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News Headlines for May 2004

May 28 - New 'CSI' Comic Miniseries Scheduled For The Fall
Grissom & co. will be faced with multiple murders linked to the mob in this upcoming adventure!

May 27 - Berman Signs On For More 'CSI'
Producer inks deal that will keep him with the show through May 2007.

May 26 - News Bullets
Fox, Proctor, Petersen, Helgenberger, wrap reel, comic strip and more!

May 26 - 'CSI' Leads CBS To Ratings Gold
Eye network is poised to claim May sweeps victory as it wins the final week in May. Details inside!

May 25 - Review: 'Innocent'
Horatio must find the killer of an adult film star in 'Miami''s season finale!

May 25 - 'Innocent' Finishes First
The conclusion to 'Miami''s second season brings in high numbers!

May 25 - CBS, 'CSI' Shows Dominate With TV Advertisers
'CSI: New York' predicted to be a major hit during the fall season.

May 24 - Site Columns
Hello World on midseason starts, Talk CSI BBS threads, and 'CSI: Miami''s second season finale!

May 23 - Official 'Innocent' Details
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff listings for tomorrow's 'CSI: Miami' finale. Spoilers!

May 22 - Too Much 'CSI'? We'll Find Out Soon, Says Petersen
Grissom actor appears on 'The Early Show', talks 'CSI' success, Chicago theatre background.

May 22 - Moonves Not Thinking About 'CSI' 4 Yet
CBS head honcho discusses 'New York' vs. 'Law & Order' at upfronts. Plus: 'Baba O'Riley' to be Big Apple theme.

May 22 - 'New York' A Hit With Overseas Networks
Third 'CSI' series already sold to the UK, Australia, France, Germany and Spain.

May 21 - Review: 'Bloodlines'
The CSIs track a rapist in the thrilling season finale!

May 21 - CSI Actors Receive High Honors
Petersen nabs an award, while Hall lands an appointment. Details inside!

May 21 - 'Bloodlines' Brings In Strong Numbers
The 'CSI' season finale was the most watched show on television last night!

May 20 - Review: 'MIA/NYC--NonStop'
The pursuit of a brutal killer brings Horatio to New York!

May 20 - First 'CSI: New York' Cast Photo Released
Know how an image says more than a thousand words? We've got that image!

May 19 - CBS Announces Full Fall Schedule
'CSI: New York' to compete with 'Law & Order' on Wednesdays, plus extra 'CSI' reruns to air on Saturday night.

May 19 - Next Wave Of 'CSI' DVDs Scheduled
Current seasons of 'CSI' and 'Miami' will hit stores this fall. Details inside!

May 19 - 'New York' To Investigate Mondays?
Industry sources say Big Apple 'CSI' may take-over 'Miami' slot, moving the Florida team to Wednesdays.

May 18 - Viewers Flock to 'New York'
'CSI: Miami' introduces the 'CSI: New York' team and scores big!

May 18 - CBS Releases 'Innocent' Trailer
Download the promo for the season finale of 'CSI: Miami' inside!

May 17 - Giovinazzo Not Excited About 'New York' Yet
'CSI: New York' actor is taking a 'wait and see' attitude towards the new show!

May 17 - Site Columns
Hello World on Angel's end (spoilers!), Talk CSI threads, and new episodes this week!

May 17 - CBS Releases 'Bloodlines' Trailer
Download the promo for next week's brand new episode of 'CSI' inside!

May 16 - Donahue: Big Apple A 'Whole New World'
'CSI: New York' co-creator says spin-off goes the extra mile to ensure authenticity.

May 16 - 'Frasier' Finale Calls Off 'Bets'
NBC trumps CBS for the second week running with another farewell to a long-running sitcom.

May 16 - Official Details For This Week's Episodes
Synopses, guest cast & creative staff listings for 'MIA/NYC - NonStop' and 'Bloodlines'. Spoilers!

May 13 - Review: 'Turning of the Screws'
Grissom learns the death of six people on a rollercoaster was no accident.

May 13 - 'New York' Expected to Bolster Ad Sales
CBS's ratings gains this year may help sell advertising for the fall season.

May 12 - Review: 'Rap Sheet'
A rapper is almost gunned down at his own concert!

May 11 - 'Rap Sheet' Scores Big
'Miami', comedy line-up leads CBS to a Monday night victory. Details inside!

May 11 - CBS Releases 'MIA/NYC--NONSTOP' Trailer
Download the promo for the 'CSI: Miami'/'CSI: New York' crossover episode!

May 10 - Zuiker Feeling Pressure On Third 'CSI' Spinoff
'CSI: New York' will explore characters' personal lives more than previous two series, creator says.

May 10 - Site Columns
Hello World on the summer season, Talk CSI threads, and new episodes!

May 10 - Official Details For This Week's Episodes
Synopses, guest cast & creative staff listings for 'Rap Sheet' and 'No More Bets'. Spoilers!

May 8 - CBS Releases 'No More Bets' Trailer
Download the promo for next week's new episode of 'CSI' inside!

May 8 - 'Innocent' To End 'Miami''s Second Season
Network releases official press release for season two's final episode. Contains spoilers!

May 7 - 'Friends' Turns The Screws On 'CSI'
The finale of the 10-year-old sitcom trumps 'CSI' in the ratings.

May 6 - 'CSI' Nabs Saturn Award
The show ties with 'Angel' for best series award. Details inside!

May 6 - Sinise Glad To Be Heading Up New 'CSI' Show
Sinise and Harper talk about their 'New York' roles on NPR. Details inside!

May 6 - Kinney Steps Into DA Role
Sinise's fellow Steppenwolf founder to play recurring role on 'CSI: New York.'

May 5 - Review: 'Not Landing'
Horatio is on the trail of a saboteur!

May 5 - CBS Releases 'Rap Sheet' Trailer
Download the promo for next week's brand new episode of 'CSI: Miami' inside!

May 4 - 'Not Landing' Helps Network Land Second
As NBC miniseries leads off sweeps month, CBS comes in a solid runner-up.

May 3 - Petersen Is No 'Science Guy'
Actor appreciates the irony in his current role as a 'poster boy' for sciences.

May 3 - Site Columns
Hello World on CSI: NY expectations, BBS threads, and new episodes this week!

May 3 - Offical Details For 'Not Landing'
Synopsis, Creative staff, and guest cast listings for this week's new episode of 'CSI: Miami.'

May 1 - Xzibit Goes Large In 'Rap Sheet'
Popular rapper to perform new single in May sweeps episode of 'CSI: Miami'.

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