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News Headlines for March 2009

Mar 31 - News Bullets
Caruso's stalker awaits trial, Helgenberger visits Letterman, Kanakaredes plays Athena, Fishburne's reported salary, Harper goes to Rome and Rambo produces party.

Mar 30 - 'Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing' & 'Mascara' Official Details
Ryan is in trouble on 'Miami', and 'CSI' celebrates 200 episodes with William Friedkin. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Mar 30 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' and 'New York' win their timeslots.

Mar 26 - Review: CSI: NY--'Communication Breakdown'
The murder of a Native American chief challenges the New York team when they discover he died of sepsis rather than a gunshot wound.

Mar 26 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Target Specific'
A woman is gravely injured in a home invasion, leading the team to discover that the Russian mob has them under surveillance.

Mar 26 - Buckley: It Could Be Any One Of Us
The 'New York' actor talks about the major change at the end of the season. Contains spoilers!

Mar 26 - Helgenberger Files For Divorce
The 'CSI' actress makes the split official.

Mar 26 - Upcoming Episode Details Revealed
'CSI' brings two lab techs to the forefront, 'Miami' gets into the reality dating game, and Alexander might be back. Contains spoilers!

Mar 25 - News Bullets
CBS supports Earth Hour, Ormond joins pilot, 'CSI' stars attend Genesis Awards and Fishburne reprises role.

Mar 23 - 'Target Specific' & 'Communication Breakdown' Official Details
The 'Miami' team gets targeted, and 'New York' deals with language barriers. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Mar 23 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' and 'New York' dominate their timeslots.

Mar 19 - Review: CSI: New York--'Point Of No Return'
The New York team uncovers a startling revelation about a former co-worker when the man's wife is found murdered in a hotel room.

Mar 20 - 'New York' Features New Technology
The third member of the franchise utilizes a touch screen protein analyser.

Mar 20 - News Bullets
Harper receives award, Welch guest-stars, Procter visits 'Free Radio', Eads one of TV's sexiest, no Nirvana on 'Miami' and Planet Toys files bankruptcy.

Mar 20 - 'New York' Spotlights Scars On 45
The band's song is featured during Danny and Lindsay's wedding. Also, fans can get the song for free.

Mar 18 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Flight Risk'
The CSIs are on the hunt for a killer after a flight attendant's body turns up on the luggage carousel.

Mar 16 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'No Way Out'
Langston and Riley find themselves in danger when their exploration of a drug lab brings them face to face with an armed suspect.

Mar 16 - 'Flight Risk' & 'Point Of No Return' Official Details
A flight attendant is murdered on 'Miami', and 'New York' deals with a dead ME. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Mar 16 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise wins in overall viewers.

Mar 16 - Harper Helps College-Bound Students
The 'New York' star has a scholarship named for him.

Mar 16 - Smith: It Opened Up My Eyes
The new 'CSI' actress talks about joining the show.

Mar 16 - News Bullets
Sinise visits 'The View', Mularz makes TV debut, La Rue spends wisely and Swift re-enters Hot 100.

Mar 14 - The 'CSI' Shows Release New Details
Information emerges about upcoming episodes of 'New York', 'Miami' and 'CSI'. Lots of spoilers inside!

Mar 13 - Sinise Supports 'Brothers At War'
The 'New York' star aims to share his respect for the military.

Mar 12 - Review: CSI: NY--'Green Piece'
Adam rushes to the rescue of a man trapped in the debris after a van explodes in front of his house.

Mar 12 - Fishburne Isn't Good With Gore
The show's gruesome content was almost too much for the newest member of the 'CSI' team.

Mar 10 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Divorce Party'
A man is found dead at his ex-wife's divorce party, leading the Miami team to discover a startling secret about his life.

Mar 11 - Smith And Fishburne Are 'A Good Fit'
Eads talks about the new 'CSI' actors, and he reveals whether he's planning to leave.

Mar 10 - Zuiker Hunts A Serial Killer
'Sqweegel' combines a crime novel with supplementary online content.

Mar 10 - Vernon: It's A Little Wink To 'Battlestar'
An upcoming episode of 'CSI' pays homage to the sci-fi series. Contains minor spoilers.

Mar 10 - News Bullets
Stalker expects light sentence, Kanakaredes visits comedy, Petersen goes to Cannes and Primetime On Demand.

Mar 9 - 'Divorce Party', 'Green Piece' & 'No Way Out' Official Details
'Miami' investigates a victim with a big secret, a bomb makes things difficult for the 'New York' team, and 'CSI' deals with a hostage situation. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Mar 9 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' drops to second place, but 'CSI' stays on top.

Mar 7 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Turn, Turn, Turn'
The murder of the sixteen-year-old daughter of a hotel manager is a personal blow for Nick, who got to know the girl on several previous cases at the motel.

Mar 6 - Lenkov: We Lose A Member Of Our Family
'New York' faces a major change in the season finale. Plus, the team deals with bigotry, and Simpson and Wentz guest-star. Contains major spoilers!

Mar 6 - Eads Works Through The Pain
The 'CSI' actor deals with a back injury during filming. Contains minor spoilers.

Mar 5 - 'CSI' Is A 'Natural Fit' For Fishburne
The newest addition to the flagship series talks about his character and how he approaches the role.

Mar 5 - News Bullets
TV.com comes to iPhone, Hall emcees Gala, AFB welcomes Hall, 'Wonder Woman' released and Rambo admires Landers. Also, Swift wasn't picky and 'New York' features leads. Spoilers at the end!

Mar 4 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Sink Or Swim'
A case involving the murder of a lawyer's fiancée gets personal for Delko when his status as a citizen is called into question.

Mar 4 - Zuiker's Digi-Novel Gets A Home On The Web
The 'CSI' creator makes reading a multimedia experience.

Mar 3 - 'CSI' Goes Sci-Fi
Thompson and Weddle get back to their roots. Contains minor spoilers.

Mar 3 - Swift's Dream Comes True
The budding actress makes her primetime debut this week. Contains spoilers!

Mar 2 - Romance Heats Up 'Miami'
Rodriguez and Procter discuss their characters' attraction. Contains minor spoilers.

Mar 2 - 'Sink Or Swim' & 'Turn, Turn, Turn' Official Details
A member of the 'Miami' team finds his job on the line, and 'CSI' looks at the past. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Mar 2 - Ratings Round-Up
Two new episodes dominated their timeslots.

Mar 1 - Fishburne: You Can Never Worry About Being Too Dark
'CSI''s new leading man talks about joining the show and what's coming up for his character. Contains minor spoilers.

Mar 1 - News Bullets
Happy birthday times two, Harper does cameo, Petersen gets co-star, Nankin to direct and Sinise concert sells out. Also, Asner visits 'New York'. Spoilers at the end!

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