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News Headlines for September 2004

Sep 30 - Review: 'Creatures of the Night'
Stella grapples with an elusive rapist in the second 'New York' episode of the season.

Sep 30 - 'CSI' Leads CBS To Ratings Dominance
'New York' solidly beats 'Law & Order,' original 'CSI' and 'Miami' also perform well. Plus: CBS wins first premiere week in 13 years.

Sep 29 - Suspects Abound On 'Speed Kills'
First plot details on 'CSI: Miami' speed dating episode. Major spoilers inside!

Sep 29 - 'CSI' Toys Hit Stores This Week
Leading toy manufacturer to ship out toy forensic kits from Friday.

Sep 29 - News Bullets
'Pro Per' ratings, 'CSI' ad rates, Togo's debut, media round-up & 'CSI: Modesto' spoof!

Sep 28 - Review: 'Pro Per'
Horatio tries to protect a young eyewitness from a crafty killer.

Sep 28 - 'Miami' Comes To A&E October 10
'CSI' spin-off to air 11 p.m. Sundays from next month.

Sep 27 - First 'Formalities' Plot Details Revealed
A hotel heiress's drug-filled party leads to a race against the clock for Gil Grissom's CSI team. Spoilers inside!

Sep 27 - News Bullets
'CSI: NY' review, reaction to Speed's death, 'Track Down' DVD, Sofia Milos & 'Viva Las Vegas' screencaps!

Sep 27 - Site Columns
Hello World, Talk CSI today, new poll, this week's listing, a pre-emption and more.

Sep 26 - Official Details For This Week's 'CSI' Outings
Read the synopses of 'Pro Per' and 'Creatures of the Night'. Plus: 'CSI' pre-empted by presidential debate.

Sep 25 - 'CSI' Comes To Xbox in November
Latest 'CSI' game will combine Ubisoft's 'CSI' and 'CSI: Dark Motives'.

Sep 25 - Bruckheimer Investigates Suburban Crime
CBS orders legal pilot 'American Crime' from 'CSI' executive producer.

Sep 24 - Review: 'Viva Las Vegas'
Four cases make for a busy night in Las Vegas when the team returns for their fifth season!

Sep 24 - 'CSI: New York' Takes Cahill Back Home
Don Flack actor talks about his family's police background, says he's still a little uncomfortable with fame.

Sep 24 - 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' Still Reigns Supreme
30 Million watch 'Viva Las Vegas,' CBS's 'Without A Trace' beats 'ER' for the first time ever.

Sep 24 - Petersen Concerned About Network Shenanigans
'Wasn't going to go to work without George and Jorja', eager for character development.

Sep 23 - Review: 'Blink'
Mac Taylor and his team take on a serial killer in the first episode of 'New York''s freshman season!

Sep 23 - CBS Releases 'Pro Per' Trailer
Download the 30-second promo for next week's new 'Miami' episode. Transcript inside!

Sep 23 - 'Blink' Beats 'Law & Order'
Series premiere of 'CSI: New York' is great success, attracts 18.5 million viewers.

Sep 23 - Medical Dialogue No Problem For Harvard Grad Harper
Hawkes actor speaks about the dearth of intelligent roles for black men and what sets 'CSI: NY' apart.

Sep 23 - Critics: 'CSI: NY' Must Set Itself Apart From Predecessors
Major newspaper reviews of the series find many likeable similarities and good acting, but not enough that's new.

Sep 23 - Watch A Preview Of Next Week's 'New York'
We've got a full transcript and screencaps of the 'Creatures of the Night' promo. Possible spoilers!

Sep 22 - Interview: Rory Cochrane
Tim Speedle actor talks to CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about his decision to leave 'CSI: Miami' and why he's not happy with the way his character was written out.

Sep 22 - Official 'Blink' Details Released
Get the lowdown on tonight's 'CSI: New York' series premiere! Contains spoilers.

Sep 22 - Sinise: 'New York' Offers Stability
Mac Taylor actor cites a steady job, chance to delve into character as primary reasons for joining 'CSI'.

