed 'The Gate.'

May 23 - Khandi Alexander: 'My Character Is Very Polished'
Alexx Woods actress discusses her character's strange habits and reveals why having a science advisor on the set is so important to her.

May 23 - ALERT: Insider To Uncover The Secrets Of The 'Miami' Finale
Syndicated entertainment magazines goes behind the scenes on '10-7' tonight. David Caruso: 'All grown men should have bright red hair.'

May 23 - Official '10-7' Plot & Guest Cast Info
Find out what to expect from the final 'CSI: Miami' episode of the season! Plus: 'New York' pre-empted by Amber Frey movie.

May 22 - News Bullets
Jorja Fox on Sara-Greg tension, Ashanti envies CSI, CSI in the Bush era, The Who, 'Grave Danger' reviews, screencaps, and more!

May 22 - 'CSI' Shows To Face Fresh Competition Next Year
ABC programs 'What About Brian' against 'Miami,' 'Invasion' against 'New York,' and 'The Night Stalker' against the original 'CSI.'

May 21 - 'CSI: Miami' & Original 'CSI' Break Ratings Records
23.1 million watch 'Whacked' and the final half hour of 'Grave Danger' attracts 35 million viewers, but the 'New York' finale disappoints.

May 21 - Actors Discuss Capturing The Vibe Of The CSI Cities
David Caruso: 'There's a vibrancy and there's an electricity to Miami.' Melina Kanakaredes: 'New York is just a bigger pain in the ass.'

May 21 - O, Brother, There Art Thou
An explostion in 'Miami' leads the team to a local terrorist group, and Horatio finally confronts the elusive Raymond Caine. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

May 20 - 'CSI' Moves To Universal Studios
Santa Clarita, California, bids goodbye to 'CSI', as the show's soundstage moves into a new city.

May 20 - Review: CSI: New York--'What You See Is What You See'
In the show's freshman year finale, Mac finds himself in the middle of a shootout in his local coffee shop.

May 20 - Bruckheimer Takes Over Television With 10 Series
'CSI' producer breaks Aaron Spelling's record for most television series on the air as four new Bruckheimer series premiere.

May 20 - 'Grave Danger' Review Round-Up
Magazines, websites, and newspapers around the US and Canada critique the two-hour season finale of 'CSI.'

May 20 - What Eads Heard While In The Box: 'Your Mom's Watching You Die'
Nick Stokes actor reveals how Tarantino got him to bring some real emotions to 'Grave Danger.' Plus: Tarantino can't spell!

May 19 - Interview: George Eads
The 'CSI' star opens up to CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about how he feels about the developments in the show's fifth season, how his character has changed over the years, and how he feels about romance on the show.

May 19 - Director Discusses Finding Tonight's Bad Guy
Tarantino says actor John Saxon 'could really hold his own against Billy Petersen.' Plus: Mendelsohn explains how they picked the CSI to be buried.

May 19 - Eads Makes Amends With Tarantino
Nick Stokes actor sets things straight with the director after embarrassing 'Jackie Brown' audition. Plus: Zuiker and Robert David Hall comment on the finale.

May 19 - Dean Winters On Being A Crackhead Brother
Ex-'Oz' actor digs Raymond Caine out of his grave, describes Caruso's acting style as 'intense'.

May 18 - News Bullets
'Whacked' breaks Miami's ratings record, Dourdan's music video is finished, 60 minutes with Zuiker, 'CSI' trading cards to be released this autumn and more!

May 18 - Zuiker Would Like A 'CSI' Movie
Franchise creator says he has 'some ideas about' a big-screen 'CSI' adventure, also discusses the possibility of William Petersen leaving the show.

May 18 - CBS Announces Full Fall Schedule
'CSI: Miami' & 'CSI: New York' get new lead-ins, Aisha Tyler's 'Ghost Whisper' ends up on Friday.

May 18 - Petersen, Helgenberger Dish It Out On Tarantino
Grissom and Catherine actors find themselves under new tutelage and behind the wheels of a new ride. Plus: find out how to win a new car by visiting CBS.com.

May 18 - 'Grave Danger' Guest Star Frank Gorshin Dies At 72
Impressionist earned Emmy nominations for playing the Riddler on television's 'Batman' and Bele on 'Star Trek,' has cameo in 'CSI' finale.

