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News Headlines for June 2008

June 30 - Things Get Shaky In 'Turbulence'
Mac deals with a murder mid-flight in the third episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside!

June 30 - This Week On 'CSI'
The teams investigate a messy divorce, murders two buildings apart and a child's death.

June 30 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' was the only member of the franchise able to beat reality TV.

June 27 - 'Miami' Hires New Coroner
Alexx's replacement is sought, and fall premiere dates are announced. Minor spoilers inside.

June 27 - News Bullets
'Letters' is best-seller, no Emmy for 'CSI', supplementary media, comedian mimics Joy, cleavage not professional, 'CSI' wins award, Forlani gets funny, Zuiker is proud, 'CSI' in top 100, Sidle's classic farewell, Lindberg attends convention and info on TelePresence.

June 26 - 'Miami' And 'New York' DVD Releases Announced
Box sets to hit stores in September. Also, 'New York' cover design and special features revealed.

June 25 - These 'Letters' Are A 'Hug On Paper'
Harper discusses the motive behind his latest book.

June 25 - Dourdan Meets Batman
The actor talks about 'Gotham Knight' and addresses those 'Celebrity Rehab' rumors.

June 23 - This Week On 'CSI'
Summer reruns include a celebrity in rehab, a body in the harbor and lab techs front and center.

June 23 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise falters against reality TV.

June 22 - This Mystery Is A Real 'Page Turner'
Radiation poisoning claims several victims in the second episode of 'New York''s fifth season, and someone on the team fights for his life. Major spoilers inside!

June 20 - Petersen Gets A Star
'CSI''s leading man will receive a spot on the Walk of Fame. Also, 'CSI' is the number one show in the world.

June 20 - Fox: My Loyalty And My Heart Belong To 'CSI'
The actress discusses her departure--and her upcoming return. Minor spoilers inside.

June 19 - Passion Keeps Eads Thinking Positive
The 'CSI' actor does a press conference.

June 18 - Rambo: I Appreciate The Fans' Support
The writer talks about working for 'CSI'. Minor season nine spoiler inside.

June 16 - Review: 'CSI: New York: Four Walls'
CSI Files launches a new book review section with a review of the newest CSI: New York novel, 'Four Walls,' which centers on murders at a Staten Island correctional facility and at a bakery in the Bronx.

June 16 - This Week On 'CSI'
The franchise offers a scalped victim, blood on the Statue of Liberty and a dead horror film actress.

June 16 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise tops in overall viewers.

June 14 - Dourdan May Join 'Celebrity Rehab'
The 'CSI' star is rumored to be part of the reality series.

June 14 - Will The Actors Strike?
Negotiations continue, but no deal has been reached.

June 12 - Zuiker: That's The Secret Weapon
The man behind 'CSI' talks about theater.

June 11 - Caruso: Interactivity Has To Be The Foundation
'Miami''s leading man starts an online company.

June 11 - Greetings From 'CSI'
CBS signs an agreement with Hallmark.

June 9 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise competed with sports and reality TV last week. Also, 'Swingtown' performed well.

June 9 - This Week On 'CSI'
CBS offers repeats: tricky triplets, death by fire and water, and a young man with a case of gynecomastia.

June 9 - UNLV Drops CSI Program
The setting for 'CSI' loses its forensic science program.

June 6 - Interview: Hill Harper
The 'CSI: NY' star discusses his new book, 'Letters to a Young Sister,' the upcoming season of 'CSI: NY,' and the possibility of a SAG strike. Minor spoilers inside!

June 6 - 'Art Imitates Life' In Sin City
Still life takes on a whole new meaning in the third episode of 'CSI''s ninth season, and a new member joins the team. Major spoilers inside!

June 5 - Harper: This Book Is My Effort To Lift Up Women
The 'New York' star promotes his second motivational book.

June 4 - Prosecutors Combat The 'CSI' Effect
Savvy viewers are forcing changes in the courtroom.

June 4 - Zuiker: 'CSI' Is A Modern Sherlock Holmes
The franchise creator attends festival for mystery writers.

June 2 - SAG Negotiations To Resume
The actors work toward a deal, and AFTRA has reached an agreement.

June 2 - This Week on 'CSI'
The hiatus has begun, and the franchise offers four repeats.

June 2 - Ratings Round-Up
The season is over, but 'Miami' and 'New York' maintained the top spots in their respective timeslots. Plus, find out information about the season as a whole.

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