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News Headlines for January 2005

Jan 31 - Ann Donahue Talks Hectic Showrunner Job
'CSI: Miami' executive producer discusses what a typical work day is like - and admits there's no such thing! Plus: Where the 'CSI' story ideas come from.

Jan 31 - 'Nesting Dolls' Plot & Guest Cast Info Released
Find out which two brothers from '24' will be making an appearance on Thursday's new 'CSI' episode. Plus: 'Miami' repeat info, 'New York' pre-empted.

Jan 30 - News Bullets
New 'CSI' novel, CSI magazine details, Australian & Canadian 'CSI,' Jorja Fox message, Sofia Milos photos & new show from 'Miami' alumni.

Jan 30 - Without 'Law & Order,' 17 Million Watch 'New York'
'Tanglewood' scores ratings not seen since the show's debut. Plus: 'Miami,' 'CSI' reruns perform respectably.

Jan 29 - ABC Has 'Eyes' On 'New York' Timeslot
'Desperate Housewives' network to try and outcompete CBS and NBC on Wednesdays with new Tim Daly-led private eye show.

Jan 28 - Jonathan Togo On Joining The Big Leagues
The 27-year-old actor talks about his struggles to land the role of Ryan Wolfe on 'Miami' and his experiences in show business.

Jan 28 - Brits Dislike Grisly 'CSI: New York' Promotion
Advertising Standards Authority berates UK TV channel Five for sending out 55,000 fake crime scene dossiers ahead of the February debut of 'New York.'

Jan 27 - CBS Releases First February Footage
Get a sneak peek at what's in store for the original 'CSI' team, including police raids, lots of tar, and a Kodiak bear. Full trailer transcript inside!

Jan 27 - Review: CSI: New York--'Tanglewood'
A mob murder leads to the revelation of Danny's dirty little secret.

Jan 26 - Official Details For Tonight's 'Tanglewood'
Find out the creative staff & guest cast for tonight's 'CSI: New York,' and get a short story preview. Plus: Is there a 'Tanglewood' sequel in the works?

Jan 25 - News Bullets
'Miami' ties 'Medium,' Image & Golden Reel Award nominations, Zuiker confirms ligher 'New York,' 'CSI' changes filming location & more!

Jan 24 - CSIs To Uncover Big Betting Scandal In 'Big Middle'
Warrick, Nick and Brass delve into the world of narrow odds and big money, while Grissom, Greg and Sara investigate a murder at a convention for big people.

Jan 23 - Mac Goes To Bat In 'CSI: New York'
Contrary to previous reports, CBS decides to air new episode 'Tanglewood' next Wednesday. Full 30-second trailer transcript inside!

Jan 23 - 'Miami's' Own Tsunami Too Controversial for CBS
Network decides not to air repeat of 'Crime Wave' in light of recent south-east Asia disaster.

Jan 22 - Music Recap: The January Edition of CSI Music
Monk vs. CSI: New York while Miami's trend continues

Jan 20 - 'ReCycling,' 'Snakes' & 'Cop Killer' Review Round-Up
Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide and Television Pity comment on everything from witch-doctor-ish Spanish songs to Miami's increased peepee-orientation.

Jan 20 - News Bullets
UK Season 5 date, Kanakaredes' Golden Globes gown, ASC award nominations, Wichita success, game reviews, screencaps & more!

Jan 19 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Cop Killer'
Horatio is on the hunt for the person who killed a cop and kidnapped the teenager riding along in the car with him.

Jan 19 - Can Don Flack Avoid 'The Fall?'
Det. Flack is torn between friendship and duty when his former mentor is suspected of hiding evidence in this new 'New York' episode. Plus: It's raining Hollywood moguls!

Jan 18 - Aisha Tyler Talks Warrick-Mia Romance
Catherine Willows, watch out - there's a new DNA technician going after your man! Plus: Tyler discusses '24' role, other current projects.

Jan 17 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--"Snakes"
When a woman's severed head is found in a newspaper box, the CSIs turn their attention to the Latin music scene.

Jan 17 - Official Details For Tonight's 'CSI: Miami'
Full creative staff & guest cast details for 'Cop Killer' - the last new CSI episode for more than two weeks! Plus: info on this week's 'New York' and 'CSI' repeats.

Jan 17 - Helgenberger: 'CSI' Is A Thrill Each Week
Actress calls winning the People's Choice Award 'gratifying.' Plus: could there be romance in the air for Catherine and Warrick?

Jan 16 - News Bullets
Dutch TV, Petersen interview, furries, Emily Procter's triathlon, Helgenberger reviews, 'Skin' and more!

Jan 14 - CBS Releases 'Cop Killer' Promo
When a police officer is shot during a traffic stop, Horatie must track down a kidnapped 17-year old witness. Full 30-second trailer transcript inside!

