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News Headlines for July 2005

July 31 - The CSIs Get Cuddly On 'Grand Murder At Central Station'
The death of a blind sculptor leads Stella and Danny to New York's hottest trend: cuddle parties, where adults can get their daily recommended dose of touching. Spoilers inside!

July 31 - Link: Talk CSI Reaches 5000 Members
Not a member of our 'CSI' discussion forum yet? Then click the above link to join more than 5000 other fans, making over 2000 new posts each day!

July 30 - News Bullets
Lt. Dan video, Brass on the cover of the CSI mag, Lady Heather actress makes wicked women list, upcoming Spike TV CSI marathon, and more!

July 29 - The Young Are Easy 'Prey' On 'CSI: Miami'
Horatio and the team race against the clock to find a missing 17-year-old in the third episode of 'CSI: Miami's' foruth season. Spoilers inside!

July 28 - Josh Berman Makes TV Week's Hot List 2005
The executive producer talks about how he got started, and reveals what inspired him to create his new drama, 'Killer Instinct.'

July 28 - New Season To See Another Crossover Between 'Miami' & 'NY'
The 'Miami' and 'New York' teams will meet again during the new season. Plus: Zuiker on what fans should of 'NY's season two.

July 28 - Anna Belknap To Join The Cast Of 'CSI: New York'
'Medical Investigation' actress to join the cast of the second spin-off as Lindsey Hamilton.

July 27 - Robert David Hall Fights For Equality For Disabled Actors
Dr. Al Robbins sheds light into the issue of disabled actors and the disadvantages they face in Hollywood. 'CSI' cast supports the actor.

July 27 - News Bullets
Lt. Dan Band's new gig, Eads reacts to the lack of acting nods for 'CSI,' Collins takes his new play to Des Moines, screen caps of 'Legal,' and more!

July 27 - 'L&O' Births International Series; 'CSI' To Follow?
With the international adaptation of two American series in the works, a 'CSI' expansion might come sooner than expected.

July 26 - 'CSI: New York' To Lose One Of Its Main Characters
One of the original characters of 'New York' will not survive past the second episode of the new season, Zuiker says.

July 26 - Quentin Tarantino 'Tickled' About His Emmy Nod
The famous director talks about his nomination, his chances of winning, and how involved he became in the development of 'Grave Danger.'

July 25 - George Eads Would Like To Get Beaten Up Onscreen
The Nick Stokes actor talks about his dream 'CSI' episode and how Tarantino made him change his perspective on his character.

July 25 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and why penguins are better than you and me.

July 25 - Horatio's Darkest Secret To Surface During Season 4
Producer Barry O'Brien explains why Caine's mood might darken during the new season. Plus: Calleigh gets an edgy storyline and the lab gets a new DNA analyst. Mild spoilers inside!

July 24 - Interview: Cinephile
CSI Files talks one-on-one (or two) with the band who caught the attention of CSI music fans everywhere with 'Nesting Dolls' featured song 'What Becomes of Us.'

July 23 - 'Bodies In Motion' On The CSI Season Premiere
An explosion rocks a trailer park, a girl in her undies gets murdered -- yes, we're back in Vegas! First spoilers for season six of 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.'

July 22 - Writer Donn Cortez To Take Over 'Miami' Novels
'Miami's' popular book series gains a new author. Plus: Collins's 'Killing Game' art cover revealed.

July 22 - Anne McGrail Crosses Over To 'Threshold'
The 'Miami' consulting producer and writer pens a two year deal with Paramount. Plus: Laurie McCarthy moves to NBC.

July 22 - 'CSI' Cast Discusses The Show's Romantic Tangles
The 'CSI' actors talk about the Warrick-Catherine and Grisom-Sara-Greg relationships.

July 21 - Sinise & Kanakaredes Promise More Personal Stories
The second season of the series expects to see Mac acquire a nemesis and Stella a love interest. Plus: why Sheldon Hawkes will become a CSI. Slight spoilers inside.

July 21 - 'CSI' Night And Swing Shifts To Reunite During Season 6
Grissom to get his team back during the new season and keep a new face with him. Plus, the 'CSI' set moves to a new location. Mild spoilers inside.

July 21 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Grave Danger'
The CSIs go into overdrive in an effort to save one of their own in the conclusion to the fifth season of 'CSI.'

July 20 - News Bullets
Sofia Milos's departure confirmation, new Eddie Cahill website, possible 'CSI' DVD release, new recaps, and more!

July 20 - Nina Tassler: 'NY' To Get Stronger Big Apple Feel
The CBS Entertainment President also discusses the alleged crime show over-saturation and reveals the network's plans to regain control on Sunday nights.

July 19 - Pocket Star Releases First 'NY' Novel Details
Stuart M. Kaminsky places the 'New York' team amidst two challenging and seemingly unbreakable cases. Plus: cover art also revealed.

July 19 - Gary Sinise: 'Bass Playing Is What I Do For Fun'
The 'New York' star discusses his band, his affiliations with various charitable organizations, and how fans can help Iraqi children.

July 18 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and so long, Sofia Milos. It's been unintelligible.

July 18 - Horatio Goes Against 'Miami's' Sharks In 'Blood In The Water'
The team investigates the possible death of two teenagers out at sea, while back at the lab, the they try to deal with the new character's steely attitude. Spoilers inside!

