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News Headlines for November 2007

Nov 29 - Review: CSI: New York--'The Thing About Heroes'
Mac goes to Chicago to learn the connection between the 333 caller and his past and finally faces off with his stalker.

Nov 30 - Fans Say Thank You
Fox will receive a special gift.

Nov 29 - Review: CSI: Miami--'CSI: My Nanny'
The CSIs must discover who killed a nanny during a party at her employers' house.

Nov 29 - Mendelsohn: It All Worked Out Perfectly
The executive producer talks about her career and what it takes to create 'CSI'.

Nov 29 - Talks Continue, But Both Sides Keep Quiet
WGA strike coverage: WGA and AMPTP resume negotiations, updated info on completed episodes and ways for 'CSI' fans to support the strike.

Nov 28 - Horatio Deals With 'Guerillas In The Mist'
Several murders trace back to a government agency and an illegal weapon in the eleventh episode of 'Miami'. Major Spoilers inside!

Nov 27 - Hall: It's An Ongoing Battle
The 'CSI' coroner talks about his career and changing the face of people with disabilities on television.

Nov 26 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'You Kill Me'
As Grissom grapples with Sara's departure, Hodges runs the lab techs through a series of investigative scenarios.

Nov 26 - Elizabeth Berkley Comes To 'Miami'
The actress signs on as a recurring character. Spoilers inside.

Nov 26 - Official 'CSI: My Nanny' & 'The Thing About Heroes' Details
'Miami' and 'NY' air new episodes, but 'CSI' offers a rerun. Official plot details and cast list inside.

Nov 26 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' and 'NY' were up, but 'CSI' had to compete with turkey and stuffing.

Nov 22 - Review: CSI: New York--'One Wedding And A Funeral'
While the CSIs pursue the killer of a groom on his wedding day, Stella receives a mysterious box of puzzle pieces that is connected to another CSI.

Nov 22 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Stand Your Ground'
Calleigh finds herself in the line of fire when she defends herself against an attack and causes a car crash that apparently kills an innocent bystander.

Nov 22 - The Writers Take It To The Street
WGA strike coverage: The guild holds a rally, Sinise talks to the writers and Moonves' phone is ringing off the hook.

Nov 22 - 'CSI' Speaks In A Visual Language
The digital magic--and the reality--behind the franchise.

Nov 21 - 'CSI' Remains Strong
The seventh season is out on DVD.

Nov 21 - Bring The Action Home
The fifth season of 'Miami' is out on DVD.

Nov 20 - Article: From the Frontlines of the Writers' Strike
The fans join the CSI writers on the picket lines outside Universal Studios, where 'CSI' is filmed!

Nov 20 - Is The Strike Coming To A Close?
WGA strike coverage: Both sides go back to the negotiating table, and the showrunners remain 'United'.

Nov 19 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Goodbye and Good Luck'
Sara says goodbye to Las Vegas--and Grissom--after a particularly rattling case.

Nov 19 - Calleigh Stands Her Ground
Procter talks about tonight's big episode. Spoilers inside!

Nov 19 - It's Anything But Fun And Games In 'Child's Play'
A man gets killed by a deadly practical joke, and Danny must deal with the death of someone he knows in the eleventh episode of the season. Major Spoilers inside!

Nov 19 - Official 'Stand Your Ground', 'One Wedding And A Funeral' & 'You Kill Me' Details
Check out the plot details and cast lists for this week's offerings.

Nov 19 - Ratings Round-Up
The 'CSI' franchise comes out on top.

Nov 17 - Change Has Come
Jorja Fox visits 'The View'. Spoilers for 'Goodbye and Good Luck' inside.

Nov 16 - Buckley: I Was So Overwhelmed
The 'New York' actor talks about the source of Adam's nervous behavior.

Nov 16 - The Past Doesn't Always Stay Buried
Mac travels to Chicago to deal with demons from his past in the tenth episode of 'New York'. Major Spoilers inside!

