AJ Cook Welcomes Baby Boy!


Congratulations to Criminal Minds star AJ Cook (JJ Jareau), who gave birth to her second child on Thursday, July 23. She and husband Nathan Andersen have a six-year-old son, Mekhai (Henry LaMontagne), and they named their baby boy Phoenix Sky Andersen. Cook celebrated her own birthday earlier this week, just one day before Phoenix was born.

Filming for the eleventh season of Criminal Minds is already underway. As CSI Files previously reported, Cook will miss an unspecified number of episodes at the beginning of the season while she is on maternity leave. At the end of the season ten finale, “The Hunt”, it was revealed that JJ was pregnant with her second child. This will explain the character’s absence until Cook returns to work. (Cook’s first pregnancy was written into the show as well, and her son Mekhai portrays her onscreen son Henry.)

Below, you can find some congratulatory tweets, along with two photos from Cook’s husband:

Took Alexander out for a fancy birthday meal. @ajcook @ajcookofficial

A photo posted by Nathan Andersen (@nathanandy) on

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