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News Headlines for December 2004

Dec 29 - Christmas Hiatus Ends With A 'Shootout'
A hospital turns into a gang war zone in the first new 'CSI: Miami' in weeks. Full 30-second promo transcript inside!

Dec 28 - CBS To Air Second 90-Minute 'CSI: Miami'
Following November's 'Crime Wave,' CBS prepares an extended-length episode revolving around a fire in the Everglades.

Dec 27 - Paul Guilfoyle Happy To Be On 'CSI'
After a three-decade film career, Jim Brass actor talks about the challenges of developing a long-term television character.

Dec 26 - News Bullets
Kim Delaney, 'CSI' Christmas rhymes, computer game reviews, Sinise interview, and why 'CSI' doesn't make your brain rot.

Dec 26 - Szmanda: 'CSI' Like Holding Onto A Flying Rocket
Greg Sanders actor describes what life has been like since signing up as a guest star for the pilot, and discusses his relationship with William Petersen.

Dec 24 - 9/11 Moved Zuiker To Create 'CSI: New York'
Showrunner Zuiker and series star Gary Sinise discuss how the third 'CSI' show was created and reveal which Who song was originally going to be the theme tune.

Dec 23 - Circus Families Feud In 'Blood, Sweat & Tears'
When Aiden finds an elephant hair on a victim's body, Mac and Stella head off to the circus. 'CSI: New York' spoilers inside!

Dec 22 - Lombard: Sophia's No Science Geek
Guest actress on (not) visiting a morgue, what motivates her character & how long she'll be sticking around for.

Dec 22 - Python Leads Horatio To An Old Nemesis
When a woman is eaten by a snake, the trail of evidence uncovers a sordid tale of drug trafficking. Contains spoilers!

Dec 21 - Review: CSI: New York--'Night, Mother'
Mac Taylor's latest case isn't as open and shut as it first seems after a woman found over a dead body turns out to be a sleepwalker.

Dec 21 - Interview: Bill Brown, CSI: New York's Sole Composer
A special holiday treat from CSI Files to you: an exclusive interview with CSI: New York's sole composer, Bill Brown.

Dec 21 - News Bullets
'CSI' relations, 2004 retrospective & awards, 'Night, Mother' review, TV know-it-alls & more!

Dec 20 - 'Miami' Gets Lucky
Bodies are piling up in Miami's Agramonte hotel in the upcoming episode 'One Night Stand'. Spoilers inside!

Dec 20 - Site Columns
Feeling the heat, Talk CSI threads, 'Night, Mother' poll & 'CSI' on TV this week.

Dec 19 - First 'Unbearable' Plot Details
The CSIs investigate the disappearance of a woman after a night out and the mysterious death of a man in the woods. Contains spoilers!

Dec 19 - Viewers Addicted To Monday Night 'Miami'
'Miami' and 'New York' both win their timeslots, repeat Las Vegas cases challenge 'Apprentice 2' finale.

Dec 19 - Hill Harper Loves The 'CSI' Audience
'New York' star gives 'The Insider' the scoop on his journey from waiter to actor to LA restauranteur. Plus: Carmine Giovinazzo appears next week.

Dec 18 - News Bullets
No Golden Globes for 'CSI,' real-life forensics, guest actress profile, transgenders, whether 'Wheel of Fortune' is more popular than CSI, and more!

Dec 17 - Reviewers Recommend 'CSI' Christmas Gifts
Still looking for the perfect holiday gift? Try a forensic lab kit or the official companion, but avoid the computer games, reviewers say.

Dec 16 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Addiction'
A carjacking turned deadly leads Horatio to a suspicious trio of brothers.

Dec 16 - Eddie Cahill On Being Called A 'Hunk'
New York-born actor talks about how he's handling all the attention, and why he's proud to play Det. Flack on 'CSI: New York.'

Dec 16 - Reviewers: 'Addiction' Too Boring, But 'No Humans' Moving
New Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide and Television Without Pity reviews of the latest 'Vegas' and 'Miami' episodes in our first weekly review round-up!

Dec 15 - Interview: Eric Szmanda
CSI's Greg Sanders sits down with CSI Files' Kristine Huntley to talk about the upcoming case that will serve as Greg's final field proficiency test, the changes in Greg's character, and how he feels about the 'CSI' spin-offs! Spoilers inside!