May 17 - Tarantino, Eads, Hall Discuss 'Grave Danger'
Famous director has a hard time working around the censors. Plus: Nick Stokes and Dr. Robbins actors recall what it was like the set of the finale. Spoilers inside!

May 17 - Bruckheimer Reveals Recipe For Successful Show
The 'CSI' producer talks about the famous franchise, CBS's support, and discusses his upcoming projects.

May 17 - 'CSI' Advisor Takes Road Show Through America
Traveling exhibit 'CSI: Crime Scene Insects,' developed by forensic entomologist Lee Goff, opens its doors in Raleigh, NC. Plus: Goff discusses 'upsetting' CSI case.

May 16 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and coping with the 'CSI' finale. But not gracefully.

May 16 - 'Anatomy Of A Murder' Puts 'Miami' Under Microscope
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta visits the set of 'Miami' in his new primetime special to find out where the show gets its sometimes gruesome ideas.

May 16 - FOX Picks Up Josh Berman's 'Deviant Behavior'
Timeslot of 'CSI' producer's new serial killer drama to be announced on Thursday. First cast photo inside!

May 16 - CBS Hypes 'Grave Danger' With Five Promos
The Eye network spices up advertisement for the 'CSI' season finale that will put a member of the team in grave danger. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

May 16 - Official Details for 'CSI' & 'New York' Finales, 'Whacked'
The end of the season approaches as Mac gets involved in a shooting and a CSI is kidnapped. Full plot & guest cast info for this week's three new episodes!

May 15 - News Bullets
Paul Guilfoyle rock video, mainstream media on 'CSI' effect, Parents Television Council blasts 'Miami,' recaps, screencaps, Lt. Dan Band & 'CSI: Vulcan.'

May 14 - All Three CSIs Win Timeslots
CBS puts the hurt on NBC as the 'CSI' shows defeat 'Medium,' 'The Apprentice' and 'Law & Order' - the latter of which may be losing its 'Trial by Jury' sibling.

May 14 - 'CSI' Finds Itself In 'Grave Danger'
When one of their own is kidnapped and buried alive, the 'CSI' team races against the clock to save him. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

May 14 - CBS Releases 'New York' Finale Promo
Mac survives a shooting and contemplates moving on from his wife's death in 'What You See Is What You See'. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

May 14 - Jon Wellner Joins Recurring Cast Of 'CSI'
Lab tech Sam Tracey to become a recurring character during season 6. Plus: the cast of 'CSI' wraps the season with a party.

May 13 - 'CSI' Actor Interview Round-Up
Procter tries out the 'Miami' board game, Rodriguez and Cahill get romantic, and Fox goes behind the scenes of 'Iced'. Mild spoilers inside!

May 13 - Emily Procter Becomes A Rock Star
CSI: Miami's Calleigh Duquesne actress admits to nerves about her first gig next week. Plus: 'I'm ready for a baby... now!'

May 13 - First 'CSI' Finale Footage Leaks Out
'Rough Cut Teaser' of 'Grave Danger' confirms rumored plot for final episode, features Grissom and Nick in a tense situation. Spoilers & images inside!

May 12 - Tarantino Will Not Leave Fans Hanging
The famous director reveals the 'CSI' season finale will not be a cliffhanger, also explains his motivation behind 'Grave Danger'. Mild spoilers inside!

May 12 - Review: CSI: New York--'The Closer'
While the rest of the team investigates a death at a baseball field, Mac rexamines evidence from a case when the defendant calls him new information.

May 11 - CBS Releases Official 'Whacked' Promo
Horatio and his team go back in time to find the clues that might help them prevent a future murder. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

May 11 - News Bullets
'Vengeance' ratings, Rodriguez under the hot microscope, 'Deviant Behavior' picture, Tarantino on Letterman, Togo's official website opens, and more!

May 11 - Eads Talks 'Grave Danger' With Regis And Kelly
Nick Stokes actor talks about his experiences on and off the set with Tarantino and reveals the director will push the envelope with 'Grave Danger'. Mild spoilers inside!

May 11 - Tarantino Reveals New 'Grave Danger' Details
The finale's main bad guy will be a man with a grudge against the CSIs. Plus: Tarantino on censored dialogue, and wanting a TV show of his own.

May 9 - 'CSI' Receives Criticism For Portrayal Of Gay Killers
LGBT website mantains the show's depiction of homosexual and transgender murderers has improved, but could do a lot better.

