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News Headlines for October 2006

Oct 31 - 'Leaving Las Vegas' Plot Details Revealed
In the eleventh ‘CSI’ episode of this season, Catherine struggles to find murder victims to match a bloody knife and Grissom surprises his team with big news. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 31 - First “Loco Motives” Plot Details Revealed
In the tenth ‘CSI’ episode of this season, Grissom is once again challenged by a finely skilled miniature replica of the crime scene. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 31 - News Bullets
Carmine Giovinazzo was named by Chicago Sun-Times readers as one of their favorite TV boyfriends, the entire 'CSI' franchise proved to be ratings winners last week, Nirvana comes to 'Miami' and much more!

Oct 30 - Article: Ultimate CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Get a sneak peek inside the new, fully illustrated comprehensive guide to all things 'CSI' Vegas and see an exclusive two-page spread from the book!

Oct 27 - Emily Proctor’s Favorite Phrase: “I Plead The Fifth”
The ‘CSI:Miami’ star shares where we may have seen her before, some of her interests outside the show and other fun facts.

Oct 26 - Review: CSI: New York--'Open And Shut'
A case hits close to home for Stella when a woman is found beside the bodies of her husband and the man she claims killed him.

Oct 26 - Jorja Fox: ‘What’s Not Sexy About William Petersen?'
The ‘CSI’ actress shares her excitement over the Sara/Grissom romance, her love of animals, her hobbies and more!

Oct 26 - 'CSI' Gets A New Cast Member
Actor Liev Schreiber joins the Las Vegas team in a recurring role. Find out more!

Oct 25 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Curse Of The Coffin'
There are spooky goings-on in the Miami lab when the CSIs investigate the murder of a Santeria practitioner.

Oct 24 - First ‘Going, Going Gone’ Plot Details Revealed
In the ninth episode of the season, the entire ‘CSI:Miami’ team tries to make sense of the murder of a beautiful young Amish woman at a ritzy Star Island charity auction. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 24 - Check Out The Latest ‘CSI:Miami’ Blog Updates
Barry O’Brien, supervising producer and co-writer of ‘If Looks Could Kill,’ and Brian Davidson, story editor and co-writer of ‘Death Eminent,’ provide complimentary blog entries in which O’Brien discusses the writing stages of television, while Davidson offers a humorous account of what happens after an episode is written. A must-read for anyone interested in how an episode gets from conception to screen.

Oct 24 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Toe Tags'
The dead speak for themselves in this inventive episode.

Oct 22 - Ratings Round-Up
The ratings gap between ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ and ‘CSI’ widened a little this week, while ‘CSI:Miami’ and ‘CSI:NY’ remain timeslot leaders. Find out more!

Oct 19 - CBS Partners With YouTube
Find out all about the new channel CBS has launched on the controversial site and what it could potentially mean for fan videos.

Oct 19 - Review: CSI: New York--'Oedipus Hex'
Danny, Hawkes and Lindsay are on the case when a Suicide Girl is murdered after a performance.

Oct 19 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Death Eminent'
The murder of a city councilman pits Horatio against an old foe and lands Ryan Wolfe in trouble.

Oct 19 - ‘CSI:NY’ Season 2 DVDs Have Been Released
Is it time to rush out and buy the new Season 2 DVDs? Find out what the critics say.

Oct 19 - Anthony Zuiker Discusses The Guest Stars of Tonight’s Episode Of ‘CSI:NY’
Find out what drew the ‘CSI’ creator to the Suicide Girls and what they represent.

Oct 18 - First 'Living Legend' Plot Details Revealed
In the ninth episode of the season, the Las Vegas team investigates multiple homicides linked by their relationship to a Vegas legend. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 17 - Jerry Bruckheimer And Danny Cannon Team Up For New CBS Show
Find out about the new action-adventure show Bruckheimer and Cannon will executive produce.

Oct 17 - Alliance Atlantis Celebrates 300 'CSI' Episodes
Read all about the production company’s involvement with the franchise and how it’s belief in the original ‘CSI’ has paid off.

Oct 17 - Marg Helgenberger Talks About Her 'First Time'
The ‘CSI:Miami’ actress has teamed up with “Women’s Voices, Women Vote” for a PSA campaign that encourages women to show their strength in numbers at the polls this November. Find out more about the sexy campaign.

