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News Headlines for September 2008

Sep 30 - 'Page Turner' Promo Available
Radiation poisoning claims several lives in the second episode of 'New York'. Full transcript inside.

Sep 29 - 'Won't Get Fueled Again' & 'Page Turner' Official Details
'Miami' uncovers a crime ring, and 'New York' deals with deadly radiation. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Sep 29 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' and 'New York' premiere on top.

Sep 26 - This 'Bombshell' Has Killer Fashion Sense
A young woman is killed in a fashion boutique, and Julia becomes increasingly erratic in the fifth episode of 'Miami'. Major spoilers inside!

Sep 25 - Review: CSI: New York--'Veritas'
The fifth season premiere finds Mac Taylor relentlessly hunting the bank robber who tricked and nearly killed him.

Sep 26 - Kanakaredes: I Can't Believe It
Two 'New York' actors talk about filming the premiere.

Sep 24 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Resurrection'
In the show's seventh season opener, the team is stunned when Horatio is gunned down at an airport.

Sep 24 - Echikunwoke: It's Kinda Weird
The actress talks about joining 'Miami and filming with dead bodies.

Sep 24 - 'New York' Visits Jersey
Sinise and Cahill talk about the premiere and filming in the Big Apple. Minor spoilers inside.

Sep 23 - Petersen Hands Over The Keys To The Lab
The 'CSI' actor presents an award with Fishburne. Also, Fox discusses her return. Spoilers inside!

Sep 23 - Daughtry, Wolf And Faulk Head To 'New York'
More stars join the roster for episode 100. Spoilers inside.

Sep 22 - 'Miami' Is Back
Early reviews comment on the premiere. Contains some spoilers.

Sep 21 - 'Resurrection' & 'Veritas' Official Details
'Miami' and 'New York' air their season premieres this week. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Sep 21 - 'CSI' Viewers Are Emotionally Attached
Q Scores put the original series in the top 20.

Sep 20 - Shankar: It Really Turned Out Beautifully
Producers and actors talk about Fox's exit from 'CSI', and Fox discusses GSR.

Sep 19 - Three Is 'Enough'
Several drug dealers are shot on the same night in the sixth episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside!

Sep 17 - La Rue: It's An Exciting Season
The 'Miami' actress talks about the upcoming premiere. Possible spoilers.

Sep 16 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Wet Foot/Dry Foot'
The partial remains of a man found inside a shark's stomach lead the CSIs to uncover a tragedy at sea in the third episode of 'Miami''s first season.

Sep 16 - 'New York' Reaches Episode 100
Mac Taylor gets some company. Spoilers inside!

Sep 15 - Take A Sneak Peek At The 'Miami' Premiere
Eric and Calleigh learn Horatio's fate.

Sep 15 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats offer two cliffhanger finales and a writer crossover.

Sep 11 - 'CSI' Extended Promo Available
The Las Vegas crime lab deals with a shocking crime at the start of season nine. Promo and description inside. May contain spoilers.

Sep 10 - 'Miami' Goes Toe-To-Toe With A 'Raging Cannibal'
Several gruesome deaths have a connection to organized crime in the fourth episode of the seventh season. Major spoilers inside!

Sep 8 - Preview The Fall Season
Take a look at what's coming up this year for the franchise. Spoilers inside!

Sep 8 - This Week On 'CSI'
Repeats offer revenge against Calleigh, a possible killer captured and the return of Method Man.

Sep 5 - 'New York' Uncovers 'The Cost Of Living'
An archaeologist is murdered, and a member of the team is attacked in the fifth episode of the fifth season. Major spoilers inside!

Sep 5 - 'Eva's Divas' Take On Ovarian Cancer
La Rue and the NOCC seek to educate women.

Sep 5 - 'New York' Gets In The Game
Ubisoft's latest offering utilizes a graphic art style.

Sep 3 - 'Veritas' Promo Available
Mac finds himself in over his head in the premiere of 'New York'. Full transcript inside.

Sep 3 - 'Resurrection' Promo Available
The team searches for the truth about who shot Horatio in the season seven premiere. Full transcript inside.

Sep 3 - CBS Picks 'People' Promotion
The network creates an exclusive advertisement.

Sep 1 - This Week On 'CSI'
The flagship show deals with the death of a child, while the spinoffs get pre-empted.

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