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News Headlines for January 2007

Jan 31 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Sweet Jane'
With Grissom gone on sabbatical, new day shift supervisor Michael Keppler joins forces with the team to investigate the murder of a young girl.

Jan 30 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Throwing Heat'
Tripp steps on a landmine and Delko faces a pair of scam artists in the latest 'Miami' outing.

Jan 30 - Jorja Fox Talks About Liev Schreiber
The ‘CSI’ actress discusses William Petersen’s temporary replacement, her website and much more!

Jan 29 - Ratings Round-Up
‘CSI:Miami’ and ‘CSI:NY’ won their timeslots last week, while ‘CSI’ fell behind ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Get all the details on last week’s ratings!

Jan 29 - Donahue and Mendelsohn Sign New Deals
The ‘CSI’ executive producers have signed on for another four years. Find out more!

Jan 28 - Kanakaredes Shares Her Life As A Modern Mom
The ‘CSI:NY’ star discusses her definition of a ‘modern mom,’ how she balances family with a high profile career and more.

Jan 27 - Mendelsohn Talks About Schreiber
The ‘CSI’ Executive Producer talks about what she was looking for in actor to fill-in for Petersen.

Jan 27 - Schreiber: “I don’t want to make anything my full-time gig. But I’d sure do this again.”
Find out more about Live Schreiber’s impressive background and his experience on ‘CSI.’

Jan 25 - Review: CSI: New York--'The Lying Game'
Stella, Hawkes and Flack are on the case of a drag queen killed in a hotel bathroom, while Mac and Danny investigate the death of a man found dead in a salt truck.

Jan 25 - Jorja Fox Takes Us Inside ‘CSI’
The ‘CSI’ actress discusses the set of the hit television series and reveals the impact some of the scenes have on her.

Jan 24 - First ‘Fallen Idols’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 17th episode of ‘CSI’, a star high school basketball player and his cheerleader girlfriend sneak off for a post-game make-out session with unexpected consequences. Major spoilers inside!

Jan 23 - ‘The Lying Game’ Promo Available Online
When a transgender showgirl is drowned in a restroom at a five-star hotel, the CSIs investigate if the killer was surprised to discover the performer’s secret and committed murder as a result. Full trailer transcript inside!

Jan 23 - Check The ‘CSI:Miami’ Blog For It’s Latest Installment
Story Editor Brian Davidson takes us inside a day of production on the episode “Come As You Are.” Read all about it!

Jan 23 - Ratings Round-Up
‘CSI:NY’ won it’s time slot, while the other two franchise installments took second place. Get all the details on last week’s ratings!

Jan 22 - ‘Throwing Heat’ Promo Available Online
Detective Frank Tripp’s life hangs in the balance when he steps on a land mine while investigating a crime scene. Full trailer transcript inside!

Jan 21 - ‘Right At Your Door’ With Rory Cochrane
The former ‘CSI:Miami’ actor talks about his controversial new film ‘Right At Your Door,’ which is now available on DVD outside the US. Find out what the US is missing!

Jan 21 - Schreiber: “I Like Him A Lot; I Love Him.”
Liev Schreiber talks about his experience working on ‘CSI’ and what he thinks of his character, Michael Keppler. Find out more!

Jan 18 - Review: CSI: New York--'Obsession'
A man is found dead in a shopping cart not far from where another man is discovered slain in a condo.

Jan 18 - First ‘Broken Home’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 16th ‘CSI:Miami” episode of the season, a babysitter faces the toughest job of her life and a doctor comes under suspicion. Major spoilers inside!

Jan 17 - ‘Sweet Jane’ Promo Available Online
Catherine and the rest of the ‘CSI’ team find it challenging to get a good read on their new member, Michael Keppler, as he joins them in tracking a recently active serial killer who has been killing since the 1970s. Full trailer transcript inside!

Jan 17 - ‘CSI’ Versus ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Where Does The Showdown Stand Mid Season?
‘CSI’ creator Anthony Zuiker was right – there’s no blood on the floor. Both ‘CSI’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ remain strong. Zuiker shares his take on the competition between the two top-rated shows.

Jan 17 - COBRA Protests This Week’s Episode of ‘CSI:NY’
The Carts of Brooklyn Racing Association (COBRA), the organization behind the annual Idiotarod shopping cart race, objects to the show’s portrayal of the race. Find out more!

Jan 15 - Nelly Furtado To Guest Star On ‘CSI:NY’
The Grammy nominated singer plays a murder suspect on an upcoming episode of ‘CSI:NY.’ Minor spoilers insider!

Jan 12 - Review: CSI: Miami--"Internal Affairs"
Natalia is shocked when she's arrested for the murder of her ex-husband, Nick.

Jan 11 - CBS May Allow Fans To Use Video Clips
To increase interactivity between viewers and the network, CBS may allow viewers to use video clips in copyright infringing ways. Find out more!

Jan 10 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Leaving Las Vegas'
Grissom bids farewell to his team for a month while Catherine tries to find evidence tying two victims to a man she believes was wrongfully aquitted of a murder charge.

Jan 10 - First ‘Monster In A Box’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 16th episode of the season, Grissom’s homecoming marks the return of The Miniature Killer. Major spoilers inside!

Jan 9 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Loco Motives'
A murder at a chicken slaughterhouse gives Grissom another shot at catching the elusive miniature murderer.

Jan 9 - Investors Eye Alliance Atlantis Communications
‘CSI’ franchise co-producer and international distributor is up for sale. Potential buyers of the ‘CSI’ rights include CBS and Canadian broadcaster CanWest Global Communications. Find out more!

Jan 9 - ‘Fannysmackin’ Promo Available Online
The CSI team investigates a series of brutal tourist beatings that take place within the span of a few hours throughout the Las Vegas area. Full trailer transcript inside!

Jan 7 - ‘Obsession’ Promo Available Online
A man found dead in the snow with a price tag hanging from inside his stomach leads the CSIs to the annual Idiotard race where young New Yorkers in creative costumes race decorated shopping carts from Brooklyn to Manhattan as if they were dog sleds. Full trailer transcript inside!

Jan 6 - Paul Guilfoyle: “As An Actor, I Must Admit We Have An Overdose Of This Kind Of Series.”
Find out what the ‘CSI’ actor has to say regarding the universal appeal of the show, the business of television and the relationship between the actors.

Jan 6 - Grissom Leaves Las Vegas
Thursday night brought the announcement of Grissom’s leave of absence from ‘CSI.’ Find out what’s in store while he’s gone.

Jan 5 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Happenstance'
The CSIs have to figure out whether it was coincidence or not when identical twins are found dead on the same night.

Jan 4 - ‘Internal Affairs’ Available Online
When Natalia’s ex-husband is murdered, evidence suggests that she killed him. Full trailer transcript inside!

Jan 4 - Ready For ‘CSI:Chicago’?
Not another installment of the popular franchise, rather the museum exhibit version is slated to hit the Windy City this Spring. Find out more about the exhibit that will tour the nation!

Jan 3 - First ‘Man Down’ Plot Details Revealed
In the 15th episode of ‘CSI:Miami’, one of the team is shot multiple times. Major spoilers inside!

Jan 1 - ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ Promo Available Online
Catherine and Nick hit the road in an attempt to link a killing in another town to a recently released Las Vegas murder suspect. Alan Rosenberg guest stars. Full trailer transcript inside!

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