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News Headlines for October 2008

Oct 31 - Interview: Corey Miller
The 'CSI: Miami' supervising producer teases upcoming turmoil for a few members of the Florida team, Horatio's feelings for Julia and the burgeoning romance between Delko and Calleigh! Spoilers inside.

Oct 31 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Let It Bleed'
The Vegas team faces a puzzling case with the murder of a Columbian drug dealer's daughter.

Oct 30 - Ask William Petersen Your Questions
TV Guide and CSI Files are teaming up to give you a chance to send in questions for TV Guide's farewell interview with the CSI star.

Oct 30 - Review: CSI: New York--'The Cost Of Living'
The New York team investigates the murder of an archaeologist who may have uncovered a priceless treasure.

Oct 30 - Lady Heather Returns
Grissom revisits an old friend. Spoilers inside!

Oct 30 - 'CSI' Uncovers A Medical Mystery
Marrinan discusses tonight's episode, and the victim speaks. Contains spoilers!

Oct 30 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Bombshell'
A young woman meets a gruesome end when a bomb goes off in a trendy Miami boutique.

Oct 30 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Art Imitates Life'
A new CSI joins the team as Grissom and the team track a serial killer who poses his victims.

Oct 28 - Interview: David Rambo
The 'CSI' supervising producer discusses the big changes ahead for the team in the show's ninth season as well as the repercussions of Warrick's murder. Spoilers inside!

Oct 29 - Dourdan: I Know I'm Taking A Risk
The actor talks about why he left 'CSI'.

Oct 28 - CBS Starts Out On Top
The network leads in viewers and key demos so far.

Oct 28 - Sinise Receives Honorary Doctorate
The 'New York' actor is honored at CSU Stanislaus and performs for students.

Oct 27 - 'The Cost Of Living' & 'Let It Bleed' Official Details
An archaeologist gets the axe on 'New York', and 'CSI' discovers a family connection. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Oct 27 - Harper: I Look Up To Him
The 'New York' star talks about Barack Obama and the importance of voting.

Oct 26 - Ratings Round-Up
All three series earn the top spot in viewers.

Oct 25 - 'My Name Is Mac Taylor' Plays The Name Game
The 100th episode of 'New York' finds the team dealing with multiple victims and more than one Mac Taylor. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 23 - Review: CSI: New York--'Sex, Lies and Silicone'
The murder of a consultant with dirt on the city's power players creates a good deal of trouble for the New York CSIs.

Oct 24 - Petersen Returns To His Roots
The 'CSI' actor talks about his transition from theater to TV and back again.

Oct 23 - Rambo: It Examines The Thirst For Fame And Success
The writer-producer talks 'CSI', theater and his recent wedding. Contains minor spoilers.

Oct 22 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Raging Cannibal'
The team takes on the Russian mob after two dead men turn up in the Everglades.

Oct 20 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Happy Place'
The Vegas team investigates the apparent suicide of a young woman and the murder of a gambler while Sara revisits an old case.

Oct 21 - 'CSI' Decides To 'Leave Out All The Rest'
Linkin Park song to feature on the flagship show in November. Contains spoilers.

Oct 21 - 'Art Imitates Life' Promo Now Available
Corpses maintain a semblance of life, and 'CSI' welcomes a new team member. Full transcript inside.

Oct 20 - 'Sex, Lies And Silicone' Promo Now Available
'New York' learns that dolls aren't just for kids anymore. Full transcript inside.

Oct 20 - 'Bombshell', 'Sex, Lies And Silicone' & 'Art Imitates Life' Official Details
'Miami' starts with a bang, 'New York' encounters life-sized dolls, and 'CSI' investigates corpses frozen in time. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Oct 20 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' wins its timeslot, 'CSI' shares honors with 'Grey's Anatomy'; both have fewer viewers week-to-week.

Oct 17 - Review: CSI: Miami--'And How Does It Make You Kill?'
Delko is shocked to discover the team's latest case is the murder of his psychiatrist's daughter.

Oct 18 - 'Bombshell' Promo Now Available
Fashion is deadly, and family comes under suspicion on 'Miami'. Full transcript inside.