May 9 - Fox To Star In Independent Film 'Next Exit'
Sara Sidle actress to appear in new indie film next to Douglas Spain and Al Vicente.

May 9 - CSI Files RSS Feed Launches
Find out how to add CSI Files headlines to your favorite news reader! Not using RSS yet? Then click here to find out why you should!

May 9 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and celebrate the opening of a new forum.

May 9 - Official 'Vengeance,' 'Closer' & 'Iced' Details
A football star dies in 'Miami,' a baseball fan in 'New York,' and a college basketball player in the original 'CSI.' Full plot & guest cast info inside!

May 8 - 'Fallen Idol' Special Beats 'CSI: New York'
Even a new 'Without A Trace' at 9:00pm couldn't push Mac Taylor ahead of ABC, but 'New York' did defeat 'Law & Order.' Plus: 'Miami,' original 'CSI' ratings.

May 7 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Committed'
Grissom and Sara investigate a slaying in a psychiatric ward on a dark and stormy night

May 7 - CBS Releases First 'Iced' Footage
Greg and Sara investigate the death of two college students while Catherine wonders if the truth is really out there. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

May 7 - News Bullets
Upcoming Eads & Tarantino TV appearances, 'Big Brother,' 'Dead Ringers,' Aisha Tyler talks, new screencaps, and interview a 'Miami' guest star!

May 7 - Link: Talk CSI Launches Shipper Central Forum
Are you interested in romantic pairings of 'CSI' characters? Then check out the latest addition to our popular 'CSI' discussion board!

May 6 - 'New York' Catches Foul Play In 'The Closer'
The team investigates the death of a Boston fan at a ball game while Mac tries to prove the innocence of a man facing jail time. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

May 6 - Jorja Fox Still Not Used To Team-Split
Sara Sidle actress misses the group's dynamic and discusses the possibility of a Sidle-Sanders romance.

May 5 - Fox Heads To Morocco On Good Will Trip
Sara Sidle actress joins friend Cheri Shankar in an attempt to solidify bonds between American and Moroccan women.

May 5 - Review: CSI: New York--'On The Job'
Danny gets involved in a shootout and finds himself in a world of trouble while Stella gets in touch with her softer side.

May 5 - ALERT: ET Visits The Set of 'Weeping Willows'
entertainment Tonight gets the scoop on the latest 'CSI' episode from Helgenberger and Rosenberg. Mild spoilers inside.

May 4 - News Bullets
Rodriguez nominated for an Image Award, Sinise visits Canada, 'Committed' screen caps and more!

May 4 - First 'What You See Is What You See' Details
Mac Taylor has to choose between catching a killer or saving his victim. 'CSI: New York' season finale spoilers inside!

May 4 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold In 'Miami'
The team investigates the death of a man at a high school reunion while Horatio delves deeper into the alleged death of his brother. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

May 4 - Miami-Dade Police Department Trademarks Logo
Due to the department's hype caused by 'Miami' and other Miami-based shows' popularities,the department puts a copyright on their labels.

May 4 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Recoil'
The latest episode of 'Miami' starts with a shootout at a courthouse and moves backwards to reveal what led to the showdown!

May 3 - 'Miami' Season Finale Revealed
Family troubles plague Horatio as the appearance of his brother is quickly followed by the disappearance of his nephew in the final season 3 episode of Miami. Spoilers inside!

May 3 - Interview: Josh Berman
CSI's co-executive producer answers your questions about Billy Petersen's ad-libs, season 5's new characters, continuity, Tarantino, and an upcoming Sara-Greg episode!

May 3 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and why real-life is much entertaining than a Julia Roberts movie.

May 2 - Music Recap: Music Roundup - Run-up to the 2005 May Sweeps
The run-up to the 2005 May Sweeps creates the momentum for the dramatic season finales for CSI. See how they had a part of the tension in this in-depth review.

May 1 - 'CSI: New York' Ratings Bounce Back
A strong 'CSI' rerun and a weak 'L&O' one help 'NY' get back to 14.4 million viewers. Plus: confusion over Thursday ratings, 'Miami' repeat does OK.

May 1 - CBS To Air Six 'CSI' Episodes Next Week
And we've got details on all of them! New episodes 'Recoil,' 'On The Job' & 'Weeping Willows,' and 3 special reruns - can you tell it's the May sweeps?

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