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News Headlines for May 2007

May 31 - 'Putting Our Green Where It Counts'
CBS brings the Emmy campaign to the World Wide Web.

May 31 - 'CSI' Executive Producer Receives Award
Mendelsohn is honored by BWTVF.

May 30 - Helgenberger: My Husband Can't Be A Serial Killer
The 'CSI' star talks about her latest movie.

May 30 - Hall Renews Contract
The 'CSI' actor talks about the cast.

May 28 - Fans Go Behind The Crime Scene Tape
Take a look inside 'CSI: The Experience'.

May 27 - Sinise Supports The Troops
The Mac Taylor actor takes part in the National Memorial Day Concert.

May 26 - Friedkin And Petersen To Team Up
'To Live and Die in L.A.' director to make a contribution to the 'CSI' franchise.

May 26 - Shankar: Tune In To The Season Opener
The fate of Sara Sidle is still a mystery.

May 25 - The 'CSI' Experience
Fans get to take part in a forensic investigation.

May 25 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Living Doll'
The miniature killer strikes close to home as Grissom and his team get a key lead on the murderer's identity.

May 25 - Reality Television Hits Los Angeles
Cameras will be filming more than crime dramas in the City of Angels.

May 24 - 'CSI' On 'The Early Show'
The cast discusses the season-ending cliffhanger.

May 23 - Fox: I'm A Nomad
The Sara Sidle actress finds ways to make it work.

May 23 - Helgenberger Has A Lot On Her Plate
The 'CSI' actress isn't slowing down during the hiatus.

May 22 - Shankar Says It's Not Over
'CSI' may have wrapped up the season, but the storylines won't be forgotten.

May 21 - Harper Gives His Opinion On Obama
The 'CSI: New York' star talks politics.

May 21 - Ratings Round-Up
'CSI' was the only season finale in the franchise that did not win its timeslot.

May 18 - Crafting Murder On A Tiny Scale
The MCSK arc is the first of its kind on 'CSI'.

May 18 - Giovinazzo: Every Friggin' Day
The 'CSI: New York' actor takes fans behind the scenes.

May 17 - Review: CSI: New York--'Snow Day'
After a successful drug raid, the drug lords storm the lab to recover their stash and take Danny and Adam hostage.

May 16 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Lab Rats'
The B-team gets a chance to step up to the plate when Hodges assembles the lab techs to do their own investigating on the miniature killer case.

May 16 - Szmanda Enjoys Some Secret Fun Time
The 'CSI' actor brings his creativity to the World Wide Web.

May 16 - CBS Puts Some Zing In The Fall Schedule
The 'CSI' shows stay put and will get a few new neighbors in the 2007-2008 season.

May 16 - 'Ultimate CSI' Contest
To celebrate finale week, CSI Files and DK Publishing are teaming up to give away 5 copies of the book 'Ultimate CSI!'

May 16 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Born To Kill'
In the fifth season 'Miami' finale, Horatio and his team track a killer who carves a Y into his victims' chests.

May 15 - 'Snow Day' Promo Now Available
The mob attacks the lab and Danny and Adam are taken hostage in the 'CSI: New York' season finale. Full transcript inside!

May 15 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Good, The Bad And The Dominatrix'
When an attempt is made on Lady Heather's life, the team endeavors to find out who wanted the dominatrix dead.

May 14 - John McEnroe In Manhattan
CBS News goes behind the scenes of 'CSI: New York.'

May 14 - Location, Location, Location
Find out why the setting is important for each show in the 'CSI' franchise.

May 12 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Kill Switch'
The team investigates the death of a carjacker whose face Ryan revealed on a newscast just hours earlier.

May 12 - Dourdan: Critics Hate Us
The 'CSI' actor talks about the show's success and its effect on viewers.

May 11 - Ratings Round-Up
'CSI' trailed behind 'Grey's Anatomy,' but 'CSI:Miami' and 'CSI:NY' fared better.

May 10 - Review: CSI: New York--'...Comes Around'
Mac faces an internal investigation while the rest of the New York team investigates a case where tennis champ John McEnroe is their prime suspect.

May 10 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Burned'
Horatio and his team must discover who is responsible for setting a house on fire, leaving a man dead.

May 9 - Hall Heads to Museum Opening
Doc Robbins actor will be on hand to open the new 'CSI' exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

May 9 - From Play Time To Prime Time
La Rue reflects on acting, her childhood heroes and her time on 'CSI:Miami.'

May 9 - 'The Good, The Bad And The Dominatrix' Promo Now Available
After Lady Heather is nearly murdered, Sara is taken aback when Grissom gets personally involved with the case. Full transcript with screencaps inside!

May 9 - '…Comes Around' Promo Now Online
John McEnroe is a murder suspect and Mac's job is on the line in this new episode of 'CSI: New York.' Screencaps and full transcript inside!

May 7 - Interview: Eva La Rue
The 'Miami' actress talks to CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about Natalia Boa Vista's roller coaster year, her integration into the lab as a CSI and a new potential love interest for her character. Minor spoilers inside!

May 7 - Horatio Takes On A Natural Born Killer
The 'CSI:Miami' finale finds Horatio facing off with a genetically-unique serial killer. Spoilers inside!

May 7 - Helgenberger: Are The Producers Smoking Crack?
Petersen and Helgenberger talk about the May sweeps episodes of 'CSI' leading up to an exciting finale.

May 4 - Jorja Fox Involved In New Salary Dispute
'CSI' star refuses to show up to work to film scene for season finale; future of Sara Sidle actress on show is still unclear. Spoilers inside!

May 3 - Review: CSI: New York--'Cold Reveal'
A cold case detective connects Stella to a decade-old crime; Mac and Flack labor to find out who killed a man dressed as an angel.

May 1 - Sinise Rocks Ohio
The ‘CSI:NY’ star kicked off his summer break with a Lt. Dan Band gig at Cleveland’s House of Blues. Find out more!

May 1 - Ratings Round-Up
‘CSI:Miami’ won its timeslot last week, while the original ‘CSI’ lost to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘CSI:NY’ posted a series low in adults 18-49. Get the full scoop on last week’s ratings!

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