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Watch A Preview For The ‘Criminal Minds’ Premiere, Plus News, Tweets & Photos

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Criminal Minds cast

Criminal Minds cast

TV Line shared a 30-second promo for the upcoming season eleven premiere of Criminal Minds. The episode, titled “The Job”, will air on Wednesday, September 30 at 9:00pm ET/PT. The preview offers fans a glimpse of Dr Tara Lewis, the new recurring character played by Aisha Tyler, who is helping to fill out the cast while AJ Cook (JJ Jareau) is on maternity leave. You can watch the preview below:

In addition to sharing the above clip, Executive Producer Erica Messer told TV Line that the season premiere involves a “twisted” case:

This UnSub does some, obviously, weird stuff to his victims, which includes painting their faces. And then we learn why he’s doing it, because he himself has a really hard-to-look-at face.

Messer recently spoke to TV Guide about season eleven, revealing that the show didn’t want to replace departing team member Kate Callahan (Jennifer Love Hewitt) outright. As previously reported, the show could re-introduce characters who have appeared over the course of the series, in order to fill the void. “I feel like when you look at 10 years of people we could bring back, it would be fun to do that,” Messer said.

One fan favorite who will not return during season eleven is Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss), who had scheduling conflicts due to her new show, Grandfathered. She was hoping to appear in a few episodes, but as she told TV Line:

A.J. called me and I said, ‘I think so, if we aren’t doing Grandfathered’ — at the time, I didn’t know if we were picked up [by Fox] — and it just didn’t work out, which was too bad because I love those guys. I love the writers, I’m still friends with everyone there…. But it just didn’t work out, which was a shame. I really wanted to do it!

Here’s a question from TV Line:

Question: Is the plan still to not replace Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds? If so, any word on the actors/characters that will be rotating in? — psquared

Ausiello: As of Monday night, only Aisha Tyler — who is filling the brief void created by the tail end of JJ’s/A.J. Cook’s maternity leave — has been tapped to step in, showrunner Erica Messer told us, “and there’s still no one replacing Kate. But we’re looking forward to the opportunity to bring in other ‘good guys’ to be guest stars.” Perhaps even via a second stint by Tyler, who will exit when Cook returns. “We’d love to have her come play as often as possible, because she’s amazing and she fit right in with the cast,” Messer raves.

Tyler spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her character. “It’s great because I get to do field work, I get to run around, wear a vest, wear a gun,” she explained. “She’s someone who has gathered a lot of evidence about the psychological makeup of the sociopath and she’s now bringing that knowledge into the field to help catch bad guys.”

Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr Spencer Reid) told Zap2It that he’ll be back behind the camera this season, and the episode will involve a significant exit:

I am [directing]. There’s a special episode. I almost don’t want to give it away, but I might as well. It’s the departure of one of the regular team members.

Check out this question and answer from TV Line:

Is JJ’s husband Will coming back this season on Criminal Minds? We really miss him! –Patricia

There are currently no plans for Josh Stewart to reprise the role, “but [JJ and Will] just had the baby,” piggybacking on A.J. Cook’s real-life pregnancy, showrunner Erica Messer notes, “so he might show up in an episode” down the line.

And here’s a quote about the season eleven premiere, from EW.com:

Any info on Reid of Criminal Minds? — Miloune

He’ll have a big moment in the season premiere. “He gets to do a take down Reid style, which is just using his brain with a physical thing that’s really disturbing — you have to turn away,” executive producer Erica Messer says. “It’s not a standoff with a gun, it’s a Reid version of a takedown.”

TV Line offered this information about a guest star from season 10, and the potential return of Reid’s mother:

Question: Will Einstein return on Criminal Minds? –Emilie

Ausiello: There are no plans at this time to bring back the forensics whiz (played by Aquarius’ Candace Hammer) that Reid met in February — though Matthew Gray Gubler is currently “hopeful” that his brainiac lands a(ny) new girlfriend “in the future.” Alas, neither has the crime drama been able to follow through on its wish to revisit Reid’s mother, now that Hollywood Game Night host Jane Lynch also has a new comedy (Angel From Hell) on CBS’ fall chedule. As show boss Erica Messer laments: “We never seem able to get her!”

Criminal Minds Fans did an interview with new staff writer Erik Stiller, and here’s an excerpt:

TJ: What are you looking forward to most about this coming season, and can you tell us what you hope to contribute in your first year as a full-time writer?

ES: Sure, I think all the writers bring different perspectives and different experiences. I want to do the sports, art, and being a father background into the perspective. I’m hoping that’s what I’m able to contribute. Because I’m the new person, I can ask questions that may not get asked otherwise. “Why, why is this happening? And everyone in the room is super cool about filling me in and saying ‘and now we’re able to kind of step it out.’

To me, I’m just thrilled to be able to contribute in that way, and bring my own kind of Midwestern blue collar background to the process along with a parental perspective, and some of the art stuff has leaked into one of the episodes we’re doing. Being in the room – it’s a different muscle. It took a little bit to kind of see where do I fit in in that, and I’m still figuring it out. Being in this constant conversation with people and just figuring out where you fit in. It’s been really cool.

Here are several photos of Cook’s new son Phoenix Sky Andersen, along with her husband Nathan and older son Mekhai (Henry LaMontagne):

My boys. Love these photos by @keriandjen

A photo posted by @ajcook on

Our three hour nap was rudely interrupted by the flash from the mamarazzi's camera. #siesta

A photo posted by Nathan Andersen (@nathanandy) on

Gubler recently took Vanity Fair on a tour of his home, and you can watch a video below:

Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) spoke to People about his mother Marilyn’s battle with multiple sclerosis, and his own work to help find a cure. “My love for my mom is real and I want her to beat this damn thing,” he said. “She’s my Super Woman and she needs to know that someone is out there fighting for her at all times.” Here are some photos and a video from the National MS Society’s Dinner of Champions this past Thursday, August 27, featuring Moore, his mother, costars Joe Mantegna (David Rossi) and Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia) and several Minds crew members:

Ready to Escort my momma down the red carpet last night… ????❤️

A photo posted by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on

Double Trouble… The Italian Stallion n Shemar Mother-Loving Moore!!! ????????❤️

A photo posted by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on

You can watch the season 10 blooper reel below:

Finally, check out this collection of 64 tweets and photos, which have been shared by the cast and crew over the past four weeks, followed by five videos:

DEREK MORGAN!!! Criminal Minds… CBS.. Season 11…. We're Baaaaaaaack!!! NEW SHOWS BEGIN… Sept 30, 2015..

A photo posted by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on

Bend it like @shemarfmoore ⚽️ #CriminalMinds #BehindTheScenes

A photo posted by Criminal Minds (@crimmindscbs) on

Set Dec crew gave me a present.

A photo posted by Harry Bring (@llpos) on

CRIME IS UP AND OUR PANTS ARE DOWN… ???????? #we'regoingin ???????????? BABY BOY n PRETTY BOY ???????? @gublergram

A photo posted by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on

Caption this photo. From Ep 11.04 of #CriminalMinds @gublergram @shemarfmoore

A photo posted by Larry Teng (@tengstagram) on

Camera bike fun on #CriminalMinds Ep 11.04

A photo posted by Larry Teng (@tengstagram) on

In David Rossi mode today.

A photo posted by Joe Mantegna (@real_joemantegna) on

And here are the videos:

DEREK MORGAN… BRINGING THE HEAT!!! ???????? CRIMINAL MINDS.. CBS.. SEASON 11… September 30, 2015 ????

A video posted by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on

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