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News Headlines for February 2006

Feb 28 - Interview: Guest Actor Perspective: Deborah Fujiwara
Go behind the scenes of this week's 'CSI: New York' episode with one of the extras in the episode's soon-to-be infamous bug-eating scene!

Feb 28 - The Insider Takes Behind The Scenes Look At 'Deviant'
Host Pat O'Brien talks to David Caruso and Khandi Alexander about the episode that morally challenged their characters.

Feb 28 - Watch 'Up In Smoke' Promo
A dead body in a chimney leads Grissom and the team to the case of a missing teenage girl. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Feb 28 - 'Fair Game' Promo Now Available Online
Mac and Stella delve into the world of water gun wars while Danny and Hawkes hunt some culinary critters. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Feb 27 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the fandom two years ago, and poll results.

Feb 27 - CBS Releases 'Deviant' Promo
A convicted child molester is killed and someone in Horatio's lab may have been peripherally involved. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Feb 24 - Anthony Zuiker Fulfilling Childhood Dream With 'CSI: Senses'
The 'CSI' series creator talks about the new board game and reveals he isn't surprised Eads's mustache is gone.

Feb 24 - Corey Miller On How To Break Into The Business
The 'CSI: Miami' writer talks about his experiences in Hollywood and he he came to work on 'CSI'.

Feb 23 - Jorja Fox Wants Emotional Time-Out For Sara
Sara Sidle actress talks about her character's emotional baggage, the possibility of Grissom-Sara, and her dream episode of 'CSI.'

Feb 23 - Marg Helgenberger: Grim 'CSI' Episodes Like A Car Wreck
The 'CSI' actress talks about the grisliest episodes of 'CSI' and why they attract so many viewers.

Feb 23 - News Bullets
Kanakaredes meets Regis and Kelly again, Dourdan in new DMC music video, 'Miami' donates to LA Science Institute, the real-life Grissom and Catherine speak up, and more!

Feb 22 - Archie Kao Hopes His Role On 'CSI' Continues To Grow
Archie Johnson actor reveals he would like to be in the main credits one day, and talks about his gig prior to 'CSI'.

Feb 21 - Viewers Tune To 'CSI' To See Justice Prevail
William Petersen and various network heads explain why crime shows are so popular.

Feb 21 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the fandom two years ago, poll results, and evolution shmevolution.

Feb 20 - Gary Sinise Criticizes Media Portrayal Of Iraqi War
The 'CSI: New York' star talks about his experiences while visiting soldiers in Iraq and how 911 changed his view of the world

Feb 20 - Dollyrots Lead Singer Describes 'New York' Experience
Singer and bassist Kelly Orden says being on 'CSI: New York' was fun and has opened new channels for the band.

Feb 17 - 'CSI' Gets Up-Close And Personal In 'I Like To Watch'
A serial rapist is dressing up as firemen to gain access into women's apartments and the Vegas time must find him before he strikes again. Spoilers inside!

Feb 16 - Jon Togo: Getting 'Miami' Role Like Winning Publisher's Clearing House
Ryan Wolfe actor talks about the role that changed his life, which storyline had his mother up in arms, and what it's like being recognized.

Feb 16 - News Bullets
Petersen and Clarke on Grissom-Lady Heather, 'CSI' spoilers, 'Pirates' screen caps, Kanakaredes's 'Into The Fire' release info and more!

Feb 15 - Corey Miller Explains How Music Helps Writing
The 'CSI: Miami' writer talks says instrumental music sometimes helps him write, and reveals how to pick the perfect songs for an episode.

Feb 14 - First 'Collision' Spoilers Revealed
A woman is killed during a car accident, but the 'Miami' team has reason to believe she may have been murdered instead. Spoilers inside!

Feb 13 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Pirates Of The Third Reich'
When her daughter is murdered, Lady Heather returns to take an active part in the CSI's investigation of the girl's murder.

