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News Headlines for March 2005

Mar 29 - Dourdan, Harper Backstage At The NAACP Awards
The actors talk about the honor of being a part of the awards show and the work they do on 'CSI' and 'New York'.

Mar 29 - Official Promo And Details For 'Spark Of Life'
Two seemingly isolated cases intertwine, bringing the two shifts together to find the killer of an entire family. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Mar 28 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, and what's up with Easter?

Mar 27 - Helgenberger's Husband To Play Willows' Love Interest?
Alan Rosenberg possibly slated to play a criminal defense attorney on the original 'CSI.' Carol Mendelsohn: '[The casting] will be a real surprise for the audience.'

Mar 27 - News Bullets
'ET' segment, why green lasers aren't dangerous, Sinise on tour, do you mind reruns, attack choppers, 'Manhunter' & more!

Mar 27 - Brass Hits The Big Time In Hollywood
A random phone call from his daughter sends Brass to Hollywood, where he rubs elbows with everything but celebrities in this upcoming 'CSI'. Spoilers inside!

Mar 25 - 'CSI' Reruns Help Prompt 'Da Vinci's Inquest'
The successful duet between the Canadian and American shows in Canada incites American networks to bring 'Inquest' into the US.

Mar 24 - Review: CSI: New York--'The Dove Commission'
Mac and Stella dive into a potential police conspiracy while Danny gets testy over a case that hits close to home.

Mar 23 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, Sinise's book on tape, free NAACP videos, 'Money Plane' screen caps, and more!

Mar 23 - 'CSI' Influences Real-Life Jurors
Anthony Zuiker and Robert David Hall discuss the impact 'CSI' has had on real life murder trials.

Mar 22 - Khandi Alexander Wins NAACP Image Award
The 'CSI: Miami' star walks away with an Outstanding Supporting Actress Award. Plus: Dourdan and Hill backstage at the awards.

Mar 22 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Game Over'
While Horatio tries to locate a stolen videotape for a familiar face, the rest of the team pursues a computer game tester's killer.

Mar 22 - The Insider Visits The Set Of 'Game Over' With Tony Hawk
The famous skateboarder reveals what it was like to be dead on 'CSI: Miami'. Togo: 'It's like meeting the tooth fairy.'

Mar 21 - Collins' New 'CSI' Novel To Hit Stands Soon
The novelist discusses the stages of his various 'CSI' projects and reveals what's keeping him busy these days.

Mar 21 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, and what's up with Orange Julius?

Mar 21 - Horatio Seeks Questions In 'Recoil'
A case of child abuse turns into a 'he said, she said' battle with horrendous consequences in this upcoming episode of 'CSI: Miami'. Spoilers inside!

Mar 20 - 'CSI' Casts Squabble Over Spin-Offs
Fox feels new shows were motivated by greed, for Dourdan they're 'just not a good' as the original. But: Emily Procter says everyone should just be proud of CSI's success.

Mar 20 - News Bullets
Adam Rodriguez in new student film, Petersen beats Piven, official 'CSI' site revamped, 'Kojak,' the 'CSI' board game & more!

Mar 20 - Official 'Game Over,' 'Dove Commission' Details
Horatio investigates the death of a famous skateboarder while Mac battles police corruption. Plot info, guest cast listings and: Emilio Estevez in the director's chair.

Mar 20 - Music Recap: March Review Roundup: Part One
Miami, New York, and Las Vegas continue their musical changes - or do they?

Mar 19 - Did 'CSI' Cause Robert Blake's Acquittal?
Jurors say they wanted CSI-like evidence, say television shows create 'a higher expectation.'

Mar 19 - Article: Set Tour: 'CSI: Miami'
CSI Files' Kristine Huntley goes behind the scenes with 'Miami''s Jonathan Togo for a sneak peek at an exciting upcoming episode!

Mar 18 - Mac Takes On The Higher-Ups In 'The Dove Commission'
Mac and Stella investigate a murder in which the evidence points to the NYPD. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Mar 18 - News Bullets
'Miami' and 'New York' ratings, Dourdan's new award, Berman's new show, 'Compulsion' screen caps and more!

Mar 17 - 'CSI' Gets 'Committed'
Grissom investigates the death of a mental patient while Catherine looks for the initiator of a prank that goes too far. Spoilers inside!

Mar 17 - Viacom May Split In Two
'CSI' network CBS would likely end up in a different company from 'CSI' rerun network SpikeTV and novel publisher Simon & Schuster.

Mar 16 - 'Miami' Takes On Skateboarding In 'Game Over'
The CSIs must find the killer of a skateboarding legend while Horatio looks for an important video tape. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Mar 16 - Have Crime Shows Reached A Saturation Point?
The New York Post analyzes the crime show trend; experts advice 'CSI': two spin-offs is enough.

