June 13 2024

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Tassler: Saying Goodbye To ‘Miami’ Was A Big Deal

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CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler spoke to reporters today during the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour, and she discussed the network’s decision to cancel CSI: Miami. “Saying goodbye to a CSI this year was a very big deal for us,” Tassler explained. She added, “That show has been extraordinarily successful for us… What we looked at was [the flow on] Friday versus Sunday night. It was a very tough choice, but it was just a jump ball and it had to do with the schedule.”

Despite facing cancellation for the second year in a row, CSI: New York was renewed for a ninth season back in May. During the TCA tour, Tassler revealed that the Big Apple-based spinoff would have more humour this season. She also promised “more New York, fun, event type stories” when CSI: NY returns in the fall.

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8 thoughts on “Tassler: Saying Goodbye To ‘Miami’ Was A Big Deal

  1. Oh, you have no idea what a big deal it was – to the fans, and particularly to the cast! Ms Tassler should just shut up and stop trying to make excuses.

  2. OMG I’m so tired of this stupid excuse. So if a show about Florida was being put on CBS, NY would’ve got the axe? No good reason to cancel a long-running, popular TV show – shame on you CBS!

  3. It’s not that a show couldn’t be canceled – it was, after all, ten years old. It was the total lack of respect shown to everyone involved. Wouldn’t it be great to hear Tassler admit – we handled it badly.

  4. CBS really know how to insult their TV viewers. They insult the actors, that wanted more for their characters and they insult the intelligence of the viewers with crap excuses. They treat us as if we have an IQ of 5.

  5. CBS is the worst and the most disrespectful network in U.S.A, the only thing that matters to them, is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, CSI Miami has 10 seasons thanks to the people that watched the show, I´m watching CSI NY, but I will forget the network´s name, because for me, this network don´t exist anymore. They destroyed CSI Miami.

  6. Ms. Tassler, I have confident in you (cbs) still, I know you will return one day with the show to give closure to many open episodes, looking forward doing business with you in future.

  7. I so agree – this was a total cop out. CSI M gave us 10 years and had so much more to offer – and with a kick butt 10th season finally letting us feel Horatio was facing some big dilemmas in his life, you dump the show? Sorry Ms. Tassler, it was the most poorly handled cancellation ever. Not buying the excuse at all – you chose to dump them on the most ridiculous reason ever out of sheer greed! You chose to move Miami to the worst night ever, you insulted the actors who were loyal for 10 seasons, and you insulted the viewers who grew to love this show and were chomping at the bit for more. You promised to show Horatio facing some old demons as well as more complex criminals – you get us going and then leave us hanging??? I WON’T be watching CBS and I don’t care what is on. Why didn’t you axe CSI Vegas? They are hanging on by a thread – put Miami in it’s place. There will never be another Grissom no matter who you have as lead. And keep perpetuating the thought that a woman can’t lead! Shame on you! Catherine Willows should have had that lead CSI position – NOT Ted Danson’s character!

  8. I have to say that there are enough CSI’s already on the air that the cancelation of this show would not matter much. But don’t get me wrong there were a few episodes of CSI: Miami that I loved. I just wish that I had the Hopper sooner, so that I would still be able to watch them on my DVR and transfer them to my USB drive. This is one reason why I got the Hopper, because it has a PrimeTime Anytime feature that automatically records all my prime time shows that come on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC. My Dish coworker told me that my Hopper also offers an Auto Hop feature that allows me to skip my recorded commercials!

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