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News Headlines for October 2004

Oct 31 - Ratings Round-Up: Return Of The CSI...?
'CSI' and 'Miami' at full force this week; 'New York' takes a couple of direct hits.

Oct 31 - Music Recap: Week of October 25th
Chris Fullman launches CSI Files' new weekly music review column! Features 'Hell Night,' 'Grand Master' & 'Swap Meet'!

Oct 31 - 'CSI' Kicks Off November Sweeps
Plot synopses & guest cast lists for 'A Man A Mile' and 'What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?' Contains spoilers!

Oct 30 - Bid To Chat With David Caruso
Phonecall with 'CSI: Miami' star, set visits, goodie bag up for grabs in Golden Retriever Club auction. Plus: Penny Lane fundraiser.

Oct 29 - Blue Paint Killer Eating On Grissom Next Week
CBS releases thirty-second trailer of next week's 'CSI' episode, featuring the return of an old villain. Full transcript inside!

Oct 29 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Swap Meet'
The CSIs investigate the murder of a woman who was killed after leaving a swingers party.

Oct 29 - Preview Next Week's 'CSI: New York'
Mac Taylor investigates a death 700 feet below the surface of Manhatten. Full 30-second trailer transcript inside!

Oct 29 - Horatio Goes Out To Sea In 'Dead Men'
A honeymoon diving trip turns gruesome when pirates get involved. Full spoiler report inside!

Oct 28 - Review: CSI: New York--'Grand Master'
The CSIs investigate the murders of a DJ and a fashion designer.

Oct 28 - News Bullets
'Miami' raings, real life CSI's, columns, updates and more!

Oct 27 - 'CSI' Nominated For People's Choice, TV Guide Awards
Petersen, Helgenberger, Giovinazzo singled out for favourite performer honours in end-of-year competitions.

Oct 27 - Kanakaredes' Daugher Knows Her Secret
'New York' actress recounts how 4-year old Zoe found out her mom is Stella Bonasera. Plus: Kanakeredes talks Gary Sinise.

Oct 27 - Grissom Gets Investigated In 'Mea Culpa'
Conrad Ecklie is on the warpath when it appears Grissom may have put the wrong man in jail. Spoilers inside!

Oct 27 - First 'Officer Blue' Plot Details
Which animal contains a crucial piece of evidence for the Big Apple CSIs? A horse, of course! Contains spoilers.

Oct 27 - Competitions Heats Up For Syndication Rights to 'New York'
Cable networks eyeing up Big Apple series; show considered a guaranteed success.

Oct 26 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Hell Night'
Halloween night in Miami brings on two murders, one involving Horatio's nephew!

Oct 26 - Site Columns
Chris on your radio choices, TalkCSI topics, new poll and TV listings!

Oct 24 - Jurors, Swingers and DJs Rock 'CSI'
Official plot synopses for 'Hell Night', 'Swap Meet' & 'Grand Master'. Contains Spoilers!

Oct 23 - Ratings Round-Up: The Fox Network Strikes Back
Baseball championship series on Fox dents 'CSI' ratings performance for the week.

Oct 23 - CBS Releases 'Swap Meet' Trailer
Watch Grissom and company investigate a swingers' party in this 20-second promo.

Oct 23 - Halloween Comes To 'Miami'
Download the trailer for Monday's 'Hell Night'. Transcript and screencaps inside!

Oct 22 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Crow's Feet'
Two separate cases of poisoning baffle the CSIs.

Oct 22 - 'Teargas & Plateglass' To Be Used In 'New York'
Reclusive band slated to provide track as music for upcoming episode.

Oct 22 - CBS Pre-Empts 'CSI: New York' With Reruns
Eye network shows old 'Miami' and 'CSI' episodes in Wednesday's primetime slot.

Oct 22 - Zuiker On Running The Show In 'New York'
'CSI' creator charts his meteoric rags-to-riches story and his latest responsibility. Plus: Why Sinise became a liability in NY!

