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News Headlines for October 2003

Oct 31 - 'Fur And Loathing' Sweeps CBS To Victory
'Survivor', 'CSI', 'Without a Trace' beat NBC by eight percent.

Oct 30 - Production Continues Despite Bushfires
Santa Clarita Studios on full alert as fires leave a trail of devastation across Southern California.

Oct 29 - 'CSI' Helps CBS Set Ratings Record
'Feeling the Heat' attracts record numbers of adult viewers, becomes last week's most-watched programme.

Oct 28 - Dozens of Stars Including Petersen To Honour CBS
Network will celebrate 75th birthday with huge extravaganza broadcast live from New York.

Oct 28 - Petersen Talks America's Forensics Fascination
'CSI' actor says O.J. Simpson trial made people hungry to find out more about crime solving.

Oct 27 - Site Columns
Baseball playoffs, 'Fur and Loathing' controversy, BBS threads, 'CSI' this week and more.

Oct 26 - TV Guide: 'Fur And Loathing' Is 'Truly Bizarre'
'Sex and the City's' Willie Garson guest stars in this week's 'CSI' episode.

Oct 26 - CBS Debuts 'Fur And Loathing' Preview
Download the trailer for this week's 'CSI' episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 25 - TV Revenues Boost Viacom Profit
'CSI' success cited as reason for increased advertising sales on CBS.

Oct 25 - First 'Coming Of Rage' Plot Details
Grissom and company investigate the rape of a 15-year-old girl. Spoilers inside!

Oct 25 - 'CSI' Melts World Series
'Feeling the Heat' claims pole position in Thursday night's ratings race. Plus: 'CSI: Miami' mounts 'The Best Defense'.

Oct 24 - 'Oprah' Goes Behind The Scenes Of 'CSI'
Marg Helgenberger gives viewers a tour of the 'CSI' sets. Transcript inside!

Oct 23 - Official 'Feeling The Heat' Details
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff listings for tonight's 'CSI' episode.

Oct 23 - Download The Promo For Tonight's 'CSI'
Get a sneak preview of the team in action in 'Feeling the Heat'. Transcript inside!

Oct 21 - Dourdan To Star In 'Black August'
'CSI' actor will play activist George Jackson in indie film shooting this month.

Oct 21 - News Bullets
Jay Mohr video, Petersen on 'Charlie Rose', Helgenberger on 'Oprah', Donahue on power list & more!

Oct 20 - Official Details For 'The Best Defense'
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for tonight's 'CSI: Miami' episode.

Oct 20 - Site Columns
Hello World, baseball pre-emptions, new poll, this week's listings and more.

Oct 20 - Mendelsohn and Donahue Talk New Deals
'CSI' scribes discuss their contract with CBS and changing roles for women writers in Hollywood.

Oct 19 - Dourdan Criticises 'CSI' Scripts
Actor 'surprised' by the quality of 'Invisible Evidence', says cast often changes unrealistic lines.

Oct 19 - Download Trailer For 'The Best Defense'
Tomorrow night's 'CSI: Miami' episode features the return of John Heard as Calleigh's father. Transcript inside!

Oct 18 - 'Miami' Coming To DVD Next Year
Spin-off's debut year and 'CSI' season three expected to be released in first quarter of 2004.

Oct 18 - Dourdan Still Surprised By Success
Warrick Brown actor recalls slow rise, reflects on playing a forensic pathologist.

Oct 18 - News Bullets
Petersen, Kao, Eads, Fox, Hall, Redstone, 'CSI' in the news and more.

Oct 17 - First 'Grissom V. Volcano' Plot Details
A car bomb leads the CSIs to a school science fair in this upcoming episode. Contains spoilers!

Oct 16 - Jerry Bruckheimer Voted Hollywood's Most Powerful Man
Entertainment Weekly says 'CSI' producer has turned into a brand of his own. Plus: CBS boss most powerful executive.

Oct 14 - 'CSI: Miami' Keeps 'Death Grip' On Top Spot
Baseball wins in overnight ratings yet gators bring viewers to CBS.

Oct 12 - First 'After The Show' Plot Details
When a wannabe showgirl goes missing, the CSIs are on the case. Contains spoilers!

Oct 12 - CBS Releases 'Invisible Evidence' Trailer
Download the promo for next week's new 'CSI' episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 12 - Official Details For 'Death Grip' & 'Invisible Evidence'
Plot synopses, cast listings and creative staff info for this week's episodes of 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI'. Contains spoilers!

Oct 11 - 'CSI' Ratings King For Second Week Running
'All For Our Country' was the most-watched TV hour last week, 'CSI: Miami' moves up two rungs to 8th.

Oct 10 - 'Homebodies' Pulls Viewers From Baseball
'CSI' beats Red Sox and Yankees to score overnight victory.

Oct 9 - CBS Releases 'Homebodies' Promo
Download the trailer for tonight's new 'CSI' episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 8 - No 'Hard Time' For 'CSI: Miami' In Overnights
Monday night episode outranks football, baseball to assist in CBS victory.

Oct 7 - Xander Berkeley To Play New Sheriff
'24' actor will have a recurring role on 'CSI' this season, starting with 'Invisible Evidence'.

Oct 7 - News Bullets
'CSI: Miami' interactive, Morshower on 'Enterprise', Microsoft, Fox, Helgenberger & more!

Oct 6 - Season 2, Part 2 Released In Europe Today
Final eleven episodes of 'CSI' season two now available on DVD. Plus: 'CSI: Miami' coming next year.

Oct 6 - 'Hard Time' Promo Available Online
Download the trailer for tonight's 'CSI: Miami' episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 5 - Official Details For This Week's Episodes
Plot synopses, cast listings and creative staff info for 'Hard Time' and 'Homebodies'. Contains spoilers!

Oct 4 - 'Big Brother' Is Watching 'Miami'
A murder leads the team to a 24/7 webcam service as Horatio gets some new info on his brother's killer. Spoilers inside!

Oct 3 - Viewers Flock To 'All For Our Country'
Conclusion of season premiere smashes NBC sitcoms, CBS wins the night.

Oct 2 - Download Promo For Tonight's 'CSI'
Transcript of 'All For Our Country' trailer inside!

Oct 1 - 27 Million Watch 'Assume Nothing'
Season premiere the most popular TV hour last week, 'CSI: Miami' ranks 10th.

Oct 1 - First 'Jackpot' Plot Details
Grissom tries to solve a heady crime in a small town in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

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