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News Headlines for April 2006

Apr 27 - Review: CSI: New York--'All Access'
Stella is discovered unconscious by the dead body of her boyfriend.

Apr 27 - Jorja Fox Promises Great Laughs During 'Rashomama'
Entertainment Tonight visits the set of 'CSI' to talk to the actress about tonight's unique episode.

Apr 26 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Dead Air'
Horatio and the team race to save a kidnapped woman who makes a desperate plea over a cell phone call.

Apr 26 - Kid Rock Discusses His 'New York' Role
Gary Sinise and Kid Rock discuss the 'New York' episode that turns the rock star into a murder suspect.

Apr 25 - News Bullets
Sinise does another USO round, 'New York' and 'CSI' screen caps, Emily Procter steals 'CSI: Miami' and more!

Apr 25 - Rodriguez, La Rue & Togo On 'Miami' Love Triangle
The 'CSI: Miami' actors discuss the storyline that has their characters playing musical love chairs.

Apr 24 - Interview: Carmine Giovinazzo
'CSI: NY''s Danny Messer shares his reaction to 'Run Silent, Run Deep,' discusses the complexity of the characters' relationships on the show, and talks about what he brings to the role. Some spoilers inside!

Apr 24 - ALERT: Entertainment Tonight To Visit Set Of 'Dead Air'
David Caruso and Alana de la Garza talk about their characters' delicate relationship. Mild spoilers inside.

Apr 24 - CBS Releases 'All Access' Promo
While Mac investigates a case that has Kid Rock as a suspect, Stella's boyfriend plans to end her life. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Apr 21 - Interview: Khandi Alexander
The Alexx Woods actress shares her thoughts on the current season, Alexx's best moments and politics in the lab with CSI Files' Kristine Huntley!

Apr 21 - CBS Releases 'Dead Air' Promo
A mysterious phone call has the 'Miami' team searching for a missing woman. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Apr 21 - Kim Delaney's '10.5: Apocalypse' To Shake May Sweeps
The new telefilm about a series of massive earthquakes on the west coast of the United States will finally air during May.

Apr 20 - Review: CSI: New York--'Run Silent, Run Deep'
Danny finds himself in a world of trouble once again when his DNA turns up at a fifteen-year-old crime scene.

Apr 20 - CBS Starts Countdown To Final Episode Of 'CSI'
The Eye network previews the final four episodes of 'CSI' and adds an interactive feature that will reveal two major secrets about the show. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Apr 20 - 'CSI' Starts Sweeps With A 'Bang Bang'
The shooting of an officer and a lonely wife have one thing in common: a loose man inside a casino. Spoilers inside!

Apr 19 - Eye Network Previews Final Episodes Of 'CSI: Miami'
CBS releases a promo video containing clips from the last four episodes of 'Miami.' Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Apr 18 - CBS Releases 'Run Silent, Run Deep' Promo
Mac and the team uncover a dead body, and the evidence points to Danny as the murderer. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Apr 17 - Site Columns
Message board musings, poll results, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and detectives that care... a little too much.

Apr 17 - Interview: Jonathan Togo
'CSI: Miami''s Ryan Wolfe talks about his character's development over the past two seasons, discusses the love triangle between Ryan, Natalia and Delko and teases some upcoming twists in the final episodes of season four. Spoilers inside!

Apr 17 - Harper's Book Hits Stores This Week
'CSI: NY' actor aims to reach young men with a part-inspirational, part-autobiographical book that addresses their questions about becoming adults.

Apr 15 - Kanakaredes: 'CSI: NY' To Go Where No 'CSI' Has Gone Before
The 'New York' star talks about the upcoming storyline that will put Stella Bonasera on the other side of the interrogation table. Spoilers inside!

Apr 15 - CTV Visits Sets Of 'CSI' Trio
'CSI,' 'Miami,' and 'New York' stars talk about the popularity of the shows, how their lives have changed, and of course, Nick's hair.

