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CSI Files - Jonathan Togo

Jonathan Togo

By Christian Sparborth
Posted at July 14, 2005 - 10:38 PM GMT

On Monday the 11th of July, Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe) took part in a live chat session with CSI Files visitors, during which he answered questions about his character, what kind of football player the CSI: Miami cast would make, and even what kind of Chinese food he likes best. Below you can find a transcript of the entire chat.

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Christian: Welcome to our second live chat! As of now, this chat is moderated, meaning that only Jonathan, Kristine and I are able to talk. And CSI 007, who has kindly agreed to help out in moderating this chat.

Christian: We're talking with Jonathan Togo, CSI: Miami's Ryan Wolfe actor.

Jonathan Togo: Hey.

Kristine: Hi Jon! :)

Jonathan Togo: What's up?

Christian: Jonathan, before we begin, is there anything you'd like to say to your fans? There's about 30 of them here tonight.

Jonathan Togo: Hi guys... Thanks for coming out tonight

Christian: Alright. Kristine and I will be alternating questions, with her asking questions from people who are in the chat tonight, and me mostly asking questions that were submitted in advance by our readers.

Christian: Are you still on hiatus? Or have you started filming CSI: Miami's new season already?

Jonathan Togo: We start filming again next week - we're all flying out to Miami this weekend.

Kristine: BittenbytheWolfe asks: There has been tension brewing between Ryan and Eric. What are your thoughts on this turn of events and will it continue in the next season?

Jonathan Togo: I'm not sure what's going to happen with Eric and Ryan but I definitely think it creates an interesting dynamic. But I have to say it's hard to act mad at [Adam Rodriguez] considering he's so gorgeous :).

Christian: We talked with CSI: New York's Carmine Giovinazzo two weeks ago (chat log), who mentioned he'd have a meeting soon with the producers to discuss what would happen to his character next season. Do you have similar discussions? Do you get a lot of input on your character?

Jonathan Togo: No, not really, but I enjoy being surprised by the writers. They come up with material that I wouldn't even dream of.

Kristine: Ember would like to know about the personality shift in Ryan from the beginning of the season to the end. Why did his character change and what do you think of it?

Jonathan Togo: I think in the begining we (the writers and I) were just trying to figure out who Ryan is. While there is a part of me that misses his lighter, more likable side, it's interesting to play him as an imperfect person.

Christian: Smanza_Togo_Fan: I'd like to ask Jonathan if he has any plans to guest appear in any other TV series, and if he plans to star in another movie soon?

Jonathan Togo: I'm hoping to get "Punk'd."

Kristine: Good luck with that! ;) FiredBytheWolfe asks: "Now that Valera is back in the season premiere, will there be tension between her and Ryan, considering he's partially responsible for her dismissal? And what do you think of the idea some people have that they should be together?"

Jonathan Togo: I'm not sure what the writers have in mind but I love working with Boti Bliss and I would love to see her more throughout the week.

Christian: chrissy0: I'd like to know what he thinks of his wardrobe for the show, i.e. the sweater vests ;)

Jonathan Togo: CSI Files gets the dramatic announcement here first (drum roll) I friggin hate those stupid vests. But oherwise the costume department makes me look super snazzy, I think.

Jonathan Togo: Bit of a metrosexual.

Jonathan Togo: Ryan is, not me.

Kristine: Of course! Save for orange t-shirts, right? ;) t2thabone asks: "You seem to like practical jokes, have you ever played one on a cast member? How did it turn out?"

Jonathan Togo: At work when we leave for the day we have to sign out with a p.a. and next to Emily's name I always write dork so it says "Emily Procter... is a dork."

Jonathan Togo: Which by the way is true.

Jonathan Togo: And a nerd.

Christian: Have you seen Emily's rock band already?

Jonathan Togo: Kristine loves orange t-shirts

Jonathan Togo: Yes they are the greatest 80's mixtape cover band I've ever seen. And she sings under the name Brittany... You'll have to ask her

Christian: Nicksbabygurl would like to know about your ska band. Are you still involved with that? If you had to choose between being in your ska band or continuing acting on CSI: Miami, which would you choose and why?

Jonathan Togo: No, I was in that band when I was 18... I'm 27 now. I know that ska is terribly uncool now, but we were pretty fun... I still talk with all those guys and I even saw The Bravery in london this summer, you guys should check them out.

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Kristine: Dance2nit926 asks if you relate to your character in any way, and if yes, how?

