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News Headlines for March 2003

Mar 31 - CBS Releases 'Precious Metal' Promo
Download the trailer for the next all-new CSI epsiode - full transcript inside!

Mar 31 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, new poll & 'CSI' on TV!

Mar 31 - First 'Forever' Plot Details
A high-society horse trainer is murdered on an airplane in this upcoming 'CSI' episode. Contains spoilers!

Mar 31 - Official Details For Upcoming 'CSI' Episodes
CBS releases information on new 'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami' episodes

Mar 30 - Sofia Milos Joins 'Miami' Full-Time
Detective Yelina Salas set to become a regular character in season two.

Mar 28 - CBS Releases 'Double Cap' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's first-run 'CSI: Miami' episode! Transcript and images inside.

Mar 28 - Critics Bemoan 'Average' DVD Release
Reviewers say 'CSI' set lacks extra features and widescreen transfer to do the series justice.

Mar 27 - Review: Entrance Wound
While committing what could have been the perfect crime, a man goes one step too far.

Mar 27 - News Bullets
Australian 'CSI' review, De Jesus jazzes up, television & forensic science, 'CSI' hot with teens, Procter attends benefit & more!

Mar 26 - 'CSI' Computer Game In Stores Now
First-person PC game allows you to solve crimes with the 'CSI' team! Ordering details inside.

Mar 25 - 'Miss USA' No Match For 'Miami'
'Entrance Wound' rerun wins timeslot & helps propel CBS to Monday night victory, beats original 'The Practice' episode.

Mar 25 - Season One DVD Set Out Today
All 23 episodes of 'CSI's' freshman season, plus extra features, available in new six-disc set.

Mar 25 - Petersen Creatively Invigorated By 'CSI'
Grissom actor signed up for forensic series because it was something new - and he wasn't disappointed.

Mar 24 - 'CSI' Forensic Advisor Speaks Out
Liz Devine talks about the accuracy of the show, why 'CSI' is hot, and why 'Law & Order' is not.

Mar 23 - Helgenberger On The Acting Business
'CSI' actress says it's a tough world out there and you have to be determined to make it in showbiz.

Mar 21 - First 'Grave Young Men' Plot Details
The 'CSI: Miami' team investigates the disappearance of a teenager in this upcoming episode. Contains spoilers!

Mar 21 - Review: Camp Fear
A young girl dies, dumped near the grounds of a boot camp for young girls.

Mar 20 - 'CSI' Number One In The US Again
Final ratings for previous week show 'CSI' easily in lead. Plus: 'CSI: Miami' also strong.

Mar 20 - Alliance Atlantis Cuts Back TV Division
'CSI' co-producer sacks 4% of staff, but company still committed to both 'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami'.

Mar 20 - 'CSI' Returns Down Under
Australia's Nine Network to air season three premiere at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25. Plus: Region 4 DVDs.

Mar 20 - News Bullets
A hairy 'CSI' question, Rodriguez on St. Patrick's day, Fox helps the planet, Johnson in 'Alaska', GLAAD criticises 'CSI' & more!

Mar 19 - 'CSI: Miami' Struggles For First Place
'Miami' underperforms in Monday overnights, as CBS experiences a diminished evening.

Mar 19 - Site Columns
Greetings from Talk CSI's Lisa, Poll Results, and CSI on TV tonight.

Mar 17 - 'CSI' SFX Firm Tapped For New Pilot
Creator of effects for 'CSI' now set to create daring sequence for new casino pilot.

Mar 16 - Review: Crash And Burn
Sara learns a painful truth while completing an investigation.

Mar 15 - New CBS Forensic Shows Get Leads
Matthew Modine & Sasha Alexander join 'Expert Witness', Kathryn Morris & Justin Chambers cast in untitled cold cases project.

Mar 15 - 100th Member Joins Talk CSI
CSI Files' message board reaches important milestone - join in the discussions today!

Mar 14 - 'CSI' Sets Ratings Alight For CBS
'Crash and Burn' does anything but crash and burn, as CBS wins Thursday ratings yet again.

Mar 14 - First 'Last Laugh' Plot Details
The death of a stand-up comedian is no laughing matter in this upcoming 'CSI' episode. Contains spoilers!

Mar 14 - 'CSI' Hometown Supports Film Industry
Santa Clarita congressman proposes tax breaks for film & television projects shot in the United States.

Mar 13 - News Bullets
Forensic expert talks 'CSI', win a day on the 'CSI' set, awards photos and more!

Mar 12 - Eads: My Father Influenced Stokes
George Eads talks about how his father influenced his character Nick Stokes.

Mar 12 - 'CSI: Miami' Cast Talk Characterisation
Cochrane clueless about Speedle, Alexander loves talking to the dead & Caruso on wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Mar 11 - 'CSI: Miami' Remains On Top
New episode yesterday helps keep 'Miami' and CBS on top of the ratings.

Mar 10 - Gary Dourdan Scoops NAACP Image Award
Warrick Brown actor wins Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category. Plus: 'Six Feet Under' buries 'CSI' at SAG awards.

Mar 10 - Site Columns
Hello World, Talk CSI threads, 'Dispo Day' poll & upcoming 'CSI' episodes!

Mar 9 - First 'Double Cap' Plot Details
The 'CSI: Miami' team investigate the murder of a woman found dead by a hotel pool in this ucpoming episode. Contains spoilers!

Mar 9 - 'Execution' Slaughters Opposition
Thursday night's 'CSI' rerun triumphs over 'Friends' and 'Good Morning Miami', CBS wins the night with flying colours.

Mar 8 - Jorja Fox Visits 'E! Live'
Sara Sidle actress talks SAG awards, real-life CSIs, and wanting to be a marine biologist.

Mar 8 - Official Details For Upcoming 'CSI' Episodes
Synposes, creative staff & guest cast lists for 'Dispo Day' and 'Crash and Burn'.

Mar 7 - CBS Releases 'Crash And Burn' Promo
See the first scenes from next Thursday's new 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.' Images & transcript inside.

Mar 7 - News Bullets
Petersen magazine articles, two Dourdan events, real-life CSIs, forensic science course & TV Guide puzzle!

Mar 6 - 'CSI' Passion For Authenticity
Consulting producer Elizabeth Devine talks show's approach to being as accurate as possible.

Mar 6 - 'Dispo Day' Promo Released
CBS releases the trailer for next Monday's new 'CSI: Miami' episode. Full transcript inside!

Mar 5 - Welcome To CSI Files!
Read about what you'll be able to find on this site, and meet the people working on the site.

Mar 5 - CBS CEO: No New Spin-Off Planned Yet
'CSI' profiled in new TV Guide Magazine, featuring David Caruso on the cover. Image inside!

Mar 5 - First 'Dispo Day' Plot Details
The 'CSI: Miami' team find themselves under suspicion when the disposal of drug evidence goes horribly wrong. Contains spoilers!

Mar 4 - 'CSI: Miami' In Solid Start To Reruns
Despite being a re-run, 'A Horrible Mind' offers strong Monday overnight ratings.

Mar 4 - No Vegas/Miami Rivalry, Says Petersen
Grissom actor is happy Florida spin-off has managed to find its own audience.

Mar 3 - Producers: We Wanted 'Miami' To Be Different
'CSI' team say 'Miami' cops give show a different vibe from Vegas's science geeks.

Mar 2 - 'CSI' And CBS Win Thursday Overnights
CBS's Thursday night lineup clearly wins the overnight ratings.

Mar 1 - First 'A Night At The Movies' Plot Details
The CSIs investigate the deaths of a dentist and a 15-year-old in this upcoming episode. Contains spoilers!

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