Apr 15 - 'CSI', 'Miami' & 'New York' Review Round-Up
The latest episodes of the 'CSI' trio summarized and review by fansites.

Apr 14 - New Obie Trice Music Video To Be 'CSI' Themed
Obie Trice releases new music video composed entirely of scenes from the 'CSI' episode 'Poppin' Tags'.

Apr 13 - Review: CSI: New York--'Super Men'
The CSIs track the killers of a man who dressed up as a superhero and a rising football star.

Apr 13 - Horatio's Plans Put 'CSI: Miami' In State Of 'Shock'
A young heiress is found dead in her bathtub and the shocking case threatens to ruin one of the CSI's plans for the day. Spoilers inside!

Apr 12 - Review: CSI: Miami--'Free Fall'
A pair of charismatic criminals is caught up in the CSIs' investigation of an execution-style murder.

Apr 11 - Death Visits 'CSI' Trio For May Sweeps
TV Guide, E! Online and other sources confirm each 'CSI' show will place one or two of their characters in mortal danger. Spoilers inside!

Apr 11 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -- 'Spellbound'
The CSIs are surprised when they discover the possible link between the murder of a psychic and a 16-year-old murder.

Apr 10 - Site Columns
Message board musings, poll results, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and special helmets for not so very special kids.

Apr 10 - Interview: Ann Donahue
In an exclusive CSI Files interview, the 'CSI: Miami' showrunner reveals what's ahead for Horatio and Marisol, when the mole in the lab will be revealed and what's ahead for the world's number one show in its fifth season. Spoilers inside!

Apr 10 - CBS Releases 'Poppin' Tags' Promo
Three teenagers are killed, and the Vegas team go deep inside the world of rap to find the killers. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Apr 10 - ALERT: 'Entertainment Tonight' On The Set Of 'Free Fall'
ET goes behind the scenes of this new 'Miami' episode to get the actor's inside scoop.

Apr 7 - Corey Miller Discuses Magic Of Inserts
The 'CSI: Miami' writer goes into more detail about the little things that make up an entire episode.

Apr 7 - CBS Releases 'Super Men' Promo
A "super hero's" death leads Mac and Stella to the underbelly of New York. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Apr 7 - Eva La Rue: 'Miami' Transition Has Been Smooth
Natalia Boa Vista actress talks about her move from New York to Los Angeles and joining the power hit 'CSI: Miami'.

Apr 6 - Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation--'The Unusual Suspect'
When the sister of a boy on trial confesses to the killing he's accused of, the CSIs are under the gun to prove who the real killer is.

Apr 6 - News Bullets
Lt. Dan Band performs, Kanakaredes on Craig Ferguson show, Eva La Rue nominated for ALMA award, screen caps, and more!

Apr 6 - Strictly Ink Previews 'CSI' 2006 Trading Card Sets
The 'CSI' trio gets their own trading cards this summer from the UK website.

Apr 5 - TV Guide Reveals 'CSI' & 'Miami' Sweeps Twists
'CSI' gets more personal and 'Miami' says goodbye to another character in their upcoming May sweeps episodes, according to the magazine. Spoilers inside!

Apr 5 - CBS Releases 'Free Fall' Promo
Leo and Sienna continue to get into trouble and this time Horatio and the team must keep them from getting killed. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

Apr 4 - Big Winning Turns Into Big Loss In 'Time Of Your Life'
Grissom and the team investigate the case of a man who was murdered shortly after wining at the casinos. Spoilers inside!

Apr 4 - David Caruso To Remain With 'Miami' Until The End
The 'CSI: Miami' star talks about the show's success abroad and announces he wishes to play Horatio Caine for as long as he's allowed.

Apr 3 - Site Columns
Message board musings, poll results, the 'CSI' world two years ago, and amateur photography.

Apr 3 - CBS Releases 'Spellbound' Promo
The Vegas team investigate the murder of a psychic who foresaw her own death during a reading. Full trailer transcript & images inside!

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