CBS Launches ‘CSI Zeta Casefile Site’

CSI Files previously posted several videos from With the three-way crossover starting tonight, November 9 with the CSI: Miami episode “Bone Voyage”, CBS has launched a new part of the site: CSI Zeta Casefiles.

The Zeta Casefile site allows CSI fans to connect with their Facebook accounts. It pulls photos and information from the user’s Facebook account to create a fake criminal profile and video, complete with false aliases and past crimes. The fan can then share their experience with friends and family on Facebook. This application is in addition to the behind the scenes videos and interviews that are offered by

“Each of the CSI series continues to be among the most popular shows on CBS,” said Vice President and Manager Bill Binenstock. “The upcoming CSI Trilogy has caused enormous buzz throughout the CSI communities, and we wanted to build a site that would give fans a fascinating and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the three series. The Zeta Casefile program is a creative and fun way to keep users engaged, while the behind-the-scenes content will give fans a deeper look into how the fictional CSI series are the most realistic looking shows on television.”

Source: PR News Channel

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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