Oct 21 - Interview: Carmine Giovinazzo
The 'CSI: NY' actor tells CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about his hopes for his character, how he feels about the forensics and why he's already finding the show's schedule overwhelming. Some spoilers!

Oct 19 - News Bullets
USA Today x 2, the 'CSI effect', William Petersen material online and more!

Oct 19 - Tyler To Star In New CBS Project This Fall
Mia Dickerson actress to be heavily involved in creation of her new show.

Oct 19 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Legal'
A murder in a club leads Horatio to a even more sinister crime.

Oct 19 - Site Columns
Chris on power of the media, TalkCSI topics, new poll and TV listings!

Oct 17 - Official Details For This Week's Episodes
Get the lowdown on the CSIs' adventures in the upcoming 'Legal', 'Grand Master' and 'Crow's Feet'. Contains spoilers!

Oct 17 - News Bullets
Kanakaredes on 'Jane Pauley' show, DVD review, Petersen, screencaps, TV editorial & more!

Oct 16 - Watch 'Crow's Feet' Promo
Download the 20-second trailer for next week's 'CSI' outing. Transcript and screencaps inside!

Oct 15 - Ratings Show 'CSI' Phenomenon Still Spearheading CBS Success
Original show and 'Miami' both finish top of the timeslots.

Oct 15 - Rodriguez On Being One Of The 'Sexiest Men Alive'
Eric Delko actor discusses the complimentary title, and why he doesn't feel macho carrying his girlfriend's dog!

Oct 15 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Harvest'
When a girl disappeares from a convenience store parking lot, the CSIs begin an intensive search for her.

Oct 15 - Guest Stars Take 'CSI' Shows By Storm Next Week
'CSI', 'Miami' and 'New York' all to receive notable guest stars next week. Plus: Khandi Alexander in 'Perfect Strangers'.

Oct 15 - 'CSI' A Way To Educate Students?
Australian high school principal slams "outdated" science teaching; advises looking to pop culture for inspiration.

Oct 14 - 'CSI: New York' DVDs Coming Next Summer
Paramount announces release dates for 'New York' Season 1, 'Miami' Season 3 & 'CSI' Season 5. Plus: New season 4 review.

Oct 14 - DJs & Naked Sushi Grace 'New York' Next Week
CBS releases thirty-second trailer for next Wednesday's 'Grand Master' episode. Full transcript inside!

Oct 14 - Bruckheimer TV Branches Into Comedy
CBS picks up new family comedy; team is also working on a show for the WB.

Oct 13 - Win A Free Fourth-Season DVD Set!
CSI Files and King World are teaming up to offer you a chance to win one of 34 'CSI' season 4 boxed sets.

Oct 13 - Watch Next Week's 'CSI: Miami' Trailer
The CSIs investigate a murder in a nightclub for the tragically hip. Full 30-second promo transcript inside!

Oct 13 - 'Three Generations Are Enough' On 'New York'
Stella goes to church while Mac heads to the stock exchange. Plus: meet new lab tech Jane Parks in this 'CSI: New York' spoiler report.

Oct 12 - News Bullets
'CSI: Miami' ratings, award ceremonies, television schedules, guest appearances and more!

Oct 12 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Murder In A Flash'
A flash mob disperses to reveal the body of a teen at a golf course.

Oct 12 - 'CSI' Fourth Season Out on DVD Today
Reviewers praise increased emphasis on characters, universally excellent visual and audio quality.

Oct 12 - Kanakaredes Pays Tribute To Criminalists
Actress tells how interactions with real-life CSIs helped her prepare for 'CSI: New York'.

Oct 12 - 'CSI' Scribe Developing Serial Killer Drama
Josh Berman working on crime show for FOX, former 'Miami' producer Laurie McCarthy delves into the legal profession.

