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News Headlines for July 2004

July 31 - Expert: 'CSI', 'Sopranos' Emmy Front Runners
Tom O'Neil says 'CSI' has a good chance of being named Best Drama Series this year. Plus: Interactive Emmys.

July 28 - Early Review Pans 'Evel Knievel'
Writing, story criticized, but Eads' performance wins some praise.

July 28 - 'CSI' Reruns Continue To Thrive
Network TV's top-rated drama keeps trouncing the competition!

July 27 - News Bullets
'CSI' spoof, 'CSI' science, UK ratings, 'CSI' influence, and 'Miami' demographics!

July 27 - Kanakaredes Drawn To 'New York' By Her Character
'Providence' actress wanted to know the characters would share the spotlight with forensics in the third 'CSI' show.

July 27 - CSIs Head 'Down The Drain'
The Las Vegas team's latest case takes them into the sewers of Sin City!

July 26 - Irregular Heartbeat Sidelines Petersen Temporarily
While Fox and Eads were in salary disputes, 'CSI''s leading man was laying low for health reasons.

July 26 - Site Columns
Hello World on Cochrane rumors, Talk CSI threads, poll results and more!

July 24 - George Eads Back On The Case
Nick Stokes actor will return to 'CSI' next week, but without a pay rise.

July 23 - Fox Returns To 'CSI'
Eads' fate still uncertain, while a 'Miami' star might exit this season.

July 22 - Fox In Talks To Return To 'CSI'
As rumors swirl about Fox's possible return, Eads calls his absence from the first day of 'CSI' filming a 'misunderstanding.'

July 21 - Moonves Fires Back At Wolf
CBS CEO says 'NY' won't beat 'L&O,' but notes 'L&O''s declining ratings; also, 'New York' picks a theme song!

July 21 - CBS Looks For New Investigators
Casting call for actors to replace Jorja Fox and George Eads sent to agents. Plus: Aylesworth's status.

July 20 - 'CSI' Premiere Dates Set
All three 'CSI' shows will premiere the same week in September. Details inside!

July 20 - Taylor Takes On A Union
When a union worker's body is found in a tunnel after an explosion, Mac Taylor realizes his death was no accident. Spoilers inside!

July 20 - Gil Grissom Goes To London
'CSI' reportedly set to film an episode in the United Kingdom later this year.

July 20 - Las Vegas Filming Cancelled
Production shut down this week, but 'Viva Las Vegas' storyline may be used later in the season.

July 19 - Site Columns
Hello World on surprise 'CSI' firings, Talk CSI Files threads, and what's on the 'CSI' shows this week!

July 19 - Ayelsworth Joins 'CSI' Team
'24' actress leaves the counter terrorism unit for the crime lab!

July 19 - Moonves Defends Firings
CBS Head claims Fox and Eads were in violation of their 'CSI' contracts.

July 18 - Petersen, Helgenberger Respond To Axings
'CSI' actors say they're 'saddened' at the firing of their co-stars and hope the situation will be sorted out quickly.

July 16 - 'CSI' Fourth Season DVDs Delayed
Release of the fourth set of 'CSI' discs has been pushed back a month.

July 16 - Industry Reports Shed Light On Shock Sackings
CBS reportedly delivered a 'take-it-or-leave-it' ultimatum to supporting cast members. Plus: Helgenberger & Petersen reportedly absent for health reasons.

July 16 - Breaking News: CBS Fires Fox, Eads
Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes actors sacked by network for breach of contract.

July 15 - 'CSI' Scores Four Emmy Nods
Primetime's number one drama will once again compete for the 'Outstanding Drama' statuette, but 'Miami' is left out in the cold.

July 14 - 'Murder In A Flash' Challenges CSIs
The Miami team must figure out who abandoned a teen's body on a golf course in the third episode of the new season. Spoilers inside!

July 14 - CBS Ratings Up From Last Summer
'CSI', 'Miami' reruns along with new reality TV bolster the net's summer numbers.

July 13 - Wolf Prepared For 'CSI: New York' Competition
'Law & Order' creator talks about the differences between 'CSI' and 'L&O'!

July 13 - 'CSI' Presumed To Be A 'Slam Dunk' For Emmy Nod
'CSI' could nab nominations in the best drama, best actor and actress categories.

July 12 - 'Miami' Season 2 DVD Art Revealed
Own the spin-off's second season on October 12.

July 10 - First 'Pro Per' Plot Details
The 'CSI: Miami' team investigates a beachside shooting in the new season's second episode. Contains spoilers!

July 10 - News Bullets
Repeats down under, ABC jokes, New York shooting, Emmy preview, Geelong & screencaps!

July 9 - Site Columns
Hello World on the 'CSI' vs. Reality TV knockout, Talk CSI Files threads, and a birthday!

July 8 - 'CSI: New York' Team Tackle Their First Case In 'Blink'
Mac Taylor's first case strikes a nerve when he investigates the murder of several women. Spoilers inside!

July 8 - 'CSI', 'Miami' Reruns Top The Charts
Repeats of the 'CSI' shows beat out first run reality television!

July 7 - 'Miami' Searches For A 'Lost Son'
'CSI' spin-off's third season opens with a kidnapping. Spoilers inside!

July 6 - Positive Miami DVD Reviews Pouring In
Online reviewers praise quality of episodes and cast performances!

July 3 - 'CSI' Kicks Off Year 5 With 'Viva Las Vegas'
The team investigate a death that's totally out of this world in the season premiere. Plus: Greg's replacement arrives. Spoilers inside!

July 2 - Shankar Nabs Executive Producer Slot
Writer signs deal that will keep him with 'CSI' through 2007!

July 1 - No Fourth 'CSI' Yet
Talk of a third spinoff is premature, but the 'CSI' franchise is helping its parent company cut debt. Details inside!

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