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News Headlines for January 2006

Jan 31 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Fade Out'
The Miami team investigates the bizarre murder of a club owner while Ryan grapples with eyesight problems.

Jan 31 - 'CSI,' 'Miami' & 'New York' Review Round-Up
'CSI' and 'Miami' episodes get praise, but fans wish 'New York' would develop its characters more.

Jan 30 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and the lady and the CSI.

Jan 30 - 'Killer' Promo Now Available Online
Two murders are connected to the same killer, who happens to be on the run, in this new episode of 'CSI.' Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Jan 30 - Official 'Fade Out,' 'Stuck On You' & 'Killer' Details
CBS releases plot information, guest cast & creative crew information for all three new 'CSI' episodes airing this week.

Jan 27 - Procter's 'Big Momma's House 2' Opens To Lukewarm Reviews
Martin Lawrence goes undercover again to deliver some smiles, but not the laughs, according to critics.

Jan 27 - CBS Releases 'Stuck On You' Promo
While Mac and Stella are busy chasing after a killer cupid, Danny and Lindsay investigate a sticky case in this new episode of 'New York.' Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Jan 27 - Review: CSI: New York--'Risk'
Danny gets an unpleasant surprise on his commute home when he looks out the subway window and spots a body on the tracks.

Jan 27 - Water Gun Wars To Be 'Fair Game' For Mac Taylor
'CSI: New York' is set to delve into another real-life phenomenon in this upcoming February sweeps episode. Spoilers inside!

Jan 26 - People Have An Endless Appetite For Mystery, Says Sinise
The 'CSI: New York' star reveals why 'CSI' will be around for a really long time, and how the show has given him the life he wanted.

Jan 26 - News Bullets
'Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye' promo, 'Miami' guest-star found dead in Santa Monica, 'CSI' gets nominated, Gary Dourdan helps raise money for UNCF, and more!

Jan 26 - Horatio Caine To Find Some 'Skeletons' In His Closet
After Eric Delko and Dan Cooper stumble across a dead man buried in the beach, Horatio's investigation leads him to an old enemy from New York.

Jan 25 - Interview: Hill Harper
The Sheldon Hawkes' actor tells CSI Files' Kristine Huntley why his character wanted to move from the morgue into the field, why he loves shooting in New York and how the science shown in 'CSI: New York' is used outside of the crime lab!

Jan 25 - 'CSI' Goes 'Up In Smoke'
A dead man has been killed and shoved inside a chimney, and the case leads Grissom and the team to investigate a heartbreaking cold case. Spoilers inside!

Jan 25 - Stella's Date Goes Horribly Wrong In 'Stuck On You'
In this 'CSI: New York' February sweeps episode, Stella finally shares some romance with Frankie -- only to be brutally interrupted by murder by bow and arrow.

Jan 24 - CBS Releases 'Fade Out' Promo
Horatio and the team solve a murder that looks eerily familiar to an amateur screen play. Meanwhile, Ryan's eyesight continues to deteriorate. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Jan 24 - Emily Procter Upset About 'Miami' Mole
Calleigh Duquesne actress reacts to the 'Miami' mole news and explains why it might not be a good idea to see her character in a romantic entanglement.

Jan 24 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Silencer'
The Mala Noche gang returns to trouble the CSI team after two people are gunned down at an outdoor concert.

Jan 24 - 'Law & Order' Moves Away From 'CSI: New York'
NBC moves 'Law & Order' one hour early against the ratings powerhouse 'Lost.'

Jan 23 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and why someone needs to give Rachael Ray two turns around the pan.

Jan 23 - Interview: Jorja Fox
In an exclusive interview with CSI Files, the CSI actress shares her thoughts on her character's mysterious background, her relationship with Grissom and why she's glad to see the team back together!

Jan 23 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Daddy's Little Girl'
Nick is forced to revisit his kidnapping when Kelly Gordon, the daughter of the man who abducted him, becomes a suspect in a murder investigation.

Jan 23 - ALERT: ET Behind The Scenes Of 'Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye'
ET sits down with Faye Dunaway and William Petersen to talk about this week's new episode of 'CSI.'

Jan 23 - First 'Pirates Of The Third Reich' Spoilers
Find out about this gruesome February sweeps episode, featuring bizarre medical experiments, raving mad pirate Captain Jack, and a very familiar face...

Jan 23 - 'Risk' Promo Now Available Online
Mac investigates the death of a man who has been train surfing while Stella tries to find the person who killed a broker. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Jan 21 - News Bullets
Spike TV poll, Eric Szmanda & Leisha Hailey interviews, 'Courting Alex,' CSI spoof, screencaps, and: does 'CSI' exploit women?

Jan 20 - CBS Orders Pilot From 'CSI' Showrunner Carol Mendelsohn
The 'CSI' writer might get her own series this year about a group of legal associates.

