June 13 2024

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La Rue: We Didn’t Get To Say Goodbye

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CBS cancelled CSI: Miami back in May, making it the first member of the CSI franchise to go off the air. Eva La Rue (Natalia Boa Vista) was disappointed by the show’s abrupt ending. “I was sad because we did not get a chance to say goodbye to the fans or to each other,” the actress told Digital Spy. She added that she would have liked to see more “character development” for the Miami CSIs; however, “the nature of the show did not allow for it.”

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3 thoughts on “La Rue: We Didn’t Get To Say Goodbye

  1. Eva LaRue is awesome – she’s so in touch w/the fans and what we wanted to see too! Glad to see the cast was so close. Heard on Twitter that there’s an unofficial cast party 2nite – on my birthday no less! Hope they post pictures! They should get together tonight and film their own ending of Miami, cast style 🙂

  2. im upset that this show got cancelled becuz I was hoping for more Ryan/Natalia stuff I’ve always wanted them to get together

  3. oh they should film their own ending – CSI M still had plenty to offer as was constantly handed to us through TPTB – what a bunch of liars if they were all along planning to can Miami. Horatio was finally making a turn and facing long held demons and then having him and his team starting to face some really devious criminals – and then the producers yank the rug out from under us?? Give me a break! CSI M will always be first and foremost in my heart no matter where the individual cast members go – they will always be Miami to me!

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