Jan 13 - Official British 'CSI' Magazine Launches
Bi-weekly 7.99 magazine includes free DVD with two episodes per magazine, interviews with the actors, and exclusive articles on forensic science.

Jan 13 - Review: CSI: New York--'ReCycling'
While Mac and Aiden try to determine who killed a dog trainer, Stella and Danny must find a bike messenger's killer.

Jan 13 - Original Cast Again Nominated For SAG Award
Will Petersen and his colleagues finally succeed with their fourth nomination? Plus: New People's Choice Awards cast shots!

Jan 12 - 'CSI: My Bedroom' Spin-Off Not Likely For Eads
Nick Stokes actor talks about dealing with fame and his status as a sex symbol, also discusses being canned for oversleeping.

Jan 12 - 'Tri-Borough,' 'Sherlock' Win Praise From Reviewers
Last week's original 'CSI' deemed 'one of the most solidly-written, entertaining episodes' yet, while New York's lighter look is considered an improvement.

Jan 11 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Who Shot Sherlock?'
Greg makes a final attempt to pass his proficiency test when a man who impersonated Sherlock Holmes is murdered.

Jan 11 - Szmanda Wanted Crush On Sara
Greg Sanders actor on lobbying for a field promotion and a (sort-of) love interest.

Jan 11 - News Bullets
'Miami' DVD review, Giovinazzo artwork, 'Sherlock' caps, 'NCIS', new forensic technology course, DGA Award, Carafotes interview & more!

Jan 10 - Mac Romances The Lab Tech
Leading man will begin a relationship with Jane Parsons, but his new bliss will be shattered in May sweeps. Spoilers inside!

Jan 10 - 'CSI' Is The People's Choice
Forensic show favourite TV drama for the 3rd year running, Helgenberger voted favourite female TV star.

Jan 10 - Official Details For This Week's Cases
Synopses, guest cast & creative staff listings for 'Recycling' and 'Snakes'.

Jan 10 - Music Recap: Week of January 3, 2005
Duduks, violins, and pianos, oh my! CSI is back and running strong for the first runs of 2005, with something new and old.

Jan 9 - Character Relevations Sweep Through 'CSI'
Warrick & Catherine heat up, Sara faces demons from her past, plus Danny gets in trouble on 'New York'. Spoilers!

Jan 9 - Get Your First Look At 'Snakes'
Transcript and screencaps of the trailer for this week's 'CSI' outing.

Jan 9 - Mac Walks The Dogs, Stella Goes 'Recycling'
Download the promo for this week's 'CSI: NY' episode! Transcript & screencaps inside.

Jan 8 - Grissom Mothers 'King Baby'
The night and swing shifts team up to investigate the death of a casino owner in this February sweeps episode! Contains spoilers.

Jan 8 - 'L&O', 'Alias' Put 'New York' In Third
Big Apple spinoff takes ratings battering, but Las Vegas rides high on Thursday night.

Jan 7 - Review: CSI: New York--'Tri-Borough'
Death visits a Parkour practitioner, an art gallery owner and a construction worker.

Jan 7 - Extended Plot Details For 90-Minute 'Miami'
In 'Nothing To Lose', as the Everglades burn, a notorious killer escapes from prison and kidnaps one of the team find out who inside!

Jan 7 - News Bullets
'Shootout' reviews, CSI Spears?, guest star, Emily Procter, ratings & more!

Jan 6 - Greg Put To The Test Tonight
Eric Szmanda on figuring out 'Who Shot Sherlock?', his growing role on the show and being part of a board game.

Jan 6 - Producers Nominated For PGA Television Award
'CSI' recognised by Producers Guild for the fourth year running. Plus: Bruckheimer's caucus gong.

Jan 5 - Horatio, Calleigh In Romantic Tangles
TV Guide dishes the dirt on the 'Miami' team's extra-curricular activities.

Jan 5 - 'Medium' Psychs Out 'Miami'
Monday ratings 'Shootout' heats up as NBC's psychic detective almost topples Horatio Caine from his high horse.

Jan 5 - Find Out 'Who Shot Sherlock' Tomorrow
Download the trailer for the first 'CSI' episode of 2005! Transcript and screencaps inside.

Jan 4 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Shootout'
A gun fight in a hospital puts Horatio and the CSI team in the middle of a gang war.

Jan 4 - 'Miami' Season 2 Out On DVD Today
Horatio and the team's continuing adventures released in 7-disc set with Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

Jan 4 - Networks Pick Up Bruckheimer Pilots
'CSI' producer's 'E-Ring', 'Doogie Howser'-like legal drama series greenlit by NBC and the WB.

Jan 3 - Download 'Tri-Borough' Promo
The Big Apple CSIs tackle three different cases in Wednesday night's episode. Transcript inside!

Jan 2 - 'CSI' Lines Up First-Run Episodes In January
Official synopses, guest cast & production team info for 'Shootout', 'Tri-Borough' & 'Who Shot Sherlock?' Spoilers!

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