Mar 16 - Link: 'Desperate Housewives' Fan? Then Visit GetDesperate.com!
We launch a new fan site dedicated to the ABC hit show 'Desperate Housewives,' including daily updated news, Talk Desperate! discussion boards, and full episode and people guides!

Mar 16 - SpikeTV To Air 'CSI' Marathon Next Week
While CBS pre-empts the show for March Madness, Spike plans to air over 46 hours of 'CSI' programming starting next Monday. Full schedule inside!

Mar 14 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, and what's up with Blockbuster Video?

Mar 14 - Szmanda: Greg Couldn't Have Done It Without His Fans
Greg Sanders actor expresses happiness over the character's transition, says he would like to produce some day.

Mar 14 - ALERT: Harper And Rodriguez Talk To The Insider
Ananda Lewis sits down with the 'New York' and 'Miami' stars on tonight's feature segment of The Insider.

Mar 14 - 'Miami' Gets Hot And Heavy In 'Death Bed'
Calleigh investigates the death of a woman at a trendy Miami club while Horatio is in a case so complicated, internal affairs gets involved. Spoilers inside!

Mar 14 - News Bullets
Aisha Tyler wants to fire some guns, Helgenber talks ruling the world, 'Deviant Behavior,' Wil Wheaton, and why CSI kept Christina Ricci from emigrating.

Mar 14 - 'The Contender' Is No Match For 'Money Plane'
CBS plan to hurt new NBC show by showing first-run 'CSI: Miami' episode succeeds. Plus: Original 'CSI' gets close to 30 million again, 'New York' repeat ratings.

Mar 12 - Zuiker 'Not Over The Moon' With Early 'New York'
'CSI' creator admits the new spin-off probably started out too dark and tried too many things at once, but says they've found the right formula now.

Mar 11 - New CSI Seasons Score High Ratings Abroad
The UK, Australia, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands report high ratings for all three CSI shows.

Mar 10 - Wil Wheaton's Comeback Begins With A 'Compulsion'
The 'CSI' guest-actor talks to the New York Times about his role. Duane Clark: 'He really dug his teeth into it'.

Mar 10 - News Bullets
'Miami' ratings, Gary Dourdan's new movie, 'The Fall' screen caps and more!

Mar 9 - Aisha Tyler Joins The Cast Of 'Ghost Whisperer'
Mia Dickerson actress teams up with Jennifer Love-Hewitt in the upcoming CBS series.

Mar 9 - Ann-Margret To Portray Catherine Willows' Mother?
TV Guide reveals minor details about 'CSI' casting, why the London episode fell through, and a Sara-Grissom centered episode in May.

Mar 8 - 'CSI' To End Season With A Massive Cliffhanger
TV Guide reveals what may be in store for the characters when Tarantino sits behind the wheel. Mild spoilers inside!

Mar 8 - Emmy Magazine Reveals First 'CSI' Characters Draft
Casting director April Webster discusses the characters' evolution and the sometimes difficult casting process.

Mar 7 - Site Columns
Current Talk CSI threads, this week's TV listings, and what's up with International Women's Day?

Mar 7 - Activist Group Launches CSI 'Noncomplaint' Campaign
Following the Parents Television Council's complaint with the FCC, Speakspeak.org is urging fans to write in to say 'King Baby' wasn't indecent.

Mar 7 - 'CSI' Splits In Four In '4 x 4'
The CSIs break in four different teams to solve four uniquely told cases in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Mar 7 - Review: CSI: New York--'The Fall'
A gang-related shooting leads to some unpleasant revelations about Flack's mentor.

Mar 6 - 13.5 Million Take 'The Fall'
'New York' sees a drop from last week's ratings. 'CSI' and 'Miami' reruns do respectably well.

Mar 6 - Official 'Money Plane,' 'Compulsion' Details
It's an air-themed week as Horatio investigates a plane crash and Grissom is faced with the death of a stewardess. Plot & guest cast info inside!

Mar 5 - Caruso Says His Heart Lies In Florida
Actor hopes for a long run for 'CSI: Miami', would like to do a Broadway play.

Mar 4 - CBS Releases 'Compulsion' Promo
Grissom and his team dig up an old case in order to stop a serial killer in this upcoming episode. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Mar 4 - News Bullets
'New York' ratings, 'King Baby' screen caps, Gary Sinise on eBay and more!

Mar 3 - A Ball Of Fire Rattles Grissom's Brain In 'Firestarter'
The two CSI teams must figure out how their very unique cases are connected in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Mar 3 - 'King Baby' and 'Big Middle' Weekly Review Round-Up
Television Without Pity, TV Tome, and TV Guide review the latest 'CSI' episodes.

Mar 2 - CBS Releases 'Money Plane' Promo
The 'Miami' team investigates a plane crash and the mysterious death of a woman found at the fuselage. Full trailer transcript & screencaps inside!

Mar 1 - 'King Baby' Too Indecent For Television?
Parents Television Council deems episode too inappropriate for young audiences.

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