July 21 2024

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NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders will air new episodes this week. (NCIS: Los Angeles offers a repeat, but Criminal Minds and CSI: Cyber are not on the schedule.)

NCIS: Los Angeles aired its season finale last week, and there’s no repeat on the schedule tonight. Instead, CBS is airing an episode from the final season of Person of Interest in the Monday 10:00pm ET/PT timeslot.

NCIS will air the penultimate episode of season thirteen on Tuesday at 8:00pm ET/PT. Here’s the episode description for “Dead Letter” (more information here):

The NCIS team, alongside the FBI and MI6, continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who has left one colleague fighting for their life in ICU.

And here’s the episode promo:

NCIS: NOLA will follow at 9:00pm ET/PT on Tuesday. Here’s the description for the penultimate episode of season two, “The Third Man” (more information here):

The NCIS team partners with Homeland Security after the murder of a Navy master diver is linked to chatter of a foreign attack on the city.

Now check out the episode preview:

On Wednesday, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders will offer back-to-back episodes from 9:00-11:00pm ET/PT. (Criminal Minds aired its season finale last week.) Here are the synopses (more information here and here):

“Iqiniso” – When an American college student working in Johannesburg is killed and his brother goes missing, the International Response Team suspects a gang could be behind both. Jack works the case with Lieutenant Ananda Doshi (Bahni Tupin), a profiler he’s worked with before who has an unorthodox style of investigation.

“The Ballad of Nick and Nat” – When American victims are found in different locations throughout Cuba, the International Response Team heads to the island nation to search for possible spree killers.

Check out the preview for “Iqiniso” below:

On Saturday, CBS will air repeats of NCIS: LA and NCIS: NOLA from 8:00-10:00pm ET/PT. Here are the episode descriptions:

“The Long Goodbye” – The team searches for Jada (Ella Thomas), the woman Sam led to asylum in the United States four years ago, after she goes missing. Also, Kensi goes undercover with DEA Agent Talia Del Campo (Mercedes Mason).

“Father’s Day” – Special Agent Pride opens his bar to the public with a Fat Tuesday party, but the celebration is cut short when he and Mayor Douglas Hamilton (Steven Weber) are both kidnapped from their respective Mardi Gras events and held hostage by an unknown assailant.

Finally, the network will air a repeat of the NCIS episode “Loose Cannons” at 10:00pm ET/PT on Sunday. Here’s the synopsis:

Doctor Cyril Taft (Jon Cryer) experiences the rush of an NCIS case after he is assigned surgical duty to Gibb’s suspect and finds key evidence. Also, Dinozzo pays Jeanne Benoit (Scottie Thompson) a visit as he chases a lead involving doctors in Sudan.

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