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News Headlines for August 2003

Aug 30 - News Bullets
'CSI' on DVD, Goldthwait talks 'Last Laugh', 'Wannabe', Nenninger & music interview.

Aug 29 - Jimmy Smits Was Offered 'Miami' Lead
'NYPD Blue' star turned down 'CSI' gig, but may team up with Jerry Bruckheimer for new TV project.

Aug 28 - Grissom Having a Midlife Crisis?
Actors Petersen, Fox discuss the possibility for romance between their characters this fall.

Aug 28 - News Bullets
Casting, Fox and overseas viewers.

Aug 28 - Site Columns
TTx2, chatting about 'CSI', tonight's episode and more!

Aug 26 - News Bullets
Syndication, Latin Grammys, Alliance Atlantis, Spanish 'CSI' and more.

Aug 24 - Petersen: 'CSI' Won't Become A Soap
Series star says character tidbits will be revealed little by little, Grissom will stay mysterious.

Aug 23 - 'CSI' Costumes Give Sin City Class
Series outfitter discusses the designers and style she chooses for actors and corpses.

Aug 23 - 'Miami' CSIs Face 'The Best Defense'
The team investigates a nightclub shooting as Calleigh's father returns. Spoilers inside!

Aug 22 - 'CSI' Worst Show On TV, Says PTC
Drama cited as least family-friendly series for episodes dealing with cannibalism, snuff.

Aug 22 - CSIs Start 'Feeling The Heat'
A baby and a young woman are two of the victims on a particularly hot Las Vegas day. Spoilers!

Aug 21 - Alexander To Help Raise AIDS Awareness
City of West Hollywood will mobilize actors, medical experts in support of African victims of HIV.

Aug 21 - Szmanda Raring To Get Out Into The Field
'CSI' actor says he's looking forward to an expanded role for Greg Sanders.

Aug 20 - Tabloid Newspaper Fuels Season 4 Rumour Mill
Storylines supposedly will include love affair, new underworld connections. Spoilers inside!

Aug 20 - News Bullets
'CSI' screensaver, forensic science courses, Danny Cannon, 'Miami' down under & more!

Aug 18 - Site Columns
'Without a Trace', BBS threads, fashion poll & 'CSI' on TV this week!

Aug 17 - Zuiker: Women Drive 'CSI', Personal Success
Series exec talks to Charlie Rose and Craig Kilborn about his experiences writing 'CSI' and learning about crime.

Aug 15 - Petersen's Trailer Gets The Yellow Tape Treatment
Grissom actor's mobile home mistakenly cordoned off during a manhunt in Las Vegas.

Aug 14 - Helgenberger To Host Charity Weekend
'CSI' actress & husband will raise money for cancer centre over September 5-7.

Aug 13 - Alert: Anthony Zuiker On 'Kilborn' Tonight
'CSI' and 'CSI: Miami' creator to appear on late-night talk show.

Aug 13 - News Bullets
'CSI: Miami' in AOL awards, Helgenberger, Aussie review, TCA round-up & more!

Aug 12 - Zuiker Hip-Hops To Reality
'CSI' scribe tries his hand at a game show with the rap-themed 'Ruckus'.

Aug 12 - 'Assume Nothing' Films In Vegas This Week
William Petersen, Paul Guilfoyle and other regulars required for two-day season premiere shoot.

Aug 11 - Site Columns
Hello World, summer fandom, Talk CSI and TV this week.

Aug 10 - Season Two Wins Over UK Reviewers
Episodes and featurettes get high marks as latest Region 2 DVD set hits stores.

Aug 9 - First 'Hard Time' Plot Details
Horatio Caine seeks justice for a two-time victim in this upcoming 'CSI: Miami' episode. Contains spoilers!

Aug 9 - News Bullets
Helgenberger in 'Golf for Women', 'Miami' SFX, HDTV, forensic courses & more!

Aug 8 - Las Vegas Gets A New Sheriff
New head honcho turns up as Warrick has a bad day in court in 'Invisible Evidence'. Contains spoilers!

Aug 7 - Mark Your Calendar For 'CSI'
Desk and wall theme calendars to be released in the fall.

Aug 7 - 'CSI' Emmy Submissions Revealed
'Lady Heather's Box', 'Play With Fire' & 'Last Laugh' among the eight episodes selected to represent the best of 'CSI'.

Aug 6 - 'CSI' Trading Cards Arrive In October
Complete coverage of first two seasons, foil cards and binder promised for inaugural card set.

Aug 6 - News Bullets
Favourite episode vote, Sofia Milos premiere, violence in the media, Fox, Petersen & more!

Aug 4 - 'Death Grip' To Deal With Racial Issues
The case of a missing Latina girl highlights Hispanic inequality in Miami. Spoilers inside!

Aug 4 - Zuiker: 'Huge Evolution' Coming For Gil Grissom
'CSI' creator talks season four character development for the Las Vegas crime team.

Aug 2 - Producers: We Don't Aim To Shock
Ann Donahue & Danny Cannon offer their opinions on 'CSI's' realistic approach.

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