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News Headlines for February 2005

Feb 28 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Big Middle'
A body in the woods without a face and a man dead in a hotel bed present this week's puzzles for the Vegas team.

Feb 28 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, and what's up with the Academy Awards?

Feb 28 - February Sweeps Not Over For 'New York'
Full plot, creative crew & guest cast details for 'The Fall'. Plus: this week's syndicated 'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami'.

Feb 28 - News Bullets
Gary Dourdan at the Soul Train Awards, 'Big Middle' and 'Nothing To Lose' screen caps & more!

Feb 27 - 18 Million Get Caught In 'Miami' Chase
February sweeps end with respectable numbers for all CSIs, but 'CSI' and 'Miami' see ratings drop.

Feb 25 - Review: CSI: New York--'Hush'
Mac and Stella investigate the death of a dock worker, while Danny and Aiden find out what forniphilia is.

Feb 25 - It's Raining Hollywood Moguls On 'CSI: New York'
CBS releases 30-second trailer for Wednesday's 'The Fall,' the only new 'CSI' airing next week. Full promo transcript & screencaps inside!

Feb 25 - CSI's Forensic Entomologist Talks Insects
Technical consultant M. Lee Goff, one of only eight people in the US in his profession, reveals several plots of the original 'CSI' have been based on his work.

Feb 24 - Tarantino To Direct 'CSI' Season Finale
Famous director 'knows everything there is to know about CSI,' also wrote the episode's story. Carol Mendelsohn: 'We are positively giddy.'

Feb 24 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, 'King Baby' screen caps, Sinise's band performs this weekend, and more!

Feb 23 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Nothing To Lose'
In this ninety-minute episode of 'Miami,' Horatio is on the trail of a spree killer who takes someone he cares about hostage.

Feb 23 - 'Money Plane' To Contend With NBC Premiere
'CSI: Miami' will air a new episode to compete with the debut of reality series 'The Contender'.

Feb 23 - Zuiker Reveals No More 'CSI' Spin-Offs
Executive producer announces there won't be a fourth 'CSI'. Plus: 'Miami' game board to hit stores soon.

Feb 23 - Tax Season Is Coming To 'Miami' In 'Death And Taxes'
Horatio and his team investigate the murders of two IRS agents in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Feb 22 - ALERT: Entertainment Tonight Previews 'Big Middle'
ET talks to the cast of 'CSI' about the upcoming episode and how they reacted to the plot's sensitive subject. Spoilers inside!

Feb 22 - Anthony Zuiker Talks Sunnier, More Fun 'New York'
'CSI' creator admits latest spin-off started too dark, causing viewers to desert the show. 'We're shifting to take a brighter New York perspective.'

Feb 21 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'King Baby'
Grissom and co. investigate the death of one of Las Vegas's most powerful men, who happened to have a big fetish.

Feb 21 - CBS Releases 'Big Middle' Promo
Grissom and his team look for a possible murderer at a plus-sized convention in this week's 'CSI'. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Feb 21 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, and what's up with Presidents' Day?

Feb 21 - ALERT: Entertainment Tonight Visits The Set Of 'Miami'
The cast of 'Miami' share their experiences on outrunning fires and confronting gators in tonight's segment of 'ET'. Spoilers for 'Nothing To Lose' inside!

Feb 21 - Original 'CSI' Tops 30 Million Viewers Again
'Identity,' 'Til Death Do We Part' and 'King Baby' all win timeslots, improve on previous week's ratings.

Feb 21 - Review: CSI: New York--'Til Death Do We Part'
Dead doves, brides and parolees plague the New York CSIs.

Feb 20 - Music Recap: The February Edition of CSI Music
Lots in store for the music of CSI... as well as an upcoming CSIFiles.com exclusive inverview.

Feb 20 - CBS To Air 90-Minute 'Miami' Tomorrow
Full plot, creative crew & guest cast details for 'Nothing to Lose,' as well as for this week's new 'CSI: New York' and original 'CSI' episodes.

Feb 20 - News Bullets
Emily Procter on running, new Bruckheimer show, win an LCD TV, Szmanda stage reading, Asian CSI, Helgenberger video & more!

