Gibson Suspended From ‘Criminal Minds’


According to Deadline, Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner) recently had an altercation with a writer-producer on set, which turned physical when Gibson allegedly kicked the writer-producer in the leg. Gibson has been suspended for two episodes following the fight, and TV Guide revealed that his character will be assigned temporary duty elsewhere to explain his absence. TV Guide also reported that Gibson was directing when the altercation occurred two weeks ago; he was removed as director for that episode, and he will not be helming any more episodes of Criminal Minds this season. Here’s the statement Gibson gave Deadline:

There were creative differences on the set and a disagreement. I regret that it occurred. We all want to work together as a team to make the best show possible. We always have and we always will.

Gibson’s suspension starts with episode three, which also marks the first appearance of Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss) during season twelve.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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