Feb 13 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, Melinda Clarke's prettiness and disturbingly young figure skaters.

Feb 13 - Petersen & Tassler Discuss Damages-Benefits Of Spin-Offs
While Gil Grissom actor sees the creation of spin-offs as greedy, Tassler mantains they helped the original show. Plus: Petersen reveals he wants to return to Chicago.

Feb 9 - Corey Miller Describes DVD Audio Documentary Process
'CSI: Miami' writer talks about recording DVD audio documentaries and reveals 'Prey' is among one of the S4 episodes to be narrated.

Feb 9 - Working On 'CSI' Can Be Intimidating, Says Sarah Goldfinger
The 'CSI' writer and producer describes what it's like working for the number one show,and reveals how an episode gets created and produced.

Feb 9 - News Bullets
Marg Helgenberger website closes, Sinise explains how he got involved in military affairs, 'Killer,' 'Stuck On You,' and 'Miami' screen caps and more!

Feb 8 - 'CSI' Producers Take Look At Kinkiest Side Of Vegas
Mendelsohn, Petersen, and Lewis talk about 'CSI's kinkiest episodes, and reveal 'Pirates' might be the strangest one yet.

Feb 8 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Skeletons'
Horatio is disturbed when a body found at the beach leads back to his old nemesis, Walter Resden.

Feb 8 - Anthony Zuiker Provides Writing For New 'CSI' Board Game
The 'CSI' creator partners up with SBG/b EQUAL to develop the most unique 'CSI' board game yet.

Feb 7 - Caruso: 'Resden's Everything You Look For In A 'CSI' Villain'
David Caruso and Damian Young talk about Walter Resden and where his motivation to kill comes from.

Feb 7 - Mac Investigates A Familial Murder In 'Cool Hunter'
The 'New York' crew attempts to solve the case of a woman who died in the same place and date as her daughter. Spoilers inside!

Feb 6 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and why kids ruin everything.

Feb 6 - Gary Dourdan: 'I'm The Practical Joker On The Set'
Warrick Brown actor talks about his favorite pastime on the set and discusses what it's like being married on the show.

Feb 6 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Killer'
In an exciting departure, the latest episode of 'CSI' shows a crime from the perpetrator's point of view.

Feb 6 - CBS Releases 'Pirates Of The Third Reich' Promo
A young woman is found dead in the desert and the evidence leads Grissom and the team to Lady Heather's dominion. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Feb 6 - Two New 'CSI' Episodes To Air This Week
'CSI: New York' has been pre-empted by the Grammy Awards, but Horatio Caine will face some old 'Skeletons' while Grissom goes up against the 'Pirates.'

Feb 3 - Corey Miller Immune To 'CSI' Gore
The 'CSI: Miami' writer talks about coming to terms with the blood and gore seen on the show.

Feb 2 - Gerald McCullouch: 'CSI Has Been A Great Experience'
Bobby Dawson actor talks about life on the set of 'CSI' and how he got bitten by the acting bug.

Feb 2 - Review: CSI: New York--'Stuck On You'
The swanky loft party Stella is attending with her boyfriend turns into a crime scene when the host and his latest conquest are shot with an arrow.

Feb 2 - Lady Heather To 'Lose Control' In 'Pirates Of The Third Reich'
Melinda Clarke and William Petersen talk about this upcoming episode that will put their characters on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Mild spoilers inside!

Feb 1 - Watch 'Skeletons' Promo Online
A fresh murder leads Horatio to his nemesis Walter Resden, who may have started killing again. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Feb 1 - News Bullets
The stork visits 'CSI: Miami,' why Gary Sinise founded Operation Iraqi Children, 'Fade Out,' 'Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye,' and 'Risk' screen caps, and more!

Feb 1 - A Man's 'Deviant' Behavior Leads To His Death On 'CSI: Miami'
When a registered child molester moves into a family neighborhood and winds up dead, Horatio and the team look at the "friendly" neighbors for answers. Spoilers inside!

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