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News Headlines for August 2005

Aug 31 - CBS Releases First 'Bodies In Motion' Footage
Grissom continues to investigate the circumstances behind Nick's kidnapping in the 'CSI' season premiere. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Aug 31 - 'New York' Fever Spreads Across The Globe
CSI's second spin-off to be broadcast in over 160 countries and territories. Plus: France creates its own 'CSI' show.

Aug 30 - 'Miami' & 'New York' Hit The Charity Circuit
Two fans will have the opportunity to visit the sets of the 'CSI' spin offs. Plus: Hill Harper judges a screenplay contest and has lunch with a fan.

Aug 30 - First 'CSI: Miami' Promo Video Released
When the team suspects a gang is responsible for two heinous crimes, they must risk their lives to put the men responsible behind bars. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Aug 29 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and Katrina shakes New Orleans but doesn't get the beads.

Aug 29 - 'YoungBlood' Yields To Murder On 'CSI: New York'
Mac investigates the death of a man who had a liking for young girls while Stella tries to decide if a young man died of natural causes, as his autopsy suggests. Spoilers inside!

Aug 28 - News Bullets
Szmanda profiled by USA Weekend, a new company helps you get into Grissom's pants, Tarantino hitches a ride at NASCAR, and more!

Aug 28 - Procter: I Am In The Middle Of A Pop Culture Moment
The 'Miami' star gives her opinion on the influence 'CSI' has had on young people and reveals why she loves to keep busy.

Aug 25 - Danny Cannon To Score A Big One With 'Goal!'
'CSI' director helms film about a Latin American player trying to realize his dream of becoming the best soccer player in the world.

Aug 25 - Police Uniforms Get New York Extras In Trouble
The NYPD tries to keep the city safe by arresting anyone who is found carrying a fake NYPD uniform, including actors and extras.

Aug 25 - Fox Orders Second Josh Berman Pilot
The 'CSI' producer gets his second project picked up by the network and reveals why he loves procedural dramas.

Aug 24 - Petersen & Tarantino Added To List Of Emmy Presenters
The 'CSI' star will join the famous director on stage to give out an Emmy statuette. Plus: the company in charge of 'CSI' For Your Consideration ads speaks out.

Aug 24 - News Bullets
Petersen joins Sinise in charitable concert, 'NY' actor not giddy about moving to LA, Helgenberger wreaks havoc in 'Reno,' Kanakaredes's dual performance gets praised and more!

Aug 24 - Horatio Caine Is Held 'Under Suspicion'
Horatio has to rely on his team's abilities when the woman he's been dating is found murdered and he's the only suspect. Spoilers inside!

Aug 22 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and CSI: San Juan... not.

Aug 22 - CBS Looking At A Season Of Hits, Based On Fan-Talk
According to online reactions, CBS is in for a good season, as many of its new shows are generating positive buzz.

Aug 21 - TV Analysts: It's Been A Bad Summer
Trade paper Variety reports that ratings for both reality shows and drama repeats are down from last year, including those for 'CSI.'

Aug 21 - 'NY' Goes Center Stage In 'Dancing With The Fishes'
Mac and Stella investigate the death of a dancer while Danny and Hawkes look into the death of a fisherman with a very peculiar stab wound. Spoilers inside!

Aug 20 - CBS To Preview Its New Season On Sept. 14th
Four new dramas will be added to the 2005-2006 season, and CBS has the scoop. Plus: the Eye network is overflowing with stars.

Aug 19 - 'CSI' & 'Miami' DVD Cover Arts Released
The 5th and 3rd season DVDs of the two shows finally get a face. Plus: 'New York' DVD set gets a new release date and 'Grave Danger' goes digital in the UK.

Aug 18 - Gary Dourdan To Portray Thin Lizzy Frontman
CSI's Warrick Brown cast opposite Holly Hunter as Irish bassist and singer Phil Lynott in 'My Boy,' a new biopic initiated by Lynott's mother.

Aug 18 - Naren Shankar Promoted To 'CSI' Co-Showrunner
After only three years working on the show, the 'CSI' executive producer moves up the ladder to share the showrunner title with veteran Carol Mendelsohn.

Aug 17 - News Bullets
Eads on what makes 'CSI' successful, Caruso and Franz get in bed together, Procter goes glamorous, Rambo premieres his new play, and more!

Aug 17 - 'CSI: Miami's' Episode Four Revealed
A young life is ruined when Det. Frank Tripp goes overboard during an interrogation in this new episode of 'Miami.' Spoilers inside!

Aug 15 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and Viva las Vegas, man.

Aug 15 - Szmanda To Star In 'Snow Wonder' Opposite Mary Tyler Moore
Greg Sanders actor lands a gig in the upcoming CBS holiday film along one of television's most memorable stars.

Aug 15 - Caruso Preludes 'Miami's' 3rd Season Premiere In The UK
The 'CSI: Miami' star discusses his character's motivations, what he learned from his departure off 'Blue' and why he doesn't consider himself 'eye candy.'

