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News Headlines for October 2005

Oct 31 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and Halloween: old school style.

Oct 31 - CBS Releases 'Secrets & Flies' Promo
The team investigates the murder of a mother who was a virgin when she died. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Oct 31 - It's A 'Dog Eat Dog' World On 'CSI'
A mysterious death leads Catherine and Brass to the world of competitive eating while Nick and Sara investigate the murder of a divorced couple. Spoilers inside!

Oct 30 - News Bullets
Are procedurals a passing fad, what happened to the Sara-Grissom motel scene, and which CSI: NY star has been turned into a pumpkin? Plus more 'CSI' news!

Oct 30 - Offical Info For 'YoungBlood' And 'Secrets & Flies'
Full plot details and cast & crew listings for this week's new 'CSI: New York and 'CSI' episodes, plus info on Monday's 'Miami' repeat.

Oct 27 - Hill Harper Anxious To See How Dr. Hawkes Will Evolve
The CSI: New York actor talks about his character's greatest trait, why the show has a great cast, and what being voted sexiest man has done for his social life.

Oct 27 - Helgenberger Lends Her Voice To Animated Movie
Catherine Willows actress is one of the many talents who will take part in the new animated flick based on Conan the Barbarian. Plus: the actress has an airplane scare.

Oct 27 - Gary Dourdan: Season 5 Has Been The Hardest
The 'CSI' star talks about the most challenging season, his hesitation regarding dramatic scenes, and his character's new developments.

Oct 26 - News Bullets
Caruso on Horatio's new storyline, real-life crime scene investigation, screen caps, Lt. Dan Band performs, and more!

Oct 26 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Under Suspicion'
Horatio ends up as the prime suspect in a murder case!

Oct 25 - Cahill: 'NY' Cast Expertise Taught Him Good Work Ethics
Don Flack actor talks about the things he's learned while on the set of 'New York' and why he can't choose between comedy and drama.

Oct 25 - Szmanda & Hall: Every Actor Plays An Important Role
Greg Sanders actor talks about his character's contribution to 'CSI', while Hall would like to see more disabled actors on TV.

Oct 24 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and Alpha, Beta... Gaga?

Oct 24 - George Eads: Nick Stokes Is Smarter Than I Am
The 'CSI' star discusses the differences and similarities between him and his character, and reveals how he came to work on 'CSI.'

Oct 24 - Madonna's New Single To Air During 'Miami/NY' Crossover
The famous singer will spice up the two shows with her new single 'Hung Up.' Plus: details of the crossover episodes revealed. Spoilers inside!

Oct 23 - Official Details For Next Week's 'Miami' & 'New York'
The original 'CSI' is showing a rerun, but Miami's Horatio Caine will come 'Under Suspicion,' and New York's Mac Taylor is 'Dancing with the Fishes.'

Oct 21 - The LVPD Takes A Hit In 'A Bullet Runs Through It'
When an officer is killed during a shootout and the evidence suggest friendly fire, the 'CSI' team turns to the LVPD for suspects. Spoilers inside!

Oct 20 - Review: CSI: New York--'Corporate Warriors'
The CSIs are surprised when they connect the death of a man at a street fair and a man who was beheaded sitting on a bench in Central Park.

Oct 20 - News Bullets
ET goes behind the scenes of 'Gum Drops,' 'CSI' gets dual love triangles, 'Miami' takes over Europe, screen caps, and more!

Oct 20 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Three-Way'
Calleigh, Delko and Ryan come to three different conclusions about the same case.

Oct 20 - CBS Releases 'Under Suspicion' Promo
When Horatio's girlfriend turns out dead and the evidence points to him, the CSIs must figure out a way to prove him innocent. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Oct 19 - 'CSI: New York' Gets Gourmet Coroner
Dr. Sid Hammerbeck joins Dr. Evan Zao in the morgue as a chef-turned-coroner. Plus: Monroe's secret is revealed and Bonasera gets wooed, says TV Guide. Mild spoilers inside!

Oct 19 - 'Gum Drops' Promo Now Online
When a whole family vanishes, the 'CSI' most find the bodies to prove there was a murder, but Stokes suspects they might be alive. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Oct 19 - 'New York' Season 1 Now Available On DVD
The first season of 'CSI''s second spin-off hits the stores with plenty of commentaries and positive reviews.

Oct 19 - 'CSI,' 'Miami' & 'New York' Review Round-Up
Fandom Talk, MSN, TV Squad, and Blog Critics review the latest episodes of the CSI trio.

Oct 18 - CBS.com Launches 'CSI: Miami' Blog
The Eye network plans to bring fans of 'Miami' together by creating an online blog for the show, mantained by Corey Miller.

Oct 18 - Interview: Emily Procter
'CSI: Miami''s Calleigh Duquesne tells CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about the changes in her character, tension between the characters and the behind-the-scenes antics on the set! Minor spoilers inside.

Oct 18 - CBS Releases 'Corporate Warriors' Promo
Stella and Danny head to Little Italy to investigate a murder while Mac deals with martial arts experts. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Oct 18 - Dourdan & Golding: On-Screen Marriage No Bed Of Roses
Warrick's marriage, the actors reveal, will be very rocky, and might lead to a love quadrangle. Mild spoilers inside!

