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News Headlines for November 2005

Nov 30 - Jon Togo: Wolfe's Sight Will Continue To Deteriorate
The 'CSI: Miami' actor talks about his character's future, 'Miami's' elusive mole, and what it's been like trying to fit in.

Nov 30 - Bruckheimer Signs Film Pact With Disney
Five-year deal for 'CSI' executive producer is said to be Disney's heftiest ever.

Nov 30 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Dog Eat Dog'
The CSIs investigate the death of a man found in a dumpster and a warring couple found in their house.

Nov 30 - Coldplay To Jam During Tonight's 'Jamalot'
The award winning band will provide music for the newest episode of 'CSI: New York.'

Nov 29 - Delko's Flaws Make Him Believable, Says Adam Rodriguez
The 'CSI: Miami' star discusses why his characters' bad choices make him more human.

Nov 29 - Eva La Rue To Spice Things Up In 'Miami'
The newest member of the 'CSI: Miami' team talks about her possible entanglement with Ryan Wolfe.

Nov 29 - 'Jamalot' Trailer Now Online
Mac and Stella investigate the death of a roller derby player in this new episode of 'New York.' Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 29 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Shattered'
After he's discovered at the scene of a murder, a drug dealer names Delko as one of his clients.

Nov 28 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and poll results.

Nov 28 - Someone Is Looking For 'Payback' On 'CSI: Miami'
Horatio and the team try to bring a rapist to justice, but a leak in the case may hinder their investigation. Spoilers inside!

Nov 28 - Review: CSI: New York--'City Of The Dolls'
A doll doctor is murdered with a doll's arm while a terminal cancer patient is found dead in her bed, apparently poisoned.

Nov 27 - Official 'Shattered' & 'Jamalot' Details
The original 'CSI' is airing a repeat this week, but check inside to find out what happens in the final new 'Miami' and 'New York' episodes of the November sweeps!

Nov 26 - 'Miami' Draws Gamers' Criticism For 'Urban Hellraisers'
Gaming communities all over the web take offense to the way gamers are portrayed in this episode of 'Miami.'

Nov 25 - 'CSI: Miami' S3 DVD Set Now Available In Stores
The 3rd season of 'Miami' makes its debut on DVD this week, and 'CSI's 5th season is set to come out next week.

Nov 25 - Eads Reveals How Firings Strengthened Off-Screen Friendships
The 'CSI' star talks about last summer's firings and how it brought the cast together, and talks about the Stokes-Brown friendship.

Nov 23 - Jorja Fox Repulsed By Crime, Not Gore
Sara Sidle actress discusses why blood doesn't make her sick, but murder does.

Nov 23 - 'Entertainment Tonight' Takes A Peak At 'Dog Eat Dog'
Actor Bill Chott tells the entertainment news show everything about his role on this brand new episode of 'CSI.'

Nov 22 - CSI's Technical Wizards Reveal Their Secrets
Make-up artist Matthew Mungle gives a tour of the CSI body shop, while technical advisor Richard Catalani discusses the show's legacy in history.

Nov 22 - CBS Releases 'Shattered' Promo
While Delko's job hangs in the balance, the team tries to figure out who gunned down a drug lord. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 22 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Urban Hellraisers'
The lab is under fire when a group of college students decide to act out a violent videogame.

Nov 21 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'A Bullet Runs Through It, Part Two'
Grissom must determine which officer at the scene inadvertantly killed Officer Bell.

Nov 21 - Details Of 'CSI' Episode 'Still Life' Revealed
A 6-year-old boy is missing, but his rescue produces more questions for Grissom than his disappearance. Spoilers inside!

Nov 21 - 'Dog Eat Dog' Trailer Now Available
In the final new 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' of the November sweeps, Grissom investigates the death of a man who appears to have eaten himself to death.

Nov 20 - News Bullets
USA Today praises 'CSI,' Jorja Fox on 'Grave Danger,' Max Allan Collins, Carmine Giovinazzo voted Sexy Man, and more!

Nov 20 - Official 'Urban Hellraisers,' 'Dolls' & 'Dog Eat Dog' Details
Find out what you can expect from the final full November sweeps week. Plot synopses, guest cast listings & creative crew info inside!

Nov 18 - Zuiker: 'I Feel Like A Million Bucks For Creating 'CSI'
The 'CSI' creator recounts how the show got started and what makes it so great.

Nov 17 - 'New York's' 'City Of The Dolls' Promo Released
When a doll doctor is killed with a doll's arm, Mac is called to the most bizarre crime scene yet. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 17 - Review: CSI: New York--'Bad Beat'
The CSIs are on the case of a poker game turned deadly and the murder of a weather girl.

Nov 17 - Eric Szmanda's 'Snow Wonder' To Premier This Sunday
The young 'CSI' actor stars in this film about a Christmas Eve snowstorm and how it affects the lives of five strangers.

Nov 16 - Ubisoft To Release New 'CSI' Video Game
Grissom and the gang return this spring in video game form in 'CSI: 3 Dimensions of a Murder.'

Nov 16 - CBS Unveils 'Urban Hellraisers' Promo
A group of kids start playing a video game for real, leading to disastrous consequences for the 'Miami' lab. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 16 - 'CSI,' 'Miami' & 'New York' Review Round-Up
Critics find the 'CSI' episode 'A Bullet Runs Through It' brilliant, but are disappointed by the 'Miami/NY' crossover.

Nov 15 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Nailed'
While searching for the killer of a woman in the middle of an ugly divorce, Ryan is shot in the eye with a nail gun at the crime scene.