Oct 17 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Death Pool 100'
'Miami''s 100th episode deals with a murder that appears to be related to a death pool gambling ring.

Oct 16 - CSI: Senses Contest, Part Three
Take part for another chance to win a copy of the latest 'CSI' board game. PLUS: Find out who won the first and second parts of our contest!

Oct 15 - David Caruso Sits Down For A Q&A
The ‘CSI:Miami’ actor discusses how he got involved with the show, what it’s like working with Alliance Atlantis and more.

Oct 15 - Ratings Round-Up
As the original ‘CSI’ slips in its battle against ‘Gray’s Anatomy,’ ‘Miami’ and ‘New York’ continue to lead. Find out more!

Oct 12 - In-House F/X
Find out what makes the ‘CSI:Miami’ F/X team unique and what it means for the show.

Oct 12 - Review: CSI: New York--'Hung Out To Dry'
The key to the CSIs latest case lies embedded in the codes in a line of trendy t-shirts.

Oct 12 - Who Are You?
Roger Daltry, the man who’s voice opens every episode of the ‘CSI’ franchise will appear in a guest starring role on ‘CSI’.

Oct 11 - First ‘Happenstance’ Plot Details Revealed
In the eighth episode of ‘CSI’, an unexpected twist leaves the killer seeing double. Major spoilers inside!

Oct 10 - ‘CSI:Miami’ Actors Interrogated
Find out what Khandi Alexander, Rex Linn, Emily Proctor and Jonathon Togo have to say about Miami, things people don’t know about David Caruso and more!

Oct 10 - A ‘CSI:Miami’ Obsession
Someone from Natalia’s abusive past comes back into her life tonight. Spoilers inside!

Oct 9 - Secret-Telling T-shirts To Appear On ‘CSI:NY’
Find out what makes the t-shirts that will appear in this week’s ‘CSI:NY’ episode a perfect fit for the show.

Oct 9 - Ratings Roundup
‘CSI:Miami”’s 100th episode enjoyed a comfortable victory and ‘CSI:NY’ won it’s timeslot, while the original ‘CSI’ continues its close battle with ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Read the full details!

Oct 8 - News Bullets
Claire Forlani's real-life romance, Sophia Milos' charitable contribution, CBS cancels first new show of the season and more!

Oct 6 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Built To Kill, Part 2'
Catherine tries to piece together what happened to her after she blacked out in a bar while Grissom and Sara investigate the murder of a rock star.

Oct 6 - Miami Seduces Viewers With High Production Value
Find out more about how the visual texture and unique locations of the hit show’s hometown contribute to it’s success.

Oct 6 - Post-‘NYPD: Blue’ Caruso Talks About His Career
The now older and wiser ‘CSI:Miami’ star talks about leaving ‘NYPD Blue’ and how it feels to be on top again.

Oct 5 - Review: CSI: New York--'Love Run Cold'
Summer in New York cools down rapidly when a model is found stabbed to death with an icicle and a marathon runner is discovered dead with frostbite on his face.

Oct 4 - ‘CSI:NY’ Episode 8 Plot Details Revealed
In the eighth episode of this season, which is currently untitled, Stella and Danny investigate the death of a paintball player, while Mac investigates a suspect on the inside and catches up with someone connected to his ex-wife. Major spoilers insider!

Oct 4 - Emily Proctor Visits ‘The Early Show’
The ‘CSI:Miami’ actress sat down with ‘Early Show’ co-anchor Hannah Storm to discuss the show’s 100th episode, an ex-boyfriend and more!

Oct 4 - ‘CSI:Miami' Blog Updated By Donahue and Dube
In the latest blog entries, executive producer/co-creator Ann Donahue shares what it feels like to get to the 100th episode and producer Marc Dube talks about ‘Going Under.’ Find out more!

Oct 2 - ‘CSI’ Adopts New Strategy To Battle ‘Grey’s’
Curious how ‘CSI’ intends to compete with ‘Grey’s Anatomy'? Read more. Mild spoiler inside.

Oct 2 - ‘CSI’ Star William Petersen On ‘The Early Show’
Find out what the ‘CSI’ star has to say about the science used on the show.

Oct 2 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Going Under'
Calleigh is run off the road by an unknown assailant after leaving a crime scene in a car packed with crucial evidence.

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