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News Headlines for November 2008

Nov 30 - Petersen Delivers The 'Antidote'
The 'CSI' actor talks about 'Dublin Carol', his near-death experience and being recognized.

Nov 27 - Review: CSI: New York--'The Box'
While the CSIs work to discover the identity of a body in a crushed car, Danny grapples with the news that Lindsay is pregnant.

Nov 28 - News Bullets
No turkey for Shankar, 'Miami' viewing party, mini DNA art and popular crime mysteries. Also, danger on 'Miami'. Spoilers at the end.

Nov 28 - Hall Asks 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?'
The 'CSI' actor stars in a Blue Zone Production.

Nov 26 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda'
While the CSIs investigate three deaths, Grissom pays a visit to Natalie Davis, the miniature crime scene killer.

Nov 26 - News Bullets
CBS wins sweeps viewers, bullet for Petersen, La Rue video, real 'CSI' gadget, Harper plans party, Dourdan role halted and Berkley on 'L Word'.

Nov 25 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Say Uncle'
The CSIs hunt for a little boy who might be the only witness to two murders during a block party in Koreatown.

Nov 25 - Kanakaredes Reveals Her Favorite 'Melina Moments'
The 'New York' actress talks about funny and clumsy instances on set.

Nov 25 - Procter: It's Such An Indulgence
The stars of 'Miami' share their on-set dining habits.

Nov 24 - Smith: Every Episode Is Exciting
The new 'CSI' star talks about her character and coming onto an established show.

Nov 24 - 'Power Trip' & 'The Box' Official Details
A cop gets too close on 'Miami', and 'New York' deals with a damaged corpse. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Nov 24 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise tops in overall viewers.

Nov 24 - Echikunwoke Is 'Lucky'
The 'Miami' actress talks about preparing for her role and working with the cast and crew.

Nov 22 - The Newest 'New York' Regs Weigh In
Joy and Buckley reveal what they bring to their characters.

Nov 22 - Belknap And Cahill Share What's Important
The actors discuss family, the theater and 'New York'. Contains minor spoilers.

Nov 22 - Two Stars Share Their Love Of 'New York'
Sinise and Kanakaredes chat about their characters and joining the show.

Nov 22 - Veasey: We Try To Be Explosive
A 'New York' producer and advisor talk about creating the show.

Nov 22 - Harper Juggles Work And Politics
The actor discusses campaigning and 'New York'.

Nov 22 - News Bullets
CBS on top, pictures of Fishburne, Rambo talks environmental, 'Miami' for iPhone, Langham movie role, Zuiker raises money, Linn golfs for cancer, new competition for 'New York' and Urbaniak guest-stars.

Nov 20 - Review: CSI: New York--'My Name Is Mac Taylor'
In 'CSI: NY''s hundredth episode, the team is on the hunt for a killer targeting people named Mac Taylor.

Nov 21 - 'New York' Keeps Going
Zuiker discusses the third member of the franchise.

Nov 21 - Petersen: It's Great To Be Back
Reviews for 'Dublin Carol'.

Nov 20 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Gone Baby Gone'
The Miami team mounts a desperate search for a kidnapped baby in the show's 150th episode.

Nov 19 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Cheating Death'
The murder of a young man in a hotel room leads the Miami team to uncover a surprising prostitution enterprise.

Nov 19 - Sinise: It's A Prominent Character On Our Show
'New York' films on location. Contains a minor plot spoiler.

Nov 17 - Caruso: We're Ready To Go Forward
'Miami' celebrates 150 episodes.

Nov 17 - Zuiker Searches For A More 'Immersive' Experience
The 'CSI' creator says cross-platform storytelling is the future of TV.

Nov 17 - News Bullets
CBS is most-watched, Harper encourages students, 'New York' game videos, milestone lists, novel set visit, CBS artist appears and Bruckheimer makes 'Forbes' list. Also, Lombardi guest stars and 100th episode details. Spoilers at the end.

Nov 17 - 'Gone Baby Gone', 'My Name Is Mac Taylor' & 'Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda' Official Details
A child is missing in 'Miami', 'New York' has a preponderance of Mac Taylors, and it's time to revisit the past on 'CSI'. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Nov 17 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise stays in the top two.

Nov 15 - 'Miami' Utilizes Fingerprint Technology
DESI analysis tool will be featured on the show.

Nov 15 - Rambo Explores 'The Lady With All The Answers'
The play about Ann Landers comes to Pennsylvania.