Nov 15 - 'A Bullet Runs Through It, Part Two' Promo Now Online
Grissom and the team try to determine who shot officer Bell in this thrilling conclusion of 'A Bullet...' Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 15 - Having A Contract Feels Fantastic, Says Rex Linn
Det. Frank Tripp actor talks about the contract that made him a regular cast member. Plus, the cast of 'Miami' talks about the differences between the actors and characters.

Nov 14 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and it's just a mustache... or is it?

Nov 14 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'A Bullet Runs Through It, Part One'
Sofia and Brass are caught in the middle of a car chase shootout that leaves an officer and three suspects dead.

Nov 14 - Paul Guilfoyle On The Emotions Behind 'A Bullet...'
The 'CSI' star says the episode took an emotional toll on him and his character. Plus, why Eads had to go back to Spanish class for the episode.

Nov 13 - News Bullets
Kanakaredes on the crossover, Sinise hired as Veterans spokesman, Eads on being fired, Dourdan, screencaps, People's Choice, and more!

Nov 13 - Official 'Nailed,' 'Bad Beat' & 'Bullet' Details
Ryan gets shot in the eye, Danny investigates the murder of a weather girl, and Sophia is still in trouble. Full info on next week's three new 'CSI' episodes!

Nov 11 - CBS Releases 'Bad Beat' Promo
Mac and the team investigate the murder of the host of a poker game. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 11 - Shankar: 'CSI' Reinvented Mystery Genre
The 'CSI' co-showrunner explains why all the hard work on the show takes a backseat to the final product. Plus: Carol Mendelsohn reveals how 'CSI' is helping her change the world.

Nov 11 - CBS To Offer Video-On-Demand Episodes Of 'CSI'
The Eye network joins Comcast to make episodes of 'CSI' easily accessible to viewers for only 99 cents a pop.

Nov 10 - Review: CSI: New York--'Manhattan Manhunt'
The crossover cross-country chase begun in 'CSI: Miami' concludes when Horatio and Mac pursue serial killer Henry Darius to New York.

Nov 10 - 'CSI: Miami' Gets 'Nailed'
One of Miami's own gets wounded while investigating the death of a woman going through a strange divorce process. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 10 - Louise Lombard: Sofia Off To A Tragic Start As A Cop
The 'CSI' actress discusses why tonight's episode will send her character on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Mild spoilers inside!

Nov 9 - News Bullets
Sinise and Caruso on the 'Miami/New York' crossover, 'Grave Danger' DVD arrives in Canada, 'YoungBlood' and 'Felony Flight' screen caps, and more!

Nov 9 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Felony Flight'
In the first part of the 'Miami'/'New York' crossover, a serial killer escapes from custody and goes on a killing spree in search of a wealthy heiress.

Nov 9 - CBS Releases 'A Bullet Runs Through It' Promo
When the murder of a police officer points to friendly fire, Grissom and the team turn to the LVPD for answers. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 8 - 'CSI: New York' November Sweeps Spoiler Preview
In the next four episode of 'New York', Horatio Caine visits the Big Apple, a poker game turns deadly, a doll is used as a murder weapon and a roller derby skater is murdered. Spoilers inside!

Nov 7 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, poll results, and Daylight Savings Time Blues.

Nov 7 - Review: CSI: New York--'Dancing With The Fishes'
The death of a dancer leads the CSIs into the cutthroat world of competitive dance, while Danny and Hawkes investigate the murder of a man killed by a swordfish.

Nov 7 - Zuiker & Donahue Preview Tonight's 'Felony Flight'
The 'New York' and 'Miami' showrunners call the crossover episodes some of their best work so far.

Nov 6 - Official Details For Next Week's 'CSI' Trio
CBS celebrates the first full week of the November sweeps with a 'Miami'/'New York' crossover and the start of a 'CSI' two-parter. Plot details & guest cast info inside!

Nov 5 - News Bullets
Kanakaredes on 'Regis & Kelly,' 'Category 7,' Catholic League objects to CSI, Dourdan in art book, and more!

Nov 4 - 'CSI: Miami' November Sweeps Spoiler Preview
In the next four episodes of 'Miami', an escaped killer brings New York to Florida, an accident puts a CSI's career in jeopardy, and another CSI's demons might cost him his job. Spoilers inside!

Nov 3 - NBC Universal To Launch 24 Hour Crime Show Network
Crime shows and mystery movies to get their own television network.

Nov 3 - Review: CSI: New York--'YoungBlood'
When a man is murdered in the elevator of his penthouse suite, the CSIs have to find both the unusual murder weapon and the girl who witnessed the shooting.

Nov 3 - Gary Dourdan: It Doesn't Get Much Better Than CSI
Warrick Brown actor also talks about his awkward teenager years and the road to 'CSI'. Plus: Helgenberger still hoping for a Warrick-Caterine hook up.

Nov 2 - 'CBS' Releases 'Felony Flight' Promo
When a plane carrying a convicted serial killer from New York crashes in Miami, Horatio and Mac team up to stop the man from killing again. Screencaps & full trailer transcript inside!

Nov 2 - News Bullets
Rodriguez is witness to the end of the world, Ausiello provides some 'CSI' and 'Miami' scoop, Willows and Bonasera are two of this year's best TV female cops, and more!

Nov 1 - 'CSI' Can Cause Weird Nightmares, Says George Eads
Nick Stokes actor reveals what having to be around fake dead bodies all day does to his mind during the night.

Nov 1 - 'CSI,' 'Miami' & 'New York' Review Round-Up
Fandom Talk, MSN, TV Squad, and Blog Critics review the latest episodes of the CSI trio.

Nov 1 - Adam Rodriguez To Star In The Telefilm 'Category 7'
The 'CSI: Miami' star flies into the center of a massive storm that is threatening to the destroy the world in the action packed movie.

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