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News Headlines for August 2004

Aug 31 - Bruckheimer Preparing Series For The WB, NBC
'CSI' producer will be working on three new shows for the 2005-2006 season!

Aug 31 - Excitement For 'CSI: New York' Soars
Viewers are eagerly anticipating the debut of the newest 'CSI' series, while the Eye and Peacock nets prepare to square off!

Aug 31 - Ferlito Aims To Make Her Mark
The 'New York' actress talks about Sinise, the upcoming season, and her career goals!

Aug 30 - Site Columns
Hello World on Fall Shows, Talk CSI threads, a birthday, poll results and more!

Aug 29 - News Bullets
Giovinazzo, technical consultant, Sinise one to watch, Petersen & fall preview articles.

Aug 27 - 'Miami' Investigates A Crime Of The Flesh
A murder in a hip nightclub leads the CSIs to a sinister cover-up in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Aug 26 - CSI's Plagued By 'Crow's Feet'
Two very different poisonings challenge the Vegas team in this upcoming episode! Spoilers inside.

Aug 26 - Aisha Tyler Signs On To 'CSI'
'Friends' actress will play an eccentric DNA specialist for at least three episodes of 'CSI'.

Aug 25 - 'New York' Premiere To Be Bolstered By Dr. Phil Special
Comedy premieres, newsmagazine bumped to the following week to make way for the popular self help guru's family special!

Aug 24 - A DJ Showdown Turns Deadly
The 'New York' team investigates the deaths of a DJ and a fashion designer. Spoilers inside!

Aug 24 - 'Miami' DVD Delayed Until 2005
The second season set won't be released until January at the earliest.

Aug 24 - David Anders Spies 'CSI' Gig
'Alias' star will reportedly play the recurring role of a toxicology expert this season.

Aug 23 - Site Columns
Hello World on 'New York,' Talk CSI threads, Poll results, a birthday and more!

Aug 23 - Helgenberger And Rosenberg Host Charity Weekend
The 'CSI' actress and hubby head to Nebraska for a weekend-long event to raise money for breast cancer treatment!

Aug 20 - Peek Inside The Morgue On 'CSI: NY'
Sinise and Kanakaredes show off the set of the newest 'CSI' show on 'Entertainment Tonight' this evening!

Aug 19 - Togo To Replace Cochrane
The 'Mystic River' actor will play a genetics specialist chosen by Horatio Caine to join the 'Miami' team!

Aug 18 - 'Miami' Investigates A Death By Train
A young woman plunges from a train station platform in this upcoming episode. Plus, news on Speedle's possible replacement! Spoilers inside.

Aug 17 - 'CSI' Puts Alliance Atlantis In The Black
'CSI' parent company up 33% this quarter in large part thanks to the successful television franchise.

Aug 17 - 'CSI' Issues An Amber Alert
The CSIs investigate a girl's disappearance in the third episode of the season. Spoilers inside!

Aug 16 - Site Columns
Hello World on plushies, Talk CSI threads, a birthday, poll results and more!

Aug 16 - Fifth Season Of 'CSI' Will Focus On Characters
Exec Producer Mendelsohn promises exciting developments for the characters, including a surprising revelation about Sara! Details inside.

Aug 13 - Watch 'CSI' Five Nights A Week From September
Spike TV upgrades 'CSI' to a nightly event, special 'best of' marathon to screen from September 6.

Aug 12 - A Skeleton Takes A Tour Of 'NY'
Taylor must discover the identity of a years-old skeleton after its discovered on a tour bus in Times Square! Spoilers inside.

Aug 10 - 'CSI' Companion Due In Late August
This guide to all things 'CSI' will feature character profiles, behind-the-scenes details and more!

Aug 9 - Site Columns
Hello World on departing characters, Talk CSI abuzz with rumors, poll results and more!

Aug 9 - Donahue Talks Up 'Miami' Premiere
Executive producer on the loss of a CSI, casting a new character & collapsing bridges! Contains spoilers.

Aug 9 - Stella Takes Charge In Episode 3
Detective Bonasera investigates the rape of a woman in Central Park. Contains spoilers!

Aug 6 - Juries Demand 'CSI'-Style Evidence
Jurors are more knowledgeable about evidence thanks to the hit 'CSI' shows, but are they expecting too much?

Aug 6 - Parents Television Council Slams 'CSI'
Television's number one crime drama ends up on PTC's list of worst shows.

Aug 4 - Rory Cochrane To Exit 'CSI: Miami'
Tim Speedle will reportedly be killed in the line of duty in season premiere, 'Lost Son'.

Aug 3 - Fox: Dispute Wasn't Over Money
Sara Sidle actress talks publicly for the first time about her firing and re-hiring by CBS.

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