May 23 2024

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‘Red Crone’ Official Details, Plus What’s On This Week

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NCIS: LA, NCIS, NCIS: NOLA, Criminal Minds & CSI: Cyber

NCIS: LA, NCIS, NCIS: NOLA, Criminal Minds & CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans and Criminal Minds are each airing a new episode this week.

NCIS: Los Angeles kicks off the week with “Blame It On Rio” tonight at 9:59pm ET/PT. Here’s the episode synopsis (more information here):

NCIS Special Agent DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) partners with the NCIS: Los Angeles team to search the city after his prisoner escapes custody on a flight from Singapore to Los Angeles.

And check out the episode promo below:

NCIS will air “Lockdown” on Tuesday at 8:00pm ET/PT. Here’s the episode description (more information here):

While visiting a pharmaceutical lab on a murder case, Abby is trapped with no communication to the outside world after armed men take over the building and hold everyone hostage.

And here’s the episode promo:

NCIS: NOLA will follow at 9:00pm ET/PT on Tuesday. Here’s the description for “Foreign Affairs” (more information here):

Special Agent Pride is sent a partner from the Australian Defence Force Investigation Service, Special Agent Naomi Parsons (Kate Beahan), after an Australian Royal Navy Lieutenant, who was key to international negotiations on nuclear weapons, is murdered in New Orleans.

Now check out the episode preview:

On Wednesday, Criminal Minds offers “Outlaw” at 9:00pm ET/PT. Here’s the episode description (more information here):

When three restaurant workers are killed in a robbery/homicide in Las Vegas, N.M., the BAU looks at a cold case that happened in the town six years ago for leads.

And here’s the episode promo:

On Saturday, CBS will air repeats of NCIS: LA and Criminal Minds from 8:00-10:00pm ET/PT. Here’s are the episode descriptions:

“Spiral” – While Callen is undercover in the mail room of an office building to investigate an arms dealer, it is taken over by terrorists and Callen becomes a hostage. When the team arrives to help, they discover the entire building is wired with explosives.

“Scream” – Victims in California have the BAU searching for an UnSub who may have witnessed abuse as a child. Meanwhile, Kate shows parental concern when her niece, Meg, makes a date with a friend to meet a boy they met online.

The fourth episode of CSI: Cyber’s second season airs on Sunday at 10:00pm ET/PT. Here’s the synopsis for “Red Crone”, followed by the official details:

The Cyber team investigates a child abduction case based on the “Red Crone,” an online myth where an abductor lures children through an app on their phones. Also, Elijah’s aggressive behavior at work causes Avery to bench him, and romance is in the air for D.B.

Former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Co-Producer Brad Tanenbaum helmed the episode; he has 24 directing credits for CSI, most recently season fifteen’s “Let’s Make A Deal”, but this is his first time behind the camera for Cyber. “Red Crone” was penned by Executive Story Editor Denise Hahn, who previously wrote “Click Your Poison” during season one.

The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

Gregg Henry as Calvin Mundo
Nishi Munshi as Rosalyn Price
Fred Koehler as Oliver
Dartanian Sloan as Jacob
Michael Leone as Luke
Jenny Cooper as Karen Sullivan
Brittany Beery as Alex Barnes
Elisha Henig as Timmy Martola
McKenna Grace as Michelle Mundo
Albert Kuo as ND Tech
John Eric Montana as Judge

McKenna Grace is back as Elijah Mundo’s (James Van Der Beek) daughter Michelle, who was last seen in “Heart Me” earlier this month. Gregg Henry has appeared on CSI (“The Strip Strangler”) and CSI: Miami (“Death Eminent”, “Blood Sugar”). Fred Koehler was in the CSI episode “Fahrenheit 932” during the show’s first season, and he also guest-starred in “Creatures of the Night” during the first season of CSI: New York. Jenny Cooper was in the Miami episode “Crowned”, during season ten. The other actors are new to the franchise.

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