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News Headlines for April 2005

Apr 30 - CBS Releases 'On The Job' Promo
Danny finds himself in a compromising position when he accidentally shoots and kills an undercover cop in the subway. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Apr 30 - Ask Josh Berman Questions
Want to know what 'CSI' has left in store for you? Curious about 'Deviant Behavior?' CSI Files offers you the chance to ask questions directly to CSI's co-executive producer!

Apr 30 - News Bullets
Fox talks 'Committed,' Petros Papadakis cast on 'New York,' Rodriguez Down Under, Petersen golfs, the CSI effect & new screencaps.

Apr 29 - Review: CSI: New York--'Supply and Demand'
Mac and Stella must uncover a drug connection when a university student is brutally murdered in his dorm room.

Apr 29 - Rory Cochrane To Star In 'Forearm Shiver'
Timothy Speedle actor joins the cast of a new thriller movie directed by Chris Gorak.

Apr 29 - Bush Moved Press Conference To Accomodate Networks
After NBC suggested to the White House it would cover the event if it was rescheduled to 8pm, CBS finally caved, too - but still managed to air 'CSI' an hour later.

Apr 29 - CBS Releases 'Recoil' Promo
Horatio and the team must find the person responsible for a shooting outside a courthouse. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Apr 29 - Helgenberger Talks 'Weeping Willows'
Trouble awaits Catherine as the man she meets at a bar turns out to be a murder suspect. Plus: why Bullet Girl will be renouncing her title.

Apr 28 - CBS Not Likely To Pre-Empt 'CSI' For Bush
US President picks first night of May Sweeps to hold prime-time press conference; but in tight ratings race, CBS is not likely to drop 'Committed.'

Apr 28 - 'New York' Comic Book To Be Released In July
Novelist Max Allan Collins makes his 'New York' debut with the comic book 'Bloody Murder'.

Apr 28 - Berman Signs FOX Deal, Maeda Leaves 'Miami'
'CSI' and 'Miami' executive producers pen deals with FOX and Touchstone that will allow them to develop their own television programs.

Apr 28 - CBS Previews Four New Episodes Of 'CSI'
Three CSIs lives are put at risk in the final four episodes of the show's fifth season. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Apr 27 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, 'Evel Knievel,' 'Empire' miniseries, Rodriguez heads down under, 'CSI' finale rumors, the 'CSI' effect, and: Caruso as Elton John?

Apr 26 - 'CSI' Finale To Be Two Hours Long
'Actors and crew members react to the Tarantino-directed season finale. Mendelshon: 'Your heart will stop.' Spoilers inside!

Apr 26 - CBS Previews Four New Episodes Of 'New York'
'New York' closes first season with a bang as Mac escapes a robbery and Danny struggles to keep his job. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Apr 26 - Penultimate 'Miami' Episode Revealed
A stay of execution puts Horatio and his team on a tight schedule to find a killer that got away five years ago, and might strike again. Spoilers inside!

Apr 25 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and rain, rain, why so wet?

Apr 24 - Official 'Supply and Demand', 'Committed' Details
Stella's job and Sara's life come in jeopardy as the CSIs race against the clock to find two killers that may be hiding in plain sight.

Apr 23 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Hollywood Brass'
Brass heads to LA after a frantic call from his daughter in this moving episode.

Apr 22 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'4x4'
Time moves backwards in this unusual episode of 'CSI' where the team tackles four different cases.

Apr 22 - Dean Winters Signs On For 'CSI: Miami' Finale
'Oz' & 'Law & Order: SVU' regular will be playing a man with a personal connection to one of the CSIs. Spoilers inside!

Apr 22 - First Story Info On Next Three 'CSI: New York' Episodes
Mac Taylor's CSIs investigate the deaths of a college student, an undercover cop, and a Red Sox fan. Spoilers for the final regular episodes of the season inside!

Apr 22 - 'CSI: Miami' Board Game Released
Game allows players to be one of six 'Miami' main characters; includes eight crime cases.

Apr 21 - 'CSI' Season Finale Revealed
Grissom faces a race against the clock as one of the CSIs is put in a very, very tight spot. First plot details for Quentin Tarantino's 'Grave Danger!'

Apr 20 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, '4 x 4' screen caps, Emily Procter has an affinity for tasting evidence, and why Carmine Giovinazzo wants your e-mail.

Apr 20 - Fox Reveals: More Secrets Coming From Sara
The actress assures fans Sidle's past will continue to unfold; Grissom-Sidle storyling might be resolved soon.

Apr 19 - Bruckheimer In Search Of Next Television Hit
The 'CSI' producer hopes to knock another one out of the park with five television pilots in the making.

Apr 19 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Killer Date'
Horatio learns some shocking news about his brother while Delko battles his personal demons.

Apr 19 - Ubach Takes Recurring Bite Out Of The Big Apple
Ballistics expert Constance Briell turns into a full-time recurring character as Alanna Ubach joins the cast of 'CSI: New York'.

Apr 18 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and Papal Idol, Vatican style.

Apr 18 - Sofia Milos Talks Horatio-Yelina Tension
Yelina Salas actress reveals the characters' journey will be long and complicated but juicy.

Apr 17 - Official 'Killer Date,' 'Hollywood Brass' Details
It's a family-themed week as Horatio makes a stunning discovery about his brother and Brass travels to Los Angeles to help his (recast!) daughter Ellie.

Apr 16 - 'Revelations'-Fueled 'Law & Order' Crushes 'CSI: New York'
Only just over 10 million viewers tune in for 'Crime and Misdemeanor' as NBC scores biggest victory of the season. But: 'Miami' and original 'CSI' both win their nights.