Sep 21 - 22 Million Watch 'Miami' Season Premiere
'Lost Son' attracts 25% more viewers than 2003 opening, does serious damage to NBC's 'LAX.'

Sep 21 - Review: 'Lost Son'
A kidnapping case results in the death of one of the 'CSI: Miami' team!

Sep 21 - AP To 'New York': Lighten Up
First reviews criticise spin-off's 'dour mood', but Gary Sinise wins kudos for his performance.

Sep 20 - 'CSI' Shut Out At Emmys
'Sopranos' wins Best Drama and three other awards as HBO dominates major categories.

Sep 20 - Site Columns
Wimbledon, Talk CSI, new poll, season premiere information and more!

Sep 17 - The 'CSI' Triumvirate Previews The Upcoming Season
The executive producers behind the three 'CSI' shows promise distinctive stories and character development!

Sep 16 - Find Out 'What's Eating Gil Grissom'
An old nemesis returns to plague Grissom in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Sep 15 - News Bullets
'Miami''s competition, 'NY' prediction and preview, 'CSI' buzzword, Emmy prediction and Fox!

Sep 15 - CBS Announces Next Wave Of Promotions
Three executives are promoted by the new CBS Entertainment President to head up the primetime department.

Sep 14 - Alexander Encounters 'Perfect Strangers'
'Miami' actress takes a turn in a romantic comedy for CBS this fall!

Sep 14 - 'Miami' Loses A Son
Next week's 'Miami' premiere sees the death of one of the main characters. Spoilers inside!

Sep 13 - Site Columns
Hello World on the fall season so far, Talk CSI threads, character poll and three 'Miami' episodes!

Sep 13 - 'CSI' Set To Debut With Guest Star Loaded Episode
Reiko Aylesworth, French Stewart and Nicholas Lea are among the guest cast when 'CSI' returns for its fifth season! Some spoilers inside!

Sep 13 - 'CSI' Leaves Creative Arts Emmys Empty-Handed
Television's number one drama loses in three categories, but will compete for the top prize on September 19th!

Sep 9 - Viewers Flock To Spike's 'CSI' Marathon
The all-day marathon on Labor Day drew an average of 2.29 million viewers!

Sep 8 - CBS and Paramount Restructure
Moonves promotes several execs, absorbs CBS Productions into Paramount.

Sep 8 - Site Columns
Hello World on 'CSI' goodies, Talk CSI threads, poll results and more!

Sep 8 - Halloween Delivers A 'Hell Night'
The Miami team investigates the murder of a murder suspect, while Horatio grapples with problems within his own family. Spoilers inside!

Sep 7 - 'Entertainment Weekly' Previews The 'CSI' Trio
Get the scoop on the upcoming seasons of all three 'CSI' shows! Spoilers inside!

Sep 4 - First 'A Swing And A Miss' Plot Details
A dead woman in a fountain leads the CSIs to investigate the swingers' scene. Plus: Catherine wants a new job. Contains spoilers!

Sep 3 - CBS Auctions 'CSI' Goodies For Charity
Everything from Horatio Caine's sunglasses to a ticket to a 'CSI' party will be up for grabs!

Sep 3 - Caruso Doesn't Expect 'Miami' To Surpass 'CSI'
'CSI: Miami''s leading man thinks it's an honor to be compared to the number one drama, compares 'CSI' to the Beatles!

Sep 2 - Caruso Promises More Character Development In Season Three
The star of 'CSI: Miami' would like to see another 'CSI'/'Miami' crossover episode--or a movie! Details inside.

Sep 1 - A Suspicious Sleepwalker Puzzles The CSIs
Mac Taylor emphathizes with the husband of a slain woman in this upcoming episode. Contains spoilers!

Sep 1 - 'Miami' Predicted To Come Out On Top Against 'LAX'
Expert gives the edge to 'CSI' spinoff against NBC's freshman drama. Details inside!

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