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News Headlines for December 2003

Dec 31 - CBS Acquires New Crime Drama
'CCAT: Career Criminal Apprehension Team' is coming to the network that is the home of 'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami.'

Dec 30 - News Bullets
'CSI' Festivities, Berman, Doudan, Salas, and the Hunky Men of 'CSI'!

Dec 30 - CBS Releases 'Complications' Trailer
Horatio has to find a anathesiologist's killer in next week's 'CSI: Miami' episode. Trailer information inside!

Dec 29 - Site Columns
Hello World, CSI BBS Threads, and what's on 'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami' this week!

Dec 26 - Final Ratings Show 'CSI' On Top
Last week's new episodes of 'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami' were the 1st and 3rd most watched shows of the week!

Dec 22 - Site Columns
Hello World on Books, TalkCSI threads, and more!

Dec 21 - 'CSI' Cast Goes On Location For 'Suckers'
Cast of the show was in Las Vegas last week, visiting several casinos to film this upcoming episode. Details inside!

Dec 21 - Dawson Not Coming Out Just Yet
Scene where McCullouch's character talks about his personal life was cut from 'Grissom v. Volcano.'

Dec 20 - 'CSI', Petersen Nominated for Golden Globes
Hollywood Foreign Press Association cites CBS series and its star among best in television drama.

Dec 19 - 'Coming of Rage' Comes Out On Top
'CSI' episode's performance helps CBS to win the night overall. Ratings details inside!

Dec 18 - Home Incursion Turns Deadly In 'Invasion'
The 'CSI: Miami' team has to discover the motive behind an attack on a family in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Dec 17 - 'Extreme' Wins Monday Night
New 'CSI: Miami' episode comes in first place on Monday night. Details inside!

Dec 16 - CSIs Investigate A Double Murder In 'Early Rollout'
Grissom and Catherine must find out who killed a husband and wife in this upcoming 'CSI' episode. Spoilers inside!

Dec 15 - CBS Releases Official Details For 'Extreme' And 'Coming Of Rage'
Brand new episodes of 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI'are on this week. Get the details inside!

Dec 15 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, new poll, this week's listings and more.

Dec 14 - One Of The CSIs Is Shot In The Upcoming Episode 'Officer Down'
This case is personal for Horatio when one of his teammates is shot and he faces an old nemesis. Spoilers inside!

Dec 12 - 'Grissom v. Volcano' Comes Out On Top
'CSI' was the highest rated show last night, beating out new episodes of 'Will & Grace' and 'Scrubs.'

Dec 12 - CBS Releases 'Coming of Rage' Trailer
Grissom and Sara must find the murderer of a rapist in next week's 'CSI' episode. Trailer transcript inside!

Dec 11 - Petersen Options 'Clandestine'
'CSI''s Gil Grissom to exective produce and star in adaption of Ellroy novel for TNT.

Dec 10 - CBS Releases 'Extreme' Trailer
Download the trailer for next week's new 'CSI: Miami' episode, involving a staged kidnapping gone wrong. Details inside!

Dec 8 - 'CSI' Scores People's Choice Award Nomination
'CSI' up for best drama against 'ER' and 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.'

Dec 8 - Site Columns
Beat the winter rerun blues, CSI Files Threads, New 'CSI' episode this week!

Dec 7 - CBS Releases Official Details For 'CSI' Episode 'Grissom v. Volcano'
Grissom and Atwater clash over the motives behind a car bombing in this week's new episode of 'CSI.'

Dec 6 - Hall Feels 'CSI' Has Helped 'Regenerate An Interest In Science'
Actor who portrays coroner Al Robbins on graphic 'CSI' scenes and his own disability

Dec 5 - CBS Releases 'Grissom V. Volcano' Trailer
Download the trailer for next week's CSI new episode where Grissom must solve a grizzly car bomb murder.

Dec 5 - CSIs Investigate Glitzy Side Of Miami In 'Stalkerazzi'
Horatio has a dead paparazzi photographer on his hands in this upcoming 'CSI: Miami' episode. Spoilers inside!

Dec 4 - Heist Boggles CSIs In New Episode
Grissom and Sara investigate a complex theft in new 'CSI' episode 'Suckers.' Spoilers inside!

Dec 3 - CBS Wins Sweeps Month
CBS and UPN are the only two networks to show gains during November sweeps.

Dec 1 - Site Columns
Spinoffs Galore, TalkCSI Threads, and 'CSI' & 'CSI: Miami' Rerun Descriptions

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