Carter Visits ‘Flashpoint’

CBS will air the third season of the Canadian TV series Flashpoint later this winter. Alex Carter, familiar to fans of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Detective Vartann, will guest-star in the eighth episode of the season. Although American fans will have to wait for the new episodes, CTV in Canada will air Carter’s episode, “The Good Citizen”, on Friday, November 13. Check out a synopsis for the episode after the jump:

The SRU is called in when a gun is fired in a local bar and two local drug dealers have been beaten up. The team quickly learns that the drug dealers were terrorizing the owner of the bar (guest star Fulvio Cecere, Intelligence) and that a good citizen came to his rescue. The team identifies the good citizen as Robert Cooper (guest star Alex Carter, CSI), the president of the neighborhood guard association. When Cooper goes after and shoots one of the dealers, the team fear that Cooper is taking the law into his own hands and becoming a vigilante. The team must race to protect the dealers and save Cooper from himself.

For more information, visit the official CTV website. Thanks to Destiny on TalkCSI for the heads up.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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