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News Headlines for January 2009

Jan 31 - News Bullets
Linn makes Bowl pick, McCullouch feels stupid, Harper talks education, 'hope and possibility' inspire, 'CSI: The Experience', Hall backs out and Fishburne's guest star idea. Also, 'New York' casting news. Spoilers at the end!

Jan 27 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Grave Shift'
Professor Raymond Langston joins the team as a CSI Level 1 and tackles both a robbery and an arson case on his first shift.

Jan 28 - Petersen Gets His Star
The 'CSI' actor joins the Walk of Fame next month.

Jan 28 - Thursday Night Is Up For Grabs
Anybody can seize the top spot.

Jan 27 - Buckley: There Are Layers To What's Behind The Mask
The 'New York' lab tech talks about getting the job and what might be coming up for his character.

Jan 27 - McCullouch Fends Off Would-Be Attacker
The 'CSI' actor has a real life encounter with crime.

Jan 27 - Fishburne Is 'Loving It'
The newest addition to 'CSI' discusses working on the hit show.

Jan 27 - Harper Motivates And Educates
The HBCU Empower Me Tour makes another stop, and Harper encourages HIV/AIDS awareness.

Jan 26 - News Bullets
Caruso Art, Harper talks Obama, QR code in use, 'CSI: Live' and reality crime show. Also: Swift wants to remember 'CSI'. Spoilers at the end.

Jan 26 - 'Disarmed And Dangerous' Official Details
'Miami' and 'New York' revisit their season premieres, and an FBI agent turns up dead on 'CSI'. Official plot details and cast list inside.

Jan 26 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise won the week in overall viewers.

Jan 22 - Review: CSI New York--'Rush To Judgment'
Flack finds himself under departmental scrutiny when a suspect dies during an interrogation.

Jan 23 - News Bullets
'CSI' stars talk football, running of the brides, Helgenberger was exhilarated, actor's first network gig and Kanakaredes whitens smile. Also, 'New York' relationship news. Spoilers at the end!

Jan 22 - Review: CSI: Miami--'And They're Offed'
Horatio is surprised to discover one of his CSIs is embroiled with a key player in the investigation of a racehorse owner.

Jan 22 - It's Dangerous When 'Smoke Gets In Your CSIs'
Two members of the team find their lives in jeopardy, and an old friend returns in the fourteenth episode of 'Miami'. Major spoilers inside!

Jan 21 - 'New York' Welcomes More Musical Guest Stars
Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz are set to appear in an upcoming episode. Contains minor spoilers.

Jan 20 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'One To Go'
Grissom prepares to bid goodbye to CSI as the team tackles one last case together: saving a woman before she's murdered by a serial killer.

Jan 19 - 'And They're Offed', 'Rush To Judgment' & 'The Grave Shift' Official Details
'Miami' visits the race track, 'New York' finds Flack in the hot seat, and it's Langston's first day on 'CSI'. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Jan 19 - Ratings Round-Up
Grissom's final episode delivers more than 24 million viewers.

Jan 16 - The Show Must Go On
With Petersen gone, 'CSI' has a lot in store. Contains spoilers.

Jan 16 - Petersen: It Was A New World
Grissom's time on 'CSI' comes to an end. Contains spoilers for 'One to Go'.

Jan 15 - Review: CSI: New York--'Help'
When the CSIs investigate the deaths of two women that are possibly linked, Hawkes is shocked to find a connection to the serial rapist who attacked his ex-girlfriend.

Jan 16 - News Bullets
Hall honored as a hero, Weiland song featured, 'CSI' pinball game, Caruso makes art, Harper co-anchors inauguration and 'CSI: Live' visits Indiana.

Jan 15 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Head Case'
After a man is found wandering in the middle of traffic covered in blood, the Miami team must determine if he's a killer--and find his victims.

Jan 14 - Grissom's Office Gets New Occupants
Several characters inherit the former boss's space. Contains minor spoilers.

Jan 14 - Bush Speech Delays 'CSI'
A presidential address will air Thursday during primetime.

Jan 14 - 'CSI' Gets Visitors
A trip to the set sheds light on Petersen's departure, Fishburne's character and upcoming storylines with young stars. Contains minor spoilers.

Jan 13 - Petersen: It's The Right Time
The 'CSI' star shares how it feels to be leaving.

Jan 13 - Big Things Are Coming Up On 'CSI'
What's in store for Fishburne, Petersen will return, and Taylor Swift guest-stars. Contains spoilers.

Jan 13 - News Bullets
Sinise visits Bonnie Hunt, 'CSI' not 'People's Choice', Harper attends 'Honors', CBS makes Verizon deal and 'Miami' technology is real.

Jan 12 - 'Head Case', 'Help' & 'One To Go' Official Details
A man loses his memory on 'Miami', Hawkes revisits the past on 'New York', and 'CSI' says goodbye to Grissom. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Jan 10 - Harper Has A 'Cathartic' Experience
The 'New York' actor describes the resonance of visiting a former president's plantation.

Jan 10 - Sinise Shows His Appreciation
A new special shows the 'New York' actor visiting troops in Iraq.

Jan 10 - Petersen: He's Out There
The 'CSI' star discusses his exit. Contains minor spoilers.

Jan 8 - New Characters And New Stories Are On The Way
Find out what's coming up for the franchise. Contains spoilers!

Jan 8 - Harper And Fishburne Nominated
'CSI' stars make the list for the NAACP Image Awards.

Jan 8 - News Bullets
Caruso celebrates birthday, Littman writes for WB, Grissom's memorable moments, FedEx supports UNCF, TNT greenlights 'Line', CBS on front page, 'CSI' goes cellular, 'New York' game screencaps and CBS deals with Time Warner.

Jan 7 - Hall Enjoys Being Behind The Wheel
The 'CSI' actor discusses losing his legs and getting on with his life.

Jan 6 - Helgenberger: The King Has Left The Building
The cast and crew of 'CSI' discuss Petersen's departure.

Jan 5 - This Week On 'CSI'
The franchise offers a body in a sinkhole, a case of arson and a hypnotic murder.

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