Feb 19 - Office Romance Ahead On Original 'CSI'
TV Guide reveals writers plan to focus more on the characters' personal lives. Carol Mendelsohn: 'Before this show is over, some CSI will have sex.'

Feb 19 - Will Wheaton Shares 'CSI' Experience
Guest actor recounts what it was like working on the set of 'CSI'. Mild spoilers inside!

Feb 18 - Corinne Marrinan On 'CSI' Risque Plots
Associate producer talked about the show's kinkiness and fan reaction to said plots.

Feb 18 - 'New York' Hits The Docks In 'Hush'
Danny and Aiden investigate a sex crime while Mac and Stella search for half a body. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Feb 17 - 'Nesting Dolls,' 'Unbearable' & 'Til Death Do We Part' Review Round-Up
Television Without Pity, TV Tome, and TV Guide review the latest 'CSI' and 'New York' episodes.

Feb 17 - Emily Procter Shell-Shocked About 'Miami' Success
Calleigh Duquesne actress discussed the show's fame and how it affected her perception of the world.

Feb 17 - CBS Releases 'Nothing To Lose' Promo
Horatio must find an escaped serial killer while a fire rips through the Everglades in this upcoming episode. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Feb 16 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, 'Unbearable' screen caps, a CSI cruise and more!

Feb 16 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Identity'
Horatio faces off with an old nemesis while Ryan and Calleigh take on a case of identity theft.

Feb 16 - CBS Launches 'New York' Website
Network updates 'New York' site with character bios, handbook, episode guide and more.

Feb 15 - 'Miami' Goes Virtual In 'Game Over'
The 'Miami' team prods into video games while Horatio chases after a video tape in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Feb 15 - Karen T. Taylor Reveals Why Art Helps Solve Crimes
Forensic arts consultant discusses her job and how she came to work for 'CSI'.

Feb 14 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, and a very special Valentine's Day lesson.

Feb 14 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Unbearable'
The swing shift tries to find out who smuggled a bear into Las Vegas, while the night shift is searches for a missing young woman.

Feb 14 - CBS Releases 'King Baby' Promo
The Vegas crew investigates what could possibly be their weirdest case yet. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Feb 14 - Plot & Guest Cast Info For This Week's New 'CSI' Trio
Find out what you can expect from Miami's 'Identity,' New York's 'Til Death Do We Part' and the original CSI's 'King Baby.'

Feb 13 - All Three CSIs Win Timeslot
'CSI: New York' defeats 'Law & Order' again, as extra viewers who sampled 'Tanglewood' stick around. Plus: 'Miami,' original 'CSI' most-watched shows on their nights.

Feb 13 - Adam Rodriguez Fascinated By The Mystery Of 'CSI'
The 'Miami' star talks about how he became an actor and what makes the 'CSI' franchise is such a big hit.

Feb 12 - News Bullets
Slate on Grissom, Emily Procter interview, Hill Harper on TV tonight, new CSI mag, and Jorja Fox's SAG award gets stolen!

Feb 11 - It's A Bad Day For A White Wedding In 'New York'
Mac and his team invesetigate the mysterious death of a bride in the upcoming 'Till Death Do We Part'. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Feb 11 - Wallace Langham Joins The Regular Cast of 'CSI'
Fans will be seeing a lot more of David Hodges in the near future as actor is added to the main credits.

Feb 10 - Review: CSI: New York--'Blood, Sweat & Tears'
The death of a teenage contortionist takes Mac and Stella to the circus.

Feb 10 - Ann Donahue Gives Away 'Identity'
'Miami' executive producer talks about how she evolved as a writer; reveals next Monday's episode will feature a 'murder unlike anything you've ever seen.'

Feb 9 - Review: CSI: Miami--'One Night Stand'
A bellman's murder leads Horatio to uncover a counterfeiting plot, while Calleigh investigates the death of a guest at a 'friction party.'