Jan 19 - Review: CSI: New York--'Wasted'
The CSIs investigate the murders of two models at a fashion show and a doctor with a questionable practice.

Jan 19 - Catherine's Family Secrets Come To Light In 'Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye'
TV Guide sits down with Marg Helgenberger to talk about this upcoming episode of 'CSI,' in which Catherine's father once again finds himself in trouble. Mild spoilers inside.

Jan 19 - George Eads: Why He Grew 'A Horrible Mustache'
Nick Stokes actor talks about facial hair and explains his dedication to 'CSI' is an homage to real life blue collar jobs.

Jan 18 - CBS Releases 'Silencer' Promo
Two murders at a dancing concert leads Horatio and the team to the Mala Noche gang. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Jan 18 - News Bullets
Sinise visits the troops in Arizona, 'The Score' screen caps, Catherine Willows to get a shocking revelation in upcoming episode of 'CSI' and more!

Jan 17 - Life Imitates Art On CSI: Miami's 'Fade Out'
Horatio and the team investigate the murder of a club owner whose death resembles the main plot of an amateur screen play. Spoilers inside!

Jan 17 - Review: CSI: Miami--'The Score'
The CSIs investigate the death of a man at a posh dating party, while Horatio tries to save Delko's sister from serious drug charges.

Jan 16 - Site Columns
Message board musings, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance, so I'm better than you.

Jan 16 - Corey Miller Shares Visual Effects Department's Secrets
The 'CSI: Miami' writer interviews Larry Detwiler, visual effects supervisor, and posts the last two entries of his set journal.

Jan 16 - 'Daddy's Little Girl' Promo Now Available Online
In this new episode of 'CSI,' Nick finally learns the truth about his kidnapping. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Jan 16 - 'CSI' In Search Of 'Killer' On The Run
Two people are dead and the killer has fleed the state. Grissom and the team race against time to find him. Spoilers inside!

Jan 15 - News Bullets
Gary Sinise video interview, the Dollyrots appear on 'CSI: NY,' Bruckheimer profile, new George Eads fan site, Jorja Fox photos & more!

Jan 14 - Official 'Wasted' & 'Daddy's Little Girl' Details
Mac Taylor is faced with a dead swimsuit model, while Grissom has to investigate the murder of a man who cheated on his girlfriend. Full plot & guest cast info inside!

Jan 13 - 'CSI' Returns To Las Vegas To Shoot 'Killer' Scenes
The show flies its stars to Las Vegas to film scenes from the newest episode. Plus: witness accounts from a fan.

Jan 13 - CBS Releases 'Wasted' Promo
Two models are dead and Mac has hundreds of suspects while a confessed murder makes Stella suspicious of its validity. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Jan 12 - Gary Dourdan Joins Halle Berry In 'Perfect Stranger'
The 'CSI' actor will hit the big screen on this psychological thriller about internet espionage.

Jan 12 - News Bullets
Emily Procter video interviews, the 'CSI' cast at the People's Choice Awards, Alexander, Hill, and Dourdan get nods at the NAACP Image Awards, and more!

Jan 11 - Interview: Corey Miller
The 'CSI: Miami' writer discusses how the 'Miami' writers' room works, developments in the show's fourth season and connecting with fans via his CBS.com blog!

Jan 11 - 'CSI' Wins Best Drama At People's Choice Awards
Despite strong competition from 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Law and Order: SVU,' 'CSI' proves to be the viewers' favorite once more.

Jan 10 - Josh Berman Gets Second Shot At Fox With 'Vanished'
The 'CSI' executive producer returns with a brand new series that explores the world of missing women.

Jan 10 - David Caruso: For Horatio, Justice Is Therapy
The 'CSI: Miami' star explains why his character behaves the way he does, and reveals what's in store for Horatio this season.

Jan 9 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Werewolves'
Things get hairy for the CSIs when they investigate the murder of a hirsute young man.

Jan 8 - News Bullets
Hill Harper video interview, lots of real-life CSI investigators, 'Four Kings,' the Parents Television Council and more.

Jan 7 - Google To Offer 'CSI' Downloads
Following the ABC and NBC deals with Apple's iTunes, CBS will now start selling shows such as 'CSI,' 'King of Queens' and 'Late Night' to internet users.

Jan 5 - CBS Releases 'The Score' Promo
Horatio Caine gets in trouble when he tries to help out Eric Delko's sister Marisol. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Jan 5 - Leisha Hailey Discusses Hairy 'CSI' Guest Role
Entertainment Tonight goes behind the scenes on tonight's new 'CSI' episode 'Werewolves.'

Jan 4 - News Bullets
Kelly Hu in Iraq, Kanakaredes on TV today, Zuiker to attend NY Times event, Dourdan, Sinise, 'Love Monkey' and more!

Jan 2 - Rex Linn On Being CSI: Miami's Smart-Ass
He's still not in the opening credits, but Miami's Frank Tripp actor says he's having a blast working on the show and developing his character.

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