Oct 11 - ALERT: Melina Kanakaredes, Jorja Fox TV Appearances
'CSI: New York' actress to appear on David Letterman tonight, original 'CSI' star booked for CBS's 'Early Show.' Full details inside!

Oct 11 - 'Crime Wave' Hits 'Miami'
November sweeps brings a 90-minute special episode, featuring a tidal wave, a bank robbery & more Horatio/Yelina angst! Contains spoilers.

Oct 11 - Site Columns
Chris rants on call centres, TalkCSI topics, new poll and TV listings!

Oct 11 - What's Next For Horatio & Grissom?
Find out what happens in this week's 'Murder in a Flash' & 'Harvest.' Take note: 'New York' pre-empted by presidential debate.

Oct 10 - 'CSI' Celebrates 100 Episodes With 'Ch-Ch-Changes'
Grissom and company must track down the killer of a transgendered woman in this milestone episode! Spoilers inside.

Oct 10 - Mac Ventures Into The 'Rain'
The CSIs investigate a bank robbery and the kidnapping of a baby in this 'New York' episode. Contains spoilers!

Oct 9 - News Bullets
Product placement, forensic popularity, CSI vs L&O, Jorja Fox' political ad, new DVD & more!

Oct 9 - Preview Next Week's 'Harvest'
CBS releases 20-second promo for Thursday's Las Vegas adventure. Full transcript inside!

Oct 9 - Women The Driving Force Behind 'CSI'?
Bruckheimer talks strong women in front of and behind camera. Plus: Enough attractive men on show?

Oct 9 - Another Week Of 'CSI' Ratings Dominance For CBS
Eye network draws hourly top ratings for all three 'CSI' outings.

Oct 8 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Down the Drain'
A corpse in the sewers leads the CSIs beneath Sin City only to uncover a completely different case.

Oct 7 - Review: CSI: New York--'American Dreamers'
A skeleton on a tour bus leads Mac and Stella to a decade-older murder!

Oct 7 - Site Columns
A very first 'Hello, World', TalkCSI topics, new poll and TV listings!

Oct 7 - 'Murder In A Flash' Preview Online
Get a sneak peek at next Monday's 'Miami' outing. Spoilers inside!

Oct 6 - News Bullets
'CSI Miami' wins top audiences, 'CSI' toys, new photos of cast available and more inside!

Oct 6 - 'American Dreamers' Trailer Now Available
New 30-second promo of Wednesday's 'CSI: New York' episode released. Spoilers inside!

Oct 5 - Review: 'Under the Influence'
Calleigh's father might be responsible for a man's death, and she's none too pleased when Horatio puts a new CSI on the case.

Oct 5 - Variety Attacks The 'CSI Phenomenon'
Entertainment magazine column criticises number of shows on air and marvels at viewing figures.

Oct 5 - New Promo Online For 'Down The Drain'
Download the 30-second trailer, or read the transcript of the new 'CSI' episode within. Contains spoilers!

Oct 3 - CBS Releases 'Under The Influence' Promo
Find out what you can expect tomorrow night, and get your first glimpse of new 'Miami' recruit Ryan Wolfe in action.

Oct 3 - Complete Details For This Week's 'CSI' Triple
Synopses, guest cast & creative listings for 'Under the Influence', 'American Dreamers' and 'Down the Drain'. Spoilers!

Oct 2 - ET Profiles Miami's Newest Recruit
Jonathan Togo discusses his character, new cast mates, and finding his way around the lab.

Oct 2 - Mac Legs It In 'Outside Man'
The Big Apple CSIs must match a limb to its body when a human leg turns up in Chelsea. Contains spoilers!

Oct 1 - Aisha Tyler Talks Her New Recurring Role On 'CSI'
The new potential replacement for lab tech Greg discusses tech-talk, her passion for science and the joy of rubber gloves!

Oct 1 - Brickyard VFX To Provide Visuals For 'CSI: New York'
Latest 'CSI' spin off is first long-form project of effects company.

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