Feb 9 - Horatio Goes Snake Hunting In 'Identity'
When a woman is eaten by a snake, the 'Miami' crew finds itself chasing more than reptiles in the upcoming 'Identity'. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Feb 9 - Tony Hawk To Guest Star On 'CSI: Miami'
Famous skateboarder to appear in upcoming episode 'Game Over' - minor spoilers inside! Also, you may get the chance to visit the 'Miami' set.

Feb 9 - News Bullets
'Miami' PC game review, 'Nesting Dolls' screen caps, Helgenberger reacts to SAG win & more!

Feb 8 - Mac Battles NYPD Corruption On 'The Mollen Commission'
When the head of a committee on police corruption is slain, Mac must use both his forensic and political talents to solve the case. 'New York' spoilers inside!

Feb 8 - Quentin Tarantino To Direct 'CSI' Episode?
CSI fans might get a special treat soon: Quentin Tarantino is rumored to direct an episode of the show.

Feb 8 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, 'Nesting Dolls' poll results, and this week's TV listings.

Feb 8 - CBS Releases 'Unbearable' Promo
A Kodiak bear found dead in Nevada won't be the strangest sight in this new episode of CSI. Full trailer & transcript inside!

Feb 7 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Nesting Dolls'
The discovery of the bodies of two women at a construction site leads to an outburst from and a suspension for Sara.

Feb 6 - Screen Actors Guild Honours Original 'CSI'
On their fourth try, the 'CSI' cast finally take home the Best Drama Ensemble award. William Petersen: 'This is a bit of a shock.'

Feb 6 - Official Details For This Week's Three New Episodes
New 'Miami,' 'New York' & 'Las Vegas' adventures? It must be the February sweeps! Full plot, creative staff & guest cast info inside.

Feb 5 - Aisha Tyler Talks Soup
The CSI guest star reveals how she keeps up with her busy schedule and just which one of her current employers feeds her better.

Feb 5 - News Bullets
UK 'New York' premiere, 'Desperate Housewives: Miami?', new CSI-like pilots, Robert David Hall interview, autographed Sinise video & more!

Feb 5 - CBS Releases New 'CSI: New York' Trailer
Mac goes to clown court in this Wednesday's 'Blood, Sweat & Tears.' Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Feb 5 - 'Happy Days' Reunion Keeps 'CSI' In Check
Thursday's 'Nesting Dolls' is the lowest-rated first-run 'CSI' episode of the season, but still wins the night. Plus: 'Miami,' 'State of the Union' ratings.

Feb 4 - Dissecting The Mind Of William Petersen
The CSI star talks about triumphant battles, lost battles, and why we may be seeing less of Gil Grissom.

Feb 4 - Luxury Doesn't Always Mean Safety In 'Miami'
Horatio must find out what has people checking in but never out of a luxury hotel in next Monday's 'One Night Stand.' Full trailer transcript inside!

Feb 4 - Interview: Guest Actor Perspective - Natasha Alam
Wondering what it's like to join the 'CSI' cast for a week? Find out in this interview with the actress who played Svetlana Melton last night!

Feb 3 - ALERT: 'Entertainment Tonight' Visits CSI Set
Marg Helgenberger and Gary Dourdan give a tour of the original CSI's autopsy suite. Plus: Jorja Fox discusses Sara's 'meltdown' in tonight's 'Nesting Dolls!'

Feb 3 - News Bullets
'Miami' and 'Medium' still neck to neck in the ratings battle, Gary Sinise to present a Grammy, why The Big Easy is still in the running, and more!

Feb 2 - The Past Unwillingly Meets The Present In 'Nesting Dolls'
One of our investigators is forced to deal with her past in the all new episode of 'CSI'. Full 30-second trailer transcript inside!

Feb 2 - Sweet Charity Goes Sour In 'Money Plane'
When a young benefactor is found dead inside an airplane, Horatio and his team soon discover not every intention is noble in the world of charity.

Feb 2 - Site Columns
Introducing Carolina, current Talk CSI threads, 'Who Shot Sherlock' poll results, corrections & TV listings.

Feb 1 - Cast Reveal What Makes 'Miami' Unique: The CSIs Care
David Caruso says Horatio has 'developed great respect for how fragile we are as human beings.' Plus: The cast look back on Tim Speedle's death.

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