Dec 13 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'No Humans Involved'
Sara reveals a surprising secret about her past when she investigates the death of a child in foster care.

Dec 13 - Hall Inspires Disabled Actors
Dr. Robbins actor says 'CSI' has given him the opportunity to help others.

Dec 13 - Site Columns
Movies, BBS threads, 'Addiction' poll & 'CSI' on TV this week.

Dec 12 - Official Details For 'Addiction' & 'Night, Mother'
Matthew Marsden, Dan Cortese, Holly Valance, Corin Nemec among the guest stars on 'Miami' and 'New York' this week.

Dec 11 - 29.7 Million Humans Involved Thursday Night
First-run 'CSI', 'Miami' repeat win timeslots, 'New York' rolled by all-new 'Law & Order'.

Dec 10 - Comic Series Continues With 'Secret Identity'
Steven Grant pens new five-issue mini-series in which the prime suspect is a man who has died twice.

Dec 10 - Watch First Scenes From 'Night, Mother'
Transcript and screencaps from the promo for next week's 'New York' episode inside!

Dec 10 - News Bullets
TiVo, 'Miami' game, procedural dramas, 'The Who', Fox, Milos & Chicago cops!

Dec 9 - VFX Supervisor Explains 'New York' Darkness
Cathy Siegel says Big Apple spin-off is trying to set itself apart, talks influence of effects on the show.

Dec 8 - Horatio Tracks Down A 'Cop Killer'
A police officer is shot dead in front of a 17-year-old boy in this upcoming 'Miami' outing. Spoilers inside!

Dec 8 - Togo: I'm The Foreign Exchange Student
Ryan Wolfe actor talks settling in on 'Miami', the acting business and going to see a dead body for the first time.

Dec 8 - Download Promo For Next Week's 'Miami'
Transcript and screencaps from CBS' 'Addiction' trailer inside. Plus: David Caruso holiday message.

Dec 7 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, 'No Humans Involved' photos, TV Guide & EW reviews, DVD recording success & more!

Dec 7 - Upcoming Episode 'Retaliation' To Channel 'ER'
The 'CSI: Miami' team set up shop at Dade Memorial after a hospital shootout claims the life of an innocent bystander. Spoilers inside!

Dec 7 - Lautanen Goes To The Circus
'Miami' associate producer keeps the elephants in line in upcoming 'New York' episode.

Dec 6 - Official 'No Humans Involved' Cast List & Promo
Preview Grissom and Catherine adjusting to their new assignments with our synopsis and full trailer transcript!

Dec 6 - Music Recap: Week of December 1, 2004
A light week for CSI, musically, as two shows take the place of three.

Dec 5 - 'New York'/'Law & Order' Race Grows Ever Closer
NBC show beats 'Officer Blue' in total viewers, gets closer in important adults 18-49 category. Meanwhile, 'Miami' & 'CSI' still win.

Dec 3 - Review: CSI: New York--'Officer Blue'
The CSIs are hot on the tail of a sniper who took down a mounted officer in Central Park.

Dec 3 - Szmanda Glad He Ignored Agent's Advice
Greg Sanders actor took on role despite warnings that it'd always be a background part - and is happy he proved the naysayers wrong.

Dec 3 - News Bullets
TV Guide reviews 'CSI,' Sofia Milos photos, Massachusetts forensics, Zuiker, Szmanda, 'CSI: Toledo,' and more than twenty other items!

Dec 2 - CSIs Unpack 'Stacking Dolls' In Abuse Investigation
The Las Vegas crime lab investigates the world of mail-order brides in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Dec 2 - Rodriguez Scoops Golden Eagle
'CSI: Miami' actor among those honoured last week by Latino Advocacy Group Nosotros.

Dec 1 - First Spoilers For Next New 'Miami' Episode
In 'Addiction,' Horatio thinks a man may have shot his wife on their five-year wedding anniversary to cash his new life insurance policy.

Dec 1 - Moonves Not Desperate For 4th 'CSI'
Network exec happy with Big Apple's performance, says franchise not burnt out. Plus: 'Housewives' tops 'CSI'.

Dec 1 - CBS Claims November Sweeps Triumph
'CSI' network wins ratings month in total viewers and adults 18-49 for the first time since 1980.

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