April 25 2024

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‘CSI: Cyber’ Premiere Delayed For Some Viewers, Plus News & Tweets

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CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber

The second season of CSI: Cyber kicks off tonight. Due to football overrun, viewers in some areas will get the episode nearly 30 minutes late. (Check your local CBS station to see if you are affected.)

CSI Files previously posted several sneak peeks from “Why-Fi”, and you can find a few more interviews below.

First, watch leading lady Patricia Arquette (Avery Ryan) and newcomer Ted Danson (DB Russell) talk to WCCO, a local CBS station in Minnesota:

Shad Moss (Brody Nelson) recently visited Hollywood Today Live, and you can watch the interview below:

Executive Producer Pam Veasey spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about season two, and here’s an excerpt:

What does Ted Danson’s addition bring to the show? How else will this season differ from the first one?

D.B. Russell comes in really appreciating a new phase in his life. I think in the movie, you don’t know that he’s decided to come to Cyber. Now, he’s leaving the crime lab and looking for something new. [You can] imagine Avery Ryan calls him offscreen and said, “If you’re free, I enjoyed working with you, and we have an opportunity for you to come here. Keep us grounded in the old-school forensic world but start learning the new levels of basic forensics in the technology world.” One [example] being science that relates to what’s called microbials — microbials are the identifying germs that each of us has. He’s funny, and he’s bright, and we’re going to introduce him to the dating world in Washington. Another change in the show is we’re going to show more of our cyber criminals.

Direct TV asked Danson five questions, including this one:

What can we expect when you join the CSI: Cyber team?

First off, questions always scare me. I feel like I am taking a test and I am ready to fail! It’s a year on CSI: Cyber, and I am super excited to join the team. My character, D.B. Russell, is recently divorced and has lost his best friend/soul mate, Jules, and my son has moved back East, and I have gotten an offer from the FBI and Avery (played by Patricia Arquette), and my character is ready to start a new chapter in his life. There is also a lightness to my character now that I am dealing with computers more than I am dealing with dead bodies, which is fun to play!

Arquette and James Van Der Beek (Elijah Mundo) did an interview with Extra, which you can watch here. “We’re dealing with police body cams, virtual sex toys. We’re dealing with remote control cockroaches,” Arquette said. “Listen, I didn’t make this stuff up.”

Here’s a fun video from CBS featuring the “ABCs of Tech Talk”, which includes clips from Cyber as well as NCIS, Criminal Minds and Scorpion:

Finally, check out some more tweets and photos, followed by several videos:

As i sit here this morning i cant believe season 2 of @csicyber kicks off tonight on CBS at 10pm. Im very thankful and fortunate to STILL find ways to stay on my game and stay in front of yalls faces. I hear what they say "put some music out, your time is done yada yada not not knowing im ONLY 28 have 4 companies to run. Act/host/ etc… I'm here to stay! You mad cause i found the way? You made because i went hollywood? Switched my pitch up? I never thought coming on to the scene at 13 i'd still be here 15 years later. I never knew my path all i did was take on the challenges that God put in front of me. So after a great day of some NFL Football on CBS, keel it locked because CSI is taking over! Join me live tonight at 10pm for the series premiere. See yall on Twitter at 10pm i'm talking to the fans all show long. Ps. Ladies my shower scene .. Ok thats enough TUNE IN!

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And here are the videos:

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  1. I haaaaate football delays!n I know football is good for the network because it brings in a lot of nviewers, but it sucks for the rest of the Sunday night schedule. It nworked out okay for CSI’s series finale last week, but here’s the npremiere of Cyber airing a half hour late! My city isn’t even listed in nthose tweets, but it’s delayed here too. Blaaaaaaaah!

  2. i waited for CSI: Cyber but it never came on instead it was The GoodWife and then the news.

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