Aug 14 - News Bullets
Emily Procter delivers a good spanking, Carmine Giovinazzo's Hollywood Screen kiss, Sofia Milos says it 'wasn't her decision' to leave 'Miami,' and more scandalous news shorts!

Aug 12 - Mac Taylor Goes Up Against 'Corporate Warriors'
New York's CSIs investigate a murder at a bizarre oil company where martial arts weapons adorn the CEO's office and all the employees seem to be kung-fu experts. Spoilers inside!

Aug 12 - 'The Unit' Takes Over CSI's Old Studio
Santa Clarita rests easily, as the lost business resulting from CSI's move to Universal City is compensated by CBS's new Delta Force drama starring CSI: Miami's Max Martini.

Aug 11 - News Bullets
George Eads on the 'Late Late Show' tomorrow, meet New York's new lab tech, 'Keeper of the Past,' screencaps, and Khandi Alexander goes culinary.

Aug 10 - Ron Yuan Cast As CSI: NY's New ME
Actor says 'everyone was wonderful' when he filmed his first scenes as Dr. Evan Zao. Plus: 'CSI: New York' on the lookout for a chef-turned-coroner.

Aug 10 - Upcoming 'CSI: New York' Arcs Revealed
While Mac Taylor faces off against the mob, Stella Bonasera gains a love interest. Plus: first spoilers for next season's third episode, 'Zoo York!'

Aug 8 - Interview: Eddie Cahill
As 'CSI: NY' begins filming its second season, the show's resident detective talks with CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about the new look of the show, what he hopes to see more of from Don Flack, and how he won the role!

Aug 8 - David Rambo Has 'All The Answers'
'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' story editor writes new play about one of America's best-known advice columnists. Plus: Rambo on why the 'CSI' set is the perfect 'murder factory.'

Aug 8 - Site Columns
Dutch weather, interesting discussion threads, what's next year's best crime show, and this week's TV listings.

Aug 7 - 'CSI' Actors Called Back To Work
Filming for season six begins, providing new opportunities for guest stars, but forcing the cancellation of Eric Szmanda's Scotland play. Plus: Marc Vann excited to open the new 'CSI' season.

Aug 7 - News Bullets
In this 'Miami'-themed edition, Eva La Rue speaks on her new role, Sofia Milos makes an unusual site update, and: how did the 'Miami' producers obtain several tons of white sand?

Aug 6 - Donald Rumsfeld Visits 'CSI: New York' Sets
Gary Sinise takes the US Secretary of Defense on a tour of the refurbished sets, receives praise from Rumsfeld for his support of the troops. Photos inside!

Aug 6 - Roswell's Brendan Fehr Cast On 'CSI: Miami'
28-year old actor, best known as Michael on the WB's 'Roswell,' lands a recurring role as A/V tech Dan Coooper, says he enjoys working with Adam Rodriguez again.

Aug 5 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Weeping Willows'
Catherine meets a handsome stranger in a bar who turns out to be a murder suspect in her latest case.

Aug 5 - First Spoilers For CSI's 'Room Service'
A night of wild partying claims the life of a Hollywood star, and a cabbie is found dead in his car. Plus: what's Brass doing alone in a room with a shotgun trained on him?

Aug 5 - CBS Announces Fall Premiere Dates
Just 45 more days until the first new 'CSI' of the season! Plus: CBS to give new crime show 'Criminal Minds' a special 'CSI' boost.

Aug 4 - News Bullets
Melina Kanakaredes delighted by the new sets, '4x4' review, 'CSI' clobbers the Australian competition, Caruso, Cahill, 'CSI: Colorado,' and more!

Aug 4 - TV Guide Provides Major 'Miami' Spoilers
Magazine features David Caruso & Emily Procter on the cover, reveals Horatio Caine's darkest secret. Spoilers for season four -- and beyond!

Aug 3 - Melinda Clarke Confirms Lady Heather Plans
'The O.C' regular says at the TCA Summer Press Tour that she's looking forward to returning to 'CSI,' also reveals 'Entourage' guest appearance.

Aug 3 - Vanessa Ferlito To Leave 'CSI: New York'
Fans will have to say goodbye to Aiden Burn after only the second episode of the new season. Spoilers inside!

Aug 3 - 'CSI' Crew Generates New Plots With Help From 200 Writers
The writers of 'CSI' receive creative aid from low-key writers from around the country.

Aug 1 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and so long for now.

Aug 1 - ALERT: ET To Preview New Season Of 'CSI: Miami'
The popular entertainment program visits the set of 'Miami' and announces who will be portraying the unyielding Natalia Boa Vista. Spoilers inside!

Aug 1 - Hill Harper To Be Abducted In '4400'
The 'New York' star lands a one time gig in the sci-fi series and reveals why he spent his summer vacation running away from killer dogs.

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