July 17 - News Bullets
Robert David Hall's country music, more sex for the CSI stars, less teeth-clenching for the CSI: Miami stars, and how Gary Dourdan kills musical creativity.

July 15 - Sinise Lends His Voice To The Animated Film 'Open Season'
Mac Taylor actor to portray a paranoid hunter in a new Columbia Pictures movie.

July 15 - Paramount Releases Cover Art Of First 'NY' DVD Set
First details of the box set released. Plus, the second part of 'CSI' season four on region 2 comes out to mixed reviews.

July 14 - Channel Five Postpones 'Grave Danger' In Wake Of London Attacks
The British network will air the 'CSI' finale a week later than planned, as certain scenes were considered insensitive after the terrorist attacks.

July 14 - Chat Transcript: Jonathan Togo
CSI: Miami's Jonathan Togo actor talks with fans about his character Ryan Wolfe, his favorite TV shows, bands, and books, and what kind of football players colleagues would be!

July 14 - 'CSI' Gets Shut Out Of Emmy's Best Drama Category
The series receives various technical nods, but fails to earn the Best Drama nomination. Plus: Tarantino receives Best Director nomination, and 'Miami' a technical nod.

July 13 - News Bullets
Interview with Andrea De Oliveira, preview of the 16th issue of the CSI: DVD Collection, Petersen at the 50th sexiest men on television event, and more!

July 13 - Sofia Milos To Leave 'CSI: Miami'
Say goodbye to the Horatio-Yelina romance, as the writers decide to keep Yelina in Brazil. Plus: Horatio Caine to receive a new romantic interest. Slight spoilers inside!

July 13 - David Caruso Reveals What Makes 'Miami' Unique
Horatio Caine actor talks about the differences between 'Miami' and the rest of the franchise, and reveals the show is not competing with 'CSI' or 'NY.'

July 13 - Josh Berman's 'The Gate' Undergoes Another Name Change
The CSI co-executive producer re-names his show for the second time. Plus: The Futon Critic reviews the show's first episode.

July 12 - 'CSI: New York' Season Premiere Revealed
Stella and Danny look for the killer of a lingerie designer, Aiden investigates an emotional rape case, and two new characters join the show. Spoilers inside!

July 11 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and what's the deal with airplane peanuts?

July 9 - Review: Gary Sinise Live In Concert
Mariel Keeran writes about the mid-June benefit performance by 'CSI: New York' star Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band.

July 8 - 'CSI: Miami' Season Premiere Revealed
Horatio and his team try to track down the Mal Noche gang, which is responsible for the murder of a prisoner and the rape of a housekeeper. Spoilers inside!

July 8 - Jonathan Togo To Participate In Live CSI Files Chat
Join us next Monday to ask your questions directly to CSI: Miami's Ryan Wolfe actor. Submit your questions now!

July 8 - Mendelsohn Offers First Glimpse Of Season 6
The 'CSI' writer tells fans what to expect this upcoming season. Mild spoilers inside!

July 7 - Adam Rodriguez On Being One Of TV's Sexiest Men
The 'CSI: Miami' star shares his definition of what's sexy. Plus: Procter and Alexander share their experiences on the set.

July 6 - Marg Helgenberger: The 'CSI' Cast Is Like A Family
Catherine Willows actress discusses how last summer's firings affected the cast, predicts 'CSI' will go on for a while.

July 6 - News Bullets
Gary Dourdan rocks at Live 8, Rodriguez and Giovinazzo hit Venezuela, Fox might can 'The Insider,' and more!

July 6 - CBS: Crime Shows Are Still 'In'
The Eye network is certain that the popular TV genre is not a fleeting fad. Fox enters the game by adding two crime shows to its lineup.

July 5 - CSI-Inc. Releases First Ever Do It Yourself 'CSI' Kit
The British company has made available to the public every crime scene tool necessary to become a real-life CSI.

July 5 - Mendelsohn: 'CSI' Has Become Desensitized To The Gore
The 'CSI' writer explains why the show has become more gruesome with each passing season, and praises the cast for the success of the show.

July 4 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and cool it with the fireworks, your neighbors are trying to watch 'CSI: Miami.'

July 4 - Gary Sinise To Portray Mac Taylor For 5 More Years
The 'New York' star reveals the details of his commitment to the show and explains the advantages of working on television.

July 4 - Chad Lindberg Hopes 'NY' Pushes Him To Next Level
The 'CSI: New York' guest star talks about why his role as quirky Chad Willingham fuits him perfectly, and discusses his hopes for the future.

July 3 - Jorja Fox Would Like To Write An Episode Of 'CSI'
Sara Sidle actress may be doing more than bringing her character to life next season. Plus: Dourdan discusses the challenges behind forensic terminology.

July 3 - News Bullets
Dourdan and Rodriguez on The Insider's sexiest men list, Gwendolyn Parker lands a new job, watch the new 'CSI' promo, and more!

July 1 - Rodriguez Signs On To Spanish-Language Film
'CSI: Miami' star will play a bodyguard in new Roberto Patino film.

July 1 - Method Man To Guest Star In Upcoming 'CSI' Episode
Rapper will appear in a 6th season outing, plans another project with 'CSI' scribe Dustin Abraham.

July 1 - Chat Transcript: Carmine Giovinazzo
CSI: New York's Danny Messer actor answers fan questions about baseball, painting, the second season, his favorite bands and movies, and much more!

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