Jonathan Togo: Acting is definitely better than being in a band. They have to ride around in a bus with 9 other dudes.

Jonathan Togo: Ummm... I'm sure we're more alike than I'm aware. I'm not OCD or good at science.

Christian: Speaking of which, Rysmyguy would like to know: Car or truck? Fave car? First car?

Jonathan Togo: Just got my first car when I got this job... I like bicycles.

Kristine: To follow that up...CommittedtotheWolfe asks how your life has changed since you joined CSI: Miami?

Jonathan Togo: I live in LA now (formerly NYC). I have to get up every day early for work where as before I bartended and waited tables at night, and my parents get to watch me on TV every week which is nice.

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Jonathan Togo: Hi Mike and Sheila.

Jonathan Togo: Did I just read that there is a guy whose name is "Jon Togo owns a gay club?"

Christian: Yes, but we got rid of him:).

Kristine: Erm, yeah, but he's gone now. ;)

Jonathan Togo: Awesome.

Kristine: :D

Jonathan Togo: I miss him already.

Jonathan Togo: How could you have kicked my mom off like that?

Kristine: LOL!!! Sorry, Sheila!

Christian: We've heard that a new character will be joining the show next season -- a DNA analyst named Natalia Boa Vista. Have you heard anything about this, and are you even allowed to talk about this? Have you met the new actress already?

Jonathan Togo: Ummm I haven't even talked to most of the other actors yet or anyone. It seems like you guys have way more info than me.

Kristine: SouthernCSIlover would like to know what kind of chemistry the cast of Miami has?

Jonathan Togo: Pretty great. I liked all of the actors immediately. We're sort of like a football team. [David Caruso (Horatio Caine)] is quarterback, Emily is the wide receiver, Adam the linebacker, [Khandi Alexander (Alexx Woods)] is the running back and I'm the punter.

Jonathan Togo: Oh... And [Rex Linn (Frank Tripp)] is the cheerleader, complete with pom poms.

Christian: Kaye asks This past season, we found out a lot about Horatio's history and Calleigh's history... can we expect to hear a little about Ryan's history any time soon? And have you made up a backstory for Ryan yourself?

Jonathan Togo: I honestly didn't have a chance last year, I was trying so hard to keep up with production. I spent all my time memorizing all those science lines and just trying to keep my head above water. But I do think we are gonna get a better idea of what makes him tick this year. And hopefully people will see what makes him do the sometimes questionable stuff he does.

Jonathan Togo: I sound like Michael Chiklis.

Kristine: You're the badass of Miami now, right?

Kristine: BittenBytheWolfe would like to know if you ever read Talk CSI (the message board for CSI Files) threads devoted to you? What do you think of them?

Jonathan Togo: I made a promise to myself a long time ago when I did Special Unit 2 (UPN) not to read them cause they can either make you feel too good about yourself or they can hurt your feelings. So I try to just go to work and do a good job, and let the fans have their own forum to discuss the show.

Jonathan Togo: There is a heart of stone under that sweater vest. Made of black cold stone.

Christian: A fan with the improbable name TwiZtIdJuGGaLo would like to know if you'll be doing any talk shows to promote the new season, or any other promotional events?

Jonathan Togo: I can't even read that name... is that in Flemish? That is the coolest name I've ever seen.

Christian: Being Dutch, I can confirm it is very definitely not Flemish :).

Kristine: Netspeak, I think. ;)

Jonathan Togo: We will undoubtedly be doing tons of press for the new season.

Jonathan Togo: How come no one has taken teenwolfe... come on people.

Kristine: Well, we have BittenbytheWolfe, FiredbytheWolfe (Hi valera!).

* BamseN is now known as teenwolfe

Jonathan Togo: Thanks bamsen. Thanks to all those great named users!

Christian: You went up to Canada a few months ago to promote the CSI: Miami board game. Was that fun?

Jonathan Togo: It was a blast, the canadians love their CSI: Miami and they love their board games.

Kristine: SouthernCSIlover asks if you were a fan of either CSI or Miami before being cast on CSI: Miami?

Jonathan Togo: Not really, although my gorgeous lady friend Diana Gettinger (she's sitting next to me) was and to this day explains what's going on every episode.

Kristine: Hi Diana! :D

Jonathan Togo: I also like to tease her when the show is on and ruin the ending

Jonathan Togo: My spelling and typing skills are starting to fade.

Kristine: How much longer would you like to keep going?