Apr 16 - Emily Procter, Aisha Tyler Join Movie Projects
Calleigh Duquesne actress will star opposite Martin Lawrence in 'Big Momma's House 2,' Mia Dickerson actress signs up for both a Lifetime film and an indie feature.

Apr 16 - News Bullets
Adam Rodriguez & Rory Cochrane photos, Emily Procter letter, 'CSI: Miami' location shoot photos, CBS upfronts and... 'CSI: Seattle'?

Apr 15 - 'CSI' Gets Glamorous In 'Hollywood Brass'
Jim Brass travels to Hollywood when he gets a call from his estranged daughter regarding her missing friend. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Apr 15 - Jonathan Togo Feels Like A Woman
The actor recalls his days of dancing glory and reveals why drama can also be fun.

Apr 15 - CSIs Get Too Involved In 'Weeping Willows' And 'Iced'
Catherine and Grissom take turns on the hot seat in these two upcoming episodes of 'CSI'. Spoilers inside!

Apr 14 - Naren Shankar To Develop 'Doom' Movie
'CSI' executive producer brings video game story to life and signs on to executive produce the show for two more years.

Apr 14 - Article: Set Tour: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Get a sneak peek behind the scenes at television's number one drama!

Apr 14 - Review: CSI: New York--'Crime And Misdemeanor'
Diplomats and dead human statues plague the CSIs in this outing, causing friction among the team.

Apr 14 - 'CSI' Finales Revealed
Grissom and Mac struggle to save a life as Horatio sees one resurrect in the 'CSI' season finales. Spoilers inside!

Apr 13 - News Bullets
'Sex & Taxes' ratings, Viacom's split, Eads named sexy Southerner, New York premieres in Southeast Asia and India & more!

Apr 13 - Khandi Alexander: Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Alexx Woods actress reveals why comedy is so important to her and why 'Addiction' holds a special place in her heart.

Apr 13 - CBS Releases 'Killer Date' Promo
The CSIs investigate a sex crime while Horatio's life is shaken when he learns the truth about his brother's death. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Apr 12 - Jorja Fox Still Mystified By Sara Sidle
The actress sits down with Cult Times magazine to talk about her character's arc and her appreciation for her fans.

Apr 12 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Sex And Taxes'
It's a bad time to be an IRS agent in Miami when two turn up dead.

Apr 12 - Tarantino Begins Shooting 'CSI' Finale
Filming for the season finale begins in California and Nevada. Shankar: 'It is much more of a thriller than we normally do.'

Apr 12 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and Uncle Sam's makeover.

Apr 11 - Adam Rodriguez Goes From Big Leagues To Hollywood
The actor sits down with CBS.com to discuss the motivations behind his career and how a simple twist of fate worked in his favor.

Apr 11 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Spark Of Life'
A woman is found alive after a sudden blaze in the woods, but the CSIs soon suspect she started the fire herself.

Apr 11 - High School Reunion Turns Deadly In 'Miami'
Calleigh and Ryan investigate the murder of a high school reunion attendee while Horatio meets a face of the past under killer circumstances. Spoilers inside!

Apr 11 - 'Sex & Taxes,' 'Crime' & '4x4' Details
Can you tell CBS is gearing up for the May sweeps? Plot info, creative crew & guest cast info for this week's three all-new episodes!

Apr 10 - News Bullets
New Zuiker interview, MSNBC praises 'CSI,' official Dourdan site, Adam Rodriguez screencaps, 'Harvest' guest actor interview & more!

Apr 8 - 'CSI' Sees Quadruple Excitement In '4 x 4'
The CSI teams split in four different groups to solve four very unique cases. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Apr 7 - CBS Releases 'Crime and Misdemeanor' Promo
Mac goes up against the UN while Danny looks for a monumental killer in this upcoming episode of New York. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Apr 6 - Interview: Anthony E. Zuiker
In an exclusive interview, Zuiker tells CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about his first year as a showrunner and reveals upcoming 'CSI: New York' developments. Minor spoilers inside!

Apr 6 - Will April Showers Lead To May Flowers For Sara And Greg?
TV Guide gets the naked truth about an upcoming episode of 'CSI' that has two of its characters baring it all. Mild spoilers inside.

Apr 6 - ALERT: ET Gets New York Risley Ride
Entertainment Tonight gets 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' scoop from Sinise and Kanakaredes.

Apr 5 - Zuiker Reveals How 'CSI' Came To Life
The creator discuses his inspiration behind the conception of 'CSI' in the latest issue of TV Zone. Helgenberger, Caruso, and Kanakaredes also featured.

Apr 5 - 'Miami' Experiences Big Deduction In 'Sex And Taxes'
Horatio and his team investigate the deaths of two IRS agents in this upcoming episode of 'Miami'. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Apr 5 - News Bullets
Jorja Fox on the direction of her character, 'Spark of Life' ratings, Jeff Mariotte gets nominated, Caruso sings happy birthday to Rodriguez, and more!

Apr 4 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, poll results, and New York musings.

Apr 4 - The Eye Network Previews Upcoming Projects
CBS offers a sneak peak at the shows that might end up accompanying 'Miami', 'New York' and 'CSI' on their respective nights.

Apr 3 - Zuiker Thinks 'CSI: London' Could Work
'CSI' creator says a third spin-off for the American market is unlikely, but would support a Brit version. Plus: Kanakaredes on Taylor-Bonasera flirting.

Apr 1 - First 'CSI: New York' Finale Spoiler Revealed
TV Guide's Michael Ausiello says Mac Taylor will find himself in a difficult position. Plus: Donna Murphy to guest-star on original 'CSI.'

Apr 1 - Zuiker Talks Tarantino Finale
'CSI' creator makes a brief return to the original show to co-write this season's final episode. 'To write for Tarantino is the highlight of my career.'

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