May 23 2024

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Ubisoft Releases ‘CSI: Miami Heat Wave’ On iOS

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Last September, CSI Files reported that Ubisoft was developing a CSI: Miami Facebook game. CSI: Miami Heat Wave was launched late last year for open beta testing on the social networking site, and now Ubisoft Mobile has released the game in the US App Store for fans to play on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Heat Wave is available for free, and you can watch a short video trailer for the game after the jump:

Source: AppAdvice, Twitter

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1 thought on “Ubisoft Releases ‘CSI: Miami Heat Wave’ On iOS

  1. And then Desmond Miles pops out of nowhere, exposes the racist Horatio Cane as a Templar and cuts him down. At least, how Ubisoft should end CSI: Fly-ami.

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