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News Headlines for February 2009

Feb 28 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Kill Me If You Can'
The team is shocked to find a connection between three separate deaths.

Feb 26 - Review: CSI: New York--'No Good Deed'
The CSIs are on the hunt for a killer after a buzzard drops a human eyeball into Stella's coffee.

Feb 25 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Miscarriage Of Justice'
Langston's testimony in a murder trial is interrupted by a man's suicide right outside the courtroom, bringing to light new evidence in the case.

Feb 24 - News Bullets
Caruso's stalker arrested, Lombard cast, Sinise performs, Ferguson hosts primetime, 'Miami' editing award and Buckley wears Nappi bag.

Feb 24 - 'No Good Deed' & 'Kill Me If You Can' Official Details
The 'New York' team finds one piece of a body, and multiple cases share something in common on 'CSI'. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Feb 24 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise wins in overall viewers.

Feb 19 - Review: CSI: New York--'The Party's Over'
The blue flu sweeps the department leaving Mac short-handed during the investigation of the murder of the city's deputy mayor.

Feb 19 - 'CSI' And 'New York' Details Revealed
Plot spoilers and casting information emerge. Major spoilers inside!

Feb 18 - News Bullets
McCullouch tells story, Whitmore passes away, La Rue calls off wedding, Fishburne does talk shows, 'CSI' cast celebrates, Harper receives award, ASC recognizes 'CSI' and Blue-ray release.

Feb 16 - 'The Party's Over' & 'Miscarriage Of Justice' Official Details
A dead body crashes the party on 'New York', and 'CSI' re-opens an old case. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Feb 16 - Ratings Round-Up
The franchise wins in overall viewers.

Feb 14 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Deep Fried And Minty Fresh'
The team tackles murder at a fast food restaurant and death by toothpaste in this week's outing.

Feb 12 - Review: CSI: New York--'She's Not There'
The murder of a man in Times Square sets the New York team on a hunt for a sex trafficking ring.

Feb 12 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Presumed Guilty'
Horatio and his team realize a man has been wrongfully convicted of murder when new evidence arises.

Feb 12 - Budget Cuts Reach Actors
The WGA strike is still affecting the industry.

Feb 12 - Things Get Turned Upside Down In 'Green Piece'
Adam comes to the rescue after an explosion, and two members of the team take a big step in the seventeenth episode of 'New York'. Major spoilers inside!

Feb 9 - Interview: Eddie Cahill
The CSI: NY actor discusses Flack's relationship with his sister Sam, what he thinks of his character's new romance with Detective Angell and how he feels about Flack falling under suspicion of killing a suspect in an interrogation. Very minor spoilers inside!

Feb 9 - Diddy Makes His Debut
The rapper-turned-actor appears on 'Miami' tonight. Contains spoilers.

Feb 9 - 'Presumed Guilty', 'She's Not There' & 'Deep Fried And Minty Fresh' Official Details
Diddy pays a visit to 'Miami', 'New York' deals with trafficking and 'CSI' gets messy. Official plot details and cast lists inside.

Feb 9 - Ratings Round-Up
A new episode of 'Miami' wins the hour, but repeats bow to the competition.

Feb 9 - Petersen Enjoys A Change Of Scene
The former 'CSI' star returns to the theater with no regrets.

Feb 9 - Sinise: We're In A Groove Now
The 'New York' actor discusses his character and whether he's ready to leave the show.

Feb 6 - News Bullets
Procter raises awareness, Grammy Award presenter, Leno is realistic, Crime Stoppers is anonymous and Sinise attends cook off. Also, Combs episode details, Swift's dream comes true and pictures cause problems. Spoilers at the end!

Feb 5 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Smoke Gets In Your CSIs'
Calleigh's life hangs in the balance after she and Ryan are caught in a fire at a crime scene.

Feb 4 - Petersen Is Immortalized
The 'CSI' star joins the walk of fame, and he will perform with Steppenwolf in 2010.

Feb 3 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'Disarmed And Dangerous'
The death of a federal agent in a gas station restroom proves to be anything but a simple case for the Vegas team.

Feb 3 - Harper Speaks To Minority Youth
The 'New York' actor attends a conference to discuss education and achieving success.

Feb 3 - Swift: It Was So Crazy
The singer talks about her upcoming appearance on 'CSI'. Spoilers inside!

Feb 2 - 'Smoke Gets In Your CSIs' Official Details
A team member is in danger on 'Miami', and 'New York' and 'CSI' offer repeats. Official plot details and cast list inside.

Feb 2 - Ratings Round-Up
A new 'CSI' wins the hour, and repeats share the top spot.

Feb 2 - 'Miami' Turns To An Old Friend
A CSI is in trouble, and Alexander returns as a guest star. Contains spoilers.

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