Nov 15 - One College Drop-Out Makes It Big
Lenkov talks about the road to success.

Nov 15 - Rodriguez Talks Romance
The 'Miami' actor discusses the show and Eric's relationship with Calleigh.

Nov 14 - Petersen: I'm Having A Great Time
The actor talks about leaving 'CSI' and getting back to theater. Also, some fans plan to give up the show. Contains minor spoilers.

Nov 13 - Review: CSI: New York--'Dead Inside'
The CSIs must discover who bludgeoned a man to death; Flack grapples with the knowledge that his sister has developed a drinking problem.

Nov 14 - 'CSI' And 'Miami' Cast Special Guest-Stars
'Diddy', Hedren and Guillaume are set to appear. Contains spoilers!

Nov 14 - It's Time To Think Outside 'The Box'
A body is found inside a crushed car, and Danny receives life-changing news in the ninth episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside!

Nov 14 - Smith Doesn't Mind Being 'Quirky'
The new 'CSI' actress discusses her character's conflict with Grissom and her interaction with Greg.

Nov 14 - Echikunwoke: They Might Have Eyes For Each Other
The newest 'Miami' cast member talks about joining the show and a possible romance for her character.

Nov 12 - 'Say Uncle' Extended Promo Available
Two people are gunned down, and a little boy is missing on 'CSI'. Full transcript inside.

Nov 10 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Leave Out All The Rest'
While the team grapples with the murder of a couple, Grissom turns to Lady Heather after receiving a message from Sara.

Nov 10 - Lawless: I Wanted To Give It A Go
The actress behind 'Xena' takes a trip to 'Miami'. Mild spoilers inside.

Nov 10 - The New Kids On The Block Talk
Smith and Echikunwoke discuss joining the franchise.

Nov 10 - News Bullets
'CSI' nominated, Harper empowers youth, 'The Border' released, Sinise returns to Steppenwolf, Egilsson directs 'Heroes', Giovinazzo raises money, Sacoor Brothers campaign, Kanakaredes lets go and 'CSI: Live' visits Chicago.

Nov 9 - 'Cheating Death', 'Dead Inside' & 'Say Uncle' Official Details
'Miami' finds a victim in cuffs, the crime scene is afloat on 'New York' and 'CSI' takes a trip to Koreatown. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Nov 9 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' comes in behind 'SNL', 'New York' falls to a season low and 'CSI' performs typically.

Nov 7 - Lenkov: I Just Wanted To Entertain
The 'New York' producer tells how he got his start.

Nov 7 - It's A Race Against The Clock In 'Gone Baby Gone'
A little girl is kidnapped in the eighth episode of 'Miami'. Major spoilers inside!

Nov 6 - Review: CSI: New York--'Enough'
Mac and his team must find out who killed three drug dealers right on the eve of their trial for murder.

Nov 7 - Procter Hits The Jackpot
The actress talks about starring in a spinoff and 'Miami''s longevity.

Nov 6 - Petersen: She's Someone He Can Trust
Two 'CSI' actors talk about Lady Heather's return. Minor spoilers inside.

Nov 6 - News Bullets
Harper celebrates, Vaugier films, Bruckheimer develops pilot, 'Eleventh Hour' facts, Riley and Greg and virtual autopsies. Also, Lucy Lawless appears. Spoilers contained at the end of the article.

Nov 6 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Wrecking Crew'
Calleigh is devastated after a witness she and Delko are protecting is killed just before testifying in an important murder case.

Nov 3 - 'New York' Celebrates 100 Episodes
The third member of the franchise has a party, and one actress's big development will be mirrored on screen. Contains spoilers.

Nov 3 - 'Enough' Promo Now Available
Three drug dealers are gunned down, and one team member loses his job on 'New York'. Full transcript inside.

Nov 3 - The Franchise Tries To Sweep The Competition
Special guest stars, returning faces and major milestones mark November episodes. Contains spoilers.

Nov 3 - News Bullets
'Miami' gets explosive, Caruso stalker evades capture, Togo joins Atom, stars 'Believe', 'New York' competition changes and details about Langston. Contains minor 'CSI' spoilers.

Nov 3 - 'Wrecking Crew', 'Enough' & 'Leave Out All The Rest' Official Details
'Miami' has a smashing opener, it's murder times three on 'New York', and Lady Heather is back on 'CSI'. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Nov 3 - Ratings Round-Up
Baseball brings down viewers.

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