Oct 17 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and CSI: New York: bigger, bouncier, and bra-less.

Oct 17 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Shooting Stars'
A body dump leads the Vegas team to the site of a mass suicide.

Oct 17 - Giovinazzo: How Baseball Got Him Into Acting
Danny Messer actor explains how he got into the business, what his 'NY' character is about, and his future projects.

Oct 16 - News Bullets
George Eads in French, 'CSI: Topeka' angers mayor, Helgenberger ET segment, Sherlock Holmes, screencaps, real-life CSI and more!

Oct 16 - Official Details For Next Week's New Episodes
Find out what happens in Miami's 'Three-Way,' CSI: New York's 'Corporate Warriors,' and CSI's 'Gum Drops.' Plus: guest cast & creative crew info.

Oct 14 - Grissom Uncovers Both 'Secrets & Flies' On 'CSI'
The team investigates the alleged suicide of a young mother who, while alive, claimed God got her pregnant. Spoilers inside!

Oct 13 - Review: CSI: New York--'Zoo York'
The New York team gets a new CSI as they investigate the death of a man found half-eaten in a tiger's cage.

Oct 12 - Jorja Fox: Sara Sidle To Lighten Up This Season
The 'CSI' star talks about what makes her character tick, where Grissom and Sara may or may not go, and what fans should expect of this new season.

Oct 12 - Anthony Zuiker Hopes 'New York' Helps Viewers Unwind
The 'CSI' creator says New York's new look could provide a good distraction. Plus: Entertainment Tonight previews Anna Belknap's first episode.

Oct 11 - First 'Three-Way' Footage Released
Delko, Calleigh and Ryan investigate the death of a pool guy, but their different interpretations may hinder the investigation. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Oct 11 - Review: CSI: Miami--'48 Hours To Life'
The CSIs race against the clock to prove a man innocent of murder before his arraignment.

Oct 11 - Season Two Of 'NY' Has Giovinazzo Limping On The Set
Danny Messer actor talks about what's in store for season two and explains how 'CSI: New York' made him feel like an old man.

Oct 10 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and rain.

Oct 10 - Helgenberger Accepts Award For Charity Work
The 'CSI' star keeps busy with her charity work and promises to help husband in his new SAG president title.

Oct 10 - 'Miami' To Continue Peeling The Layers Of Horatio's Past
Caruso and Donahue talk about Horatio's big emotional arc and how it'll take fans to the beginning of the show. Mild spoilers inside!

Oct 10 - Official '48 Hours,' 'Zoo York' & 'Shooting Stars' Details
A young man is in danger of spending his entire life in prison, a tiger wreaks havoc in New York, and cult fanaticism leads to mass suicide. More info inside!

Oct 7 - 'Shooting Stars' Promo Released
Grissom and the team investigate a mass suicide in the next episode of 'CSI.' Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Oct 7 - Vanessa Ferlito: It Was My Decision To Leave 'NY'
Aiden Burn actress finally reveals why she left 'CSI: New York' and how she broke the news to Anthony Zuiker.

Oct 6 - CBS Releases 'Zoo York' Promo
Mac investigates a murder at a zoo and Stella the death of a debutante. Meanwhile, a new CSI joins the team. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Oct 6 - Review: CSI: New York--'Grand Murder At Central Station'
The team loses one of their own when an ethical issue forces Mac to make a tough decision.

Oct 6 - News Bullets
'Miami' & 'New York' ratings, LaRue battles fire ants, Horatio Caine lands in a list of worst TV names, 'Grave Danger' DVD, and more.

Oct 5 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Prey'
In a case ripped from the headlines, the Miami team investigates the disappearance of an eighteen-year-old girl on a senior break trip.

Oct 5 - 'CSI: New York' DVD Details Revealed
The first DVD set of the second-spin off hits the stores this month with a plethora of commentaries and extras.

Oct 5 - Meta Golding To Portray Warrick's Wife
The currently invisible Mrs. Warrick Brown finally gets a face.

Oct 5 - '48 Hours To Life' Trailer Available Online
It's a race against the clock on 'CSI: Miami' as the team tries to prove the innocence of an incarcerated man. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Oct 4 - 'Prey' Was A Cautionary Tale, Says Alexander
Alexx Woods actress hopes young people learned something from last night's episode. Plus: Procter shows off Calleigh's gun collection.

Oct 4 - Robert David Hall: 'I'm Playing My Father'
The 'CSI' star reveals the inspiration behind his character and talks about his days before joining the popular series.

Oct 4 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Blood In The Water'
A boat explosion leads Horatio and his team to discover a ten million dollar heist.

Oct 3 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and it's Mad World, by Gary Jules.

Oct 3 - 'CSI,' 'Miami,' & 'New York' Weekly Review Round-Up
TV Squad, Blog Critics, and MSN review the premieres of 'Miami' and 'NY' and the first two episodes of 'CSI.'

Oct 3 - CBS Releases 'Bite Me' Promo
The CSIs invesgitate the murder of a woman who may have been involved in the world of extreme biting. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Oct 2 - Official Details For Next Week's 'CSI' Trio
Find out what happens in Miami's 'Prey,' New York's 'Grand Murder At Central Station,' and the original CSI's 'Bite Me.' Full creative crew & guest cast info included!

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