Jonathan Togo: Let's do a few more.

Christian: speefanatic05 asks How much have you learned in the course of a year, in terms of forensic science?

Jonathan Togo: I've learned to pronounce some seemingly impossible sounding words and I've learned some very rudimentary science, but most importantly I've learned that Friday nights at work is burger night.

Jonathan Togo: Sometimes Mongolian beef night

Kristine: Oooh, that's my favorite Chinese dish!

Jonathan Togo: I like garlic shrimp, and fortune cookies.

Kristine: Antony would like to know if you could join the cast of any other show, what show would that be?

Jonathan Togo: I love Rescue Me, and The Sopranos and Unscripted, but if I had to choose one show to join it would have to be West Wing seasons 2-5, or The Office.

Christian: We'll have to ask you the legendary celebrity question, too: boxers or briefs?

Jonathan Togo: Yes, I agree Adam R. is goooorgeous.

Jonathan Togo: Ooops, that wasn't the question. But c'mon, the guy is living art.

Jonathan Togo: Wool long johns. Or thong. Sometimes both.

Kristine: Well, that's pretty much the opposite of Carmine's answer...

Jonathan Togo: What did he say?

Kristine: Nothing at all. ;)

Jonathan Togo: I miss Adam. Anybody else?

Kristine: You seem to have a great love for Adam... are you guys friendly off set, too? Does the cast hang out at all?

Jonathan Togo: Adam lives on the other side of town, but Emily and I kick it from time to time. She's always dying to hang out with me but I'm all "I guess we could hang out."

Kristine: Playing it cool, eh? ;)

Jonathan Togo: Always.

Christian: Our final question from the forums comes from A Caribbean Mystery, who asks, 10 years from now, where do you see yourself? (both professionally and personally) Do you see yourself still acting? Or would you like to direct or write someday? Married? With children?

Jonathan Togo: Firstly the Carribean mystery is solved... Adam did it.

Jonathan Togo: Secondly, I've found that an actor's life is really really unpredictable, I just hope I'm as employed, happy and busy as I am now, and that all my loved ones will be here in ten years. Inluding all of you. Especially Adam.

* gelover has quit IRC (Quit: gelover)

Jonathan Togo: And gelover has quit apparently. Good riddance

Kristine: Poor gelover!

Jonathan Togo: I'm kidding. My girlfriend thinks that it's not apparent. She's mean! And fired!!!!

Kristine: Final question from me... what are you reading right now, or what are some of your favorite books?

Jonathan Togo: I'm reading the new Nick Hornby book, a book Emily gave me called A shot in the dark, and I'm obsessed with the Tour de France, so I might buy that new Lance Armstrong book tomorrow.

CSI 007: And my token question... what music are you listening to? plus old favourites?

Jonathan Togo: Bloc Party. Bella and Sebastian's new album. Lansing-Dreiden. The Clientele.

Jonathan Togo: Adam and the Beauty Faces.

Kristine: We know who adam is...who are the beauty faces? ;)

Jonathan Togo: That's not a band.

CSI 007: Does Adam know you have a crush on him?

Jonathan Togo: He does now.

Christian: Alright, that brings us to the end of our questions! Is there anything left that you'd like to say to your fans?

Jonathan Togo: You guys are awesome, please keep watching and let's hope, all of us, that we never have to see me in a sweater vest ever ever again.

Jonathan Togo: Thank you, g'night America.

Christian: Jonathan, thanks again for agreeing to participate in our second CSI Files live chat! I really enjoyed it, and I'm sure that's the case for everyone here. We really appreciate you taking the time for this!

Kristine: Thank you Jon! You're awesome. :D

Christian: A transcript of tonight's chat will be posted on sometime tomorrow. I'll be turning off moderation now, so everyone can say thanks to Jonathan.

teenwolfe: Thank you ;)
Ember: Thanks for the chat. Best wishes for the coming season. And Ska still rocks!
Szmanda_Togo_Fan: thanks jonathan!
t2thabone: Thanks for chatting with us! COME BACK ANYTIME! Next time, I'm asking about shower scenes ;o)
Hungry4TheWolfe: Thanks Jonathan!!
JDonne: thanks Jon
Joo: thanks Jonathan, you're hilarious! come back and chat more!
FiredByTheWolfe: I just want my job back!
rikkairora: thank you!!!!!
Dance2nite926: Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nicksbabygurl: I love you Johnathan and thanks
rysmyguy: Thanks soooo much

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