Oct 18 - 'CSI' Seeks An Authentic Club Vibe
DJ Paul Edge contributes some music.

Oct 17 - News Bullets
Harper empowers, Zuiker gives speech, Hall campaigns for PWD, strong ratings and iTunes in HD. Also, casting news for 'New York'. Minor spoiler included.

Oct 17 - 'Cheating Death' Is Not Always Successful
The seventh episode of 'Miami' finds the team investigating the death of a man found handcuffed next to a woman who can't remember the night before. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 17 - 'CSI: The Experience' Moves To Minnesota
The travelling exhibit makes its next stop.

Oct 14 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'For Warrick'
The team is stunned by the loss of one of their own in the show's ninth season opener.

Oct 14 - This 'Wrecking Crew' Leaves A Path Of Destruction
A man is taken out before he can testify in front of a grand jury in the sixth episode of 'Miami'. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 14 - 'The Happy Place' Promo Now Available
A woman falls to her death, and an old case resurfaces on 'CSI'. Full transcript inside.

Oct 14 - Petersen: Don't Make Me A Hero
The beginning--and the end--of Grissom's time on 'CSI'. Contains spoilers.

Oct 12 - 'Raging Cannibal' & 'The Happy Place' Official Details
'Miami' encounters the Russian mob, and 'CSI' looks into criminal uses for hypnotism. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Oct 12 - Ratings Round-Up
The 'CSI' premiere knocks out the competition. 'Miami' and 'New York' also win their timeslots.

Oct 11 - 'CSI' Adds A Bit Of Mystery To The Cast
Smith talks about her character's relationship with the team and looking professional. Contains spoilers.

Oct 11 - Shankar: He's Reassessing Himself
'CSI' says goodbye to one leading man and hello to another. Spoilers inside.

Oct 9 - Interview: Peter Lenkov
The 'CSI: NY' executive producer teases season five and discusses the big upcoming development for Danny and Lindsay. Spoilers inside!

Oct 9 - Review: CSI: New York--'Turbulence'
A routine flight to Washington, D.C. proves to be anything but when Mac Taylor finds the flight attendants standing around the dead body of a man in one of the plane's bathrooms.

Oct 8 - Interview: David Berman
'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation''s newest regular shares his thoughts on David Phillips' evolution, Grissom's departure, his duties as head researcher on the show and who he'd like to play David's wife.

Oct 9 - She's A 'Saucy, Sarcastic, Sassy' New Scientist
Smith talks about her character and joining 'CSI'. Contains spoilers.

Oct 9 - Helgenberger: It's The Sum Of Its Parts
Two 'CSI' stars talk about season nine and why the show has lasted so long. Spoilers inside.

Oct 8 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Won't Get Fueled Again'
The Miami team is called in to investigate when a burning man crashes a swanky beach party; ME Tara Price signs on for duty.

Oct 7 - Buckley: First I Have A Panic Attack
The 'New York' actor talks about using scientific terms and getting recognized around the world.

Oct 6 - This Home Is 'Dead Inside'
A man is found dead in a house that is being relocated, and Flack's sister is back in the seventh episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 5 - 'And How Does That Make You Kill?', 'Turbulence' & 'For Warrick' Official Details
Delko's therapist loses her daughter, Mac deals with murder in mid-air, and the 'CSI' premiere reveals Warrick's fate. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Oct 5 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' and 'New York' earn the top spot for the second week of the new season.

Oct 4 - 'Turbulence' Promo Now Available
A man is killed mid-flight, and rapper Nelly makes his first appearance on 'New York'. Full transcript inside.

Oct 3 - Kanakaredes Hangs Around
The 'New York' actress talks about filming a stunt for the premiere, and her family meets the Pope.

Oct 2 - Review: CSI: New York--'Page Turner'
The team's latest case hits close to home when Sid Hammerback falls ill after examining the body of a woman who died from radiation poisoning.

Oct 2 - Veasey: We're Not Going To Be Typical About It
'New York' has a major development in store for two of its characters. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 1 - Petersen: It'll Be Very Hard
The actor and costar Helgenberger talk about Grissom's departure. Spoilers inside.

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