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CBS Shares Premiere Info & New Cast Details

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2016-2017 premiere details

2016-2017 premiere details

CBS shared a press release today, including information about the upcoming season premieres of NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans and Criminal Minds. (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is being held back for midseason.) The network also posted character profiles for the newest cast members for NCIS, NCIS: NOLA and Criminal Minds.

NCIS will kick off season 14 on Tuesday, September 20 at 8:00pm ET/PT. Here is the recap of the season 13 finale and information about what’s coming this year:

    Season Finale: NCIS, alongside the FBI and MI6, continued their international manhunt for disgraced agent Trent Kort, after his attack on NCIS Special Agent Ziva David. Following the incident, the Mossad Director revealed to Special Agent Tony DiNozzo that he and Ziva had a daughter together, and DiNozzo resigned to spend time with her. Also, the NCIS team successfully located and killed Trent Kort.

    Coming Up: In the season premiere, the NCIS team investigates a deadly car explosion in D.C. that connects to NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres (new cast member Wilmer Valderrama), who disappeared six months ago while on a deep undercover assignment in Argentina. Also, Gibbs asks NCIS Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn (new cast member Jennifer Esposito) to shadow his team after rejecting eight agents she instructed and referred for the open agent position. Also, Duane Henry joins the cast as MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves.

And here are the character profiles for the new team members played by Valderrama, Esposito and Henry:

    Wilmer Valderrama joins the cast as NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, a charismatic, unpredictable and resilient agent, who has spent most of his career on solo undercover assignments.

    Jennifer Esposito joins the cast as NCIS Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn, a quick-witted and talented agent who left to be an instructor until Gibbs (Mark Harmon) lured her back to the field.

    Duane Henry joins the cast after guest starring last season as MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, a successful and clever international agent who is on loan to NCIS as a terror liaison during these complicated times.

NCIS: New Orleans will also premiere on Tuesday, September 20, although it is shifting to the 10:00pm ET/PT timeslot following Michael Weatherly’s (Tony DiNozzo) new show Bull. Here’s the recap of season two’s finale, along with details about the season three premiere:

    Season Finale: While tracking stolen explosives, Pride and the team discovered Homeland Security Agent Russo was actually the mastermind behind an imminent threat to New Orleans. Special Agent Brody used her personal relationship with Russo to get close to him, clone his phone and obtain information needed to both solve the case and prosecute him. Pride and Percy boarded a riverboat and disarmed the bomb in the nick of time. In the aftermath, a formal investigation on Russo is initiated, and the team was placed on administrative leave.

    Coming Up: After a sniper is at large during a crowded festival weekend, the NCIS team partners with several federal agencies on the case. The aftermath of the Russo case continues, as Brody decides to leave NCIS and FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio (new cast member Vanessa Ferlito) is sent to investigate Pride and his team.

And here’s information about Ferlito’s character:

    Vanessa Ferlito joins the cast as FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, a tough, acerbic agent with a mysterious past in New Orleans who is sent from D.C. to investigate the NCIS team, but also work with Pride (Scott Bakula) when high-risk cases threaten the city.

On Wednesday, September 28, Criminal Minds will debut its twelfth season at 9:00pm ET/PT. Here’s information about last season’s finale, along with details for the season 12 premiere:

    Season Finale: Hotch was apprehended at his home in front of his son for suspected conspiracy and, as the BAU raced to prove his innocence, they discovered a larger plot concerning a planned prison break by 13 serial killers, now on the loose.

    Coming Up: Adam Rodriguez joins the cast as Luke Alvez, a new recruit to the BAU from the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force tasked with helping to capture one of the escaped killers from last season. Aisha Tyler, who plays Dr. Tara Lewis, becomes a series regular.

And here’s the character profile for Rodriguez’s character, along with Tyler’s newly-promoted character:

    Adam Rodriguez joins the cast as Luke Alvez, a former Army ranger and excellent tracker the BAU recruits from the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force.

    Aisha Tyler has been upped to a series regular. She plays Dr. Tara Lewis, a forensic psychologist whose expertise is studying and interviewing serial killers after they’re captured, to determine if they’re able to stand trial.

Finally, here’s a recap and premiere information for NCIS: Los Angeles, which will premiere its eighth season in its new timeslot on Sunday, October 2 at 8:00pm ET/PT:

    Season Finale: The NCIS LA team traveled to San Francisco after the private school attended by Sam’s son was taken over by Sam’s arch nemesis, Tahir, and his mercenaries. Under the cover of night, Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks entered the school and apprehended Tahir.

    Coming Up: In the season premiere, the NCIS team is under investigation by the Under Secretary of the Navy due to the identification of a mole in their department. With every move being monitored, the team is assigned a High Value Target case involving a Syrian terrorist.

Sources: CBS Press Express, CBS Press Express

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