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News Headlines for March 2008

Mar 31 - Official 'Ambush', 'All In', 'DOA For A Day' & 'Grissom's Divine Comedy' Details
'New York' and 'CSI' are back, and 'Miami' has two nights of new episodes! Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Mar 31 - Two CSIs Fight For Their Lives In 'All In'
Get a sneak peek at the sixteenth episode of 'Miami', the second half of this week's action-packed two-parter, which airs on a special night. Major spoilers inside!

Mar 31 - 'CSI' Honored For Animal Rights
The crime drama brings home a Genesis Award.

Mar 31 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' comes out on top in its first week back.

Mar 28 - Procter: I Like Having Them Both
The 'Miami' actress talks about how she spent her downtime and what's happening on the show.

Mar 26 - Review: CSI: Miami--'You May Now Kill The Bride'
'Miami' returns from the strike hiatus with an episode revolving around a bride killed on her wedding day.

Mar 26 - Look Who's Back
A glimpse inside Grissom's apartment, what's next for 'CSI' and Caruso makes the cover.

Mar 24 - Official 'You May Now Kill The Bride' Details
'Miami' airs the first new post-strike episode! Check out the official plot details and cast list inside.

Mar 24 - Ratings Round-Up
It's a week of second place for 'CSI'.

Mar 22 - Fox Won't Be Back This Season
The former 'CSI' actress confirms she won't return in season eight.

Mar 21 - 'CSI: Live' Hits The Stage
New show combines 'CSI' with live entertainment.

Mar 21 - Game Calls Players To Action
The 'CSI' mobile game gets interactive.

Mar 21 - Dourdan Gets Animated
The 'CSI' actor provides his voice for 'Batman Gotham Knight'.

Mar 20 - It's A Race Against Time In 'Drops' Out'
The 'CSI' team gets help from an old acquaintance when two women are murdered and a mother-to-be goes missing in the fourteenth episode of the season. Major spoilers inside!

Mar 18 - Interview: Carmine Giovinazzo
'CSI: NY''s Danny Messer gets candid with CSI Files' Kristine Huntley about his band's new CD, his character's love life and Danny's devastation over the death of his young neighbor. Minor spoilers inside!

Mar 19 - Dourdan: It's Been An Amazing Journey
'CSI' stars discuss their characters.

Mar 18 - Marg Is Glad To Be Back
The 'CSI' actress discusses turning 50, Jorja's departure and getting back to work.

Mar 17 - Moonves: The Boomer Is Where The Money Is
The CEO of CBS talks acquisitions and demographics.

Mar 17 - This Week On 'CSI'
Two repeats air, and 'CSI' is pre-empted.

Mar 17 - Ratings Round-Up
'Miami' gets first place in viewers, and 'New York' and 'CSI' get second place.

Mar 15 - News Bullets
Harper to speak, Ellis guest stars, coroner hates 'CSI', AOL acquires Bebo, drawing back audiences, unrealistic expectations, naked sushi and Procter tops survey.

Mar 14 - Things Heat Up 'Right Next Door'
A fire threatens Stella's life in the sixteenth episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside!

Mar 10 - Interview: Allen MacDonald
The 'CSI' scribe shares his thoughts on his episodes, Sara Sidle's exit, Grissom and Sara's romance and writing for 'CSI' with CSI Files' Kristine Huntley. Very minor spoilers inside!

Mar 11 - Gilsig Goes To The Big Apple
The actress joins 'New York' as a recurring character. Spoilers inside!

Mar 11 - Petersen To Return To 'Dublin Carol'
The 'CSI' star will perform in Chicago.

Mar 10 - The Truth Always Comes To The Surface
A missing woman is found dead, and Horatio must figure out if she is connected to Kyle's mother in the fifteenth episode of the season. Major spoilers inside!

Mar 10 - This Week On 'CSI'
Check out which episodes are airing this week.

Mar 10 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise continues to come up short.

Mar 7 - The Stars Are Back--For Now
Actors talk about how they spent time during the strike, and studios brace for a possible repeat.

Mar 7 - It's A Hard Job, But Somebody's Got To Do It
Telgenhoff discusses his job as a forensic pathologist.

Mar 6 - Harper: I Think He Will Make An Amazing President
The 'New York' actor supports Obama.

Mar 6 - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
The key witness slated to testify in front of a Grand Jury is killed in the twelfth episode of 'CSI'. Major spoilers inside!

Mar 3 - Virtual Reality Spawns Real Murder--Again
The Second Life storyline continues in the fifteenth episode of 'CSI: New York'. Major spoilers inside!

Mar 3 - 'CSI' Highlights Animal Abuse
'Lying Down With Dogs' nominated for Genesis Award.

Mar 2 - This Week On 'CSI'
There are no fresh episodes on the air yet for the 'CSI' series.

Mar 2 - Ratings Round-Up
Repeats from the franchise continue to get a lukewarm reception.

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