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News Headlines for December 2008

Dec 31 - Interview: David Rambo
The 'CSI' supervising producer talks about the background behind his latest episode, 'Young Man With a Horn,' Grissom's upcoming departure, Warrick's death and the new faces on the show!

Dec 31 - News Bullets
Harper anchors inauguration, perception is key, 'CSI' gets nom and Fishburne presents. Also, Serbedzija guest-stars. Spoilers at the end!

Dec 31 - 'Help' Is On The Way
A woman dies at a wedding dress sale, and a rape victim brings up the past for Hawkes in the twelfth episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside!

Dec 29 - This Week On 'CSI'
The franchise offers Internet predators, a bank robbery in progress and the loss of a team member.

Dec 27 - News Bullets
Harper's movie release, La Rue talks marriage and Eva loves diamonds. Also, Friday guest-stars. Contains spoilers at the end.

Dec 26 - Diddy Does 'Miami'
The rapper-turned-actor discusses his upcoming role. Contains minor spoilers.

Dec 22 - This Week On 'CSI'
The franchise offers vaporized victims, the cabbie killer and a dead sitcom star.

Dec 22 - Ratings Round-Up
The final new episodes of 2008 beat the competition.

Dec 20 - La Rue: It's Been A Nice Ride
The actress talks 'Miami', 'Diddy' and her work for the NOCC.

Dec 20 - 'Diddy' Pays A Visit To 'Miami'
Sean Combs guest-stars in an episode for early 2009. Contains minor spoilers.

Dec 20 - Helgenberger Is A Goddess
The 'CSI' actress provides her voice for an upcoming animated film.

Dec 20 - News Bullets
Vakero song featured, Ormond has a blast, 'CSI' DVD game, 'New York' effects and CBS stars morph.

Dec 18 - Review: CSI: New York--'Forbidden Fruit'
After police catch a man dumping the body of a dead woman, Mac Taylor and his team must find out who killed her.

Dec 18 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'19 Down'
While working a case that has ties to a deadly serial killer, the team grapples with the news that Grissom is leaving CSI.

Dec 17 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Tipping Point'
The Miami team must discover who shot a man and buried him alive at a construction site.

Dec 17 - Sinise 'Is A Great American'
The 'New York' actor receives a Presidential Citizens Medal.

Dec 17 - Rodriguez: We Have Seven Years Of History
Two 'Miami' characters take the next step. Possible spoilers inside.

Dec 16 - News Bullets
'Miami' explosion, 'CSI' is seventh, Helgenberger makes 'hot' list, handheld x-ray machine, Fishburne gets recognized and Fishburne signs deal. Also, Weston guest-stars. Spoilers at the end!

Dec 16 - Fishburne Knows It Won't Be Easy
The newest 'CSI' actor talks about joining the show. Contains minor spoilers.

Dec 15 - 'Tipping Point' & 'Forbidden Fruit' Official Details
'Miami' tries to reclaim a neighborhood from a gang, and 'New York' works a case that is not as simple as it seems. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Dec 15 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise wins across the board.

Dec 12 - 'Identity Crisis' Finds The Team At A Crossroads
Blood ties a man to several victims, but it isn't clear whether he's a witness or a suspect in the twelfth episode of 'Miami'. Major spoilers inside!

Dec 11 - Review: CSI: NY--'The Triangle'
Mac and his team are on the case of a possible heist that led to the bizarre death of a guard in the back on an armored truck.

Dec 12 - Moonves Says 'Miami' Will Come Out On Top
The CBS president is not worried about Jay Leno's new show.

Dec 10 - Review: CSI: Miami--'The DeLuca Motel'
The team learns Delko is hiding out at a motel after he's wounded by a bullet shot through the window of his room.

Dec 10 - News Bullets
Sinise receives medal, 'Miami' uses technology, Thompson's 'BSG' wedding and former guest-star found dead. Also, 'New York' spoilers and casting news. Spoilers at the end!

Dec 10 - 'Miami' And 'New York' To Get New Competition
Leno moves to primetime.

Dec 10 - Fishburne Is A Fan Of The 'Bug Man'
The new 'CSI' star talks about his entrance. Contains some minor spoilers.

Dec 10 - Rodriguez: It's Been Brewing For A Long Time
Two 'Miami' actors discuss their characters' relationship. Contains spoilers!

Dec 8 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Young Man With A Horn'
Grissom and his team find a surprising link to a 50-year-old murder while investigating the death of a girl participating in a reality TV talent competition.

Dec 9 - '19 Down' Promo Available
The team looks at an incarcerated murderer, and Grissom makes a startling announcement on 'CSI'. Full transcript inside.

Dec 8 - 'The DeLuca Motel', 'The Triangle' & '19 Down' Official Details
'Miami' looks at Delko's past, 'New York' investigates an energy field and 'CSI' introduces a new character. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Dec 8 - Ratings Round-Up
'CSI' shares the top spot with 'Grey's Anatomy'.

Dec 5 - Interview: Carmine Giovinazzo
The 'CSI: NY' actor talks Danny Messer's disappearing glasses, Lindsay's unexpected pregnancy and the latest on his band, Ceesau. Spoilers inside!

Dec 6 - Fishburne: There's Stuff He Needs To Know
The new 'CSI' actor talks about joining the show. Contains spoilers.

Dec 6 - News Bullets
Fox on Ian Harvie, La Rue speaks jargon, Telgenhoff delivers convocation, Ferlito never left and SmartWater deters burglars. Also, Nelson guest-stars. Spoilers at the end!

Dec 5 - Smith, La Rue And De Pablo Get Glamorous
Three CBS actresses do a couture photo shoot. Contains a minor 'CSI' spoiler.

Dec 4 - New Series And New Competitors Are On The Way
CBS premieres shows, and freshman dramas appear in familiar timeslots.

Dec 4 - Harper Stays Busy
The 'New York' actor reaches out to young people and pens book for adults.

Dec 4 - 'New York' Gets Personal
Season five reveals more about the characters than ever before. Spoilers inside!

Dec 3 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Power Trip'
Horatio and Calleigh lock horns with a cop who crosses the line while tracking a serial killer.

Dec 2 - News Bullets
'Dublin Carol' extended, Petersen receives award, Harper encourages mentoring, Petersen joins Steppenwolf, Fishburne adds diversity, JoCaine is proud, another Carol Mendelsohn, Harper praises Obama and five more 'Hour's.

Dec 2 - 'Miami' Gets A Visit From A Familiar Face
Alexander is scheduled to guest-star next year. Contains spoilers.

Dec 2 - Helgenberger And Rosenberg Separate
The 'CSI' star splits with her husband.

Dec 1 - 'Young Man With A Horn' Official Details
'Miami' offers a repeat with a sneaky PI, and 'CSI' delves into the past. Official plot details and cast list inside.

Dec 1 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise comes out on top for the week.

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