Nov 15 - Review: CSI: New York--'Buzzkill'
Nothing is what it seems when the CSIs try to find out who killed a model at a billboard party and discover why a robber shot a bartender during a heist.

Nov 15 - Fans And Critics Weigh In On Sara's Departure
Will Fox leaving 'CSI' affect the show?

Nov 14 - Rambo: Show Up, Sign In And Walk With The 'CSI' Writers
WGA strike coverage: Fans join the picket line, Schwarzenegger gets involved and NBC pulls out of the TCA tour. More info inside.

Nov 14 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Chain Reaction'
Horatio's son is once again in jeopardy after an inmate is killed in jail and the murder weapon is found in Kyle's cell.

Nov 14 - Caruso: The Theme Is Fathers And Sons
The latest episode of 'Miami' hit close to home for Horatio. Spoilers for 'Permanent Vacation' inside.

Nov 13 - 'CSI' Stars And Fans Support The WGA
The writers are not alone during the strike.

Nov 13 - Is This A Case Of Kill Or Be Killed?
Calleigh's conduct is called into question, and a victim has a startling drug connection in the ninth episode of 'Miami'. Major Spoilers inside!

Nov 13 - Dourdan Pimps His Ride
The 'CSI' star will be on 'Street Customs'.

Nov 12 - Official 'Permanent Vacation', 'Buzzkill' & 'Goodbye And Good Luck' Details
This week will have three new episodes and a fond farewell. Plot details and cast lists inside.

Nov 12 - Ratings Round-Up
Check out the totals for last week's new episodes.

Nov 11 - Were The Producers Serious?
Writers talk about the negotiations leading up to the strike.

Nov 10 - Grissom And Malone Join Forces
Reviews are in for the 'CSI'/'Without a Trace' crossover. Spoilers inside.

Nov 10 - Telgenhoff: Overall I'd Give 'Em A B+
A 'CSI' consultant talks about realism on the show.

Nov 9 - Sara Says Goodbye
The final episode for Fox is approaching. Spoilers inside.

Nov 8 - Review: CSI: New York--'Commuted Sentences'
Two cases converge as the CSIs pursue the killer of a rapist and the person who murdered a woman on the steps of a museum.

Nov 9 - The Strike Goes On
The WGA strike is affecting the industry.

Nov 8 - 'CSI: Dark Motives' Goes Hand-Held
The PC game is adapted for the Nintendo DS.

Nov 8 - 'CSI: Hard Evidence' Mixes Work And Play
Explore the creation of the latest 'CSI' game.

Nov 7 - Helgenberger Joins The Picket Line
The 'CSI' actress supports the writers.

Nov 6 - It's The End Of A Champion In 'Bull'
A cowboy's final ride turns fatal in the eleventh episode of 'CSI'. Major Spoilers inside!

Nov 6 - The HPA Acknowledges 'CSI'
The original 'CSI' series accepts two awards.

Nov 5 - Official 'Chain Reaction', 'Commuted Sentences' & 'Who And What' Details
A week of new episodes includes a crossover with 'Without a Trace'. Plot details and cast lists inside.

Nov 5 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' and 'New York' win their timeslots, but 'CSI' comes in second.

Nov 4 - LaRue Has A Lot On Her Plate
The 'Miami' actress is also a single mother and philanthropist.

Nov 3 - Schreiber Stars In 'Wolverine'
The actor will join the cast of an upcoming movie.

Nov 1 - Review: CSI: New York--'Boo'
While Danny and Lindsay investigate the death of a family in Amityville, Mac and Stella probe the death of a man who collapsed at a zombie walk.

Nov 2 - Milos Heads North
The 'Miami' actress stars in a new series.

Nov 2 - A Writers' Strike Is Looming
The WGA is making preparations.

Nov 1 - Fans Donate To Charity
Money raised by 'CSI' viewers helps foster children.

Nov 1 - Mac Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane
Sinise and Cahill film in Chicago. Spoilers inside!

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