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‘Beyond Borders’ Adds Characters, Plus ‘NCIS’, ‘NCIS:LA’, ‘NCIS:NOLA’ & ‘Criminal Minds’ News

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As CSI Files previously reported, Anna Gunn (Lily Lambert) will not be part of the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders cast when the show debuts during the 2015-2016 season. Here’s a question from TV Line offering information about further cast changes:

Any scoop on what the final cast will be for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders? Will Anna Gunn’s role be recast or will they create a new character? –LaShawna

The midseason Criminal Minds offshoot will actually create multiple characters as it fine-tunes its cast. Explaining the tweaks, CBS president Nina Tassler told me, “Gary [Sinise] is sort of larger than life and [as Jack Garrett] he filled a lot of the same [needs as Gunn’s character]. But we’re actually going to be adding a couple of new characters” that “speak more to the needs of the franchise.”

After the jump, you can find a collection of news, videos, tweets and photos for Beyond Borders, NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS, Criminal Minds and NCIS: Los Angeles, which have been shared over the past two weeks. (Contains 80+ embedded videos, tweets and photos!)

First, check out this collection of photos featuring NCIS: LA stars Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones) and Barrett Foa (Eric Beale) alongside NCIS’s Emily Wickersham (Ellie Bishop) at MCM London Comic Con earlier this week, followed by some videos:

At @mcmComicCon in London. "Don't tell the fire marshal"

A photo posted by Barrett Foa (@barrettfoa) on

Comic Con LONDON w these sweeties! @emilywickersham @barrettfoa

A photo posted by @reneefelicesmith on

Wookieeeeee. He works here.

A photo posted by Emily Wickersham (@emilywickersham) on

Sad to be leaving. Great meeting all the fans at #mcmComicCon Until next time London

A photo posted by Emily Wickersham (@emilywickersham) on

And here are the videos. First is the NCIS and NCIS: LA panel, followed by individual interviews with Foa, Smith and Wickersham. There is also an interview with Tyler James Williams (Russ “Monty” Montgomery), and he discusses Beyond Borders starting at 4:00.

CM: Beyond Borders

Leading man Gary Sinise spoke to PopPolitics about his work for US veterans, and you can listen to the audio below. At the 8:30 mark, Sinise also talks a bit about Beyond Borders:

Joe Mantegna (David Rossi) and Esai Morales (Mateo Cruz) recently did a Reddit AMA. They answered questions about Criminal Minds, and Mantegna said this about the possibility of Morales appearing on the spinoff:

JOE: You should mention the Criminal Minds spinoff is gonna be on, too! It’s called Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. It won’t be on until mid-season. It’ll air starting in January. But they’re going to shoot all 13 at the same time we shoot in July. And i bet there’ll be a good chance you’re on that as well. Because you led them off in the pilot. It’ll make sense. I will mention that when I get back.

Finally, here’s a tweet from former Criminal Minds writer and producer Rick Dunkle, who is moving over to the spinoff, along with three messages from Executive Producer Adam Glass:


Recurring guest star Shalita Grant (Sonja Percy) is now on Twitter:

And here are some tweets and photos:


Executive Producer Gary Glasberg spoke to the Hollywood Reporter after the shocking season twelve finale aired two weeks ago. Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was shot by a boy he’d tried to protect, Luke (Daniel Zolghadri), and his fate was left up in the air as the episode ended on a cliffhanger. Glasberg said the goal was to leave fans “unsettled and unsure of where we’re headed.” He added:

Regardless of the outcome, any time that Gibbs or one of our family members is in danger or injured, it significantly affects everyone. We’ll have to see the long-term effects and the psychological effects, but they’ll undoubtedly, as they always are, be there for each other. Then we’ll see where it takes [us] as we move forward to the coming episode.

Here’s a question from TV Line:

Question: I’ll get right to the point. Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS? —BC

Ausiello: He’d be breaching his contract if he walks so… no?

Entertainment Tonight went behind the scenes of the season finale, “Neverland”, and you can watch the video below. It features Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto), Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) and Wickersham:

Here is a video from CBS, in which cast members Weatherly, Wickersham, Perrette, Sean Murray (Timothy McGee), Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer), David McCallum (Dr Donald “Ducky” Mallard) and Harmon address their dream storylines:

Finally, check out these tweets and photos, followed by a video. They include several more images from last week’s Summer Soiree, one of which features NCIS: NOLA star Scott Bakula (Dwayne Pride), and a link to Weatherly’s new Instagram account:

#SeanMurray with the lovely ladies of #NCIS, @emilywickersham and #PauleyPerrette, at #SummerSoiree

A photo posted by cbstvstudios (@cbstvstudios) on

#NCIS worlds collide at the #SummerSoiree with #ScottBakula and #michaelweatherly! #NCISNOLA

A photo posted by cbstvstudios (@cbstvstudios) on

And here’s the video of Weatherly singing:

Criminal Minds

In the Reddit AMA linked above, Mantegna and Morales answered various questions about Minds. Here is one of them, followed by Mantegna’s answer below the line:

Hi, Joe! First of all, I am a huge fan! You’re great! I have three questions.
1) What is your favorite thing about working on Criminal Minds?
2) Who is the most fun person to work with on Criminal Minds?
3) What is the funniest thing that has happened on the set of Criminal Minds?

1.) The people I work with. ESPECIALLY Esai, hahaha!
2.) It’s a pretty fun group. But Matthew’s like my, the son I never had.
3.) It might be the time that they – we all rented a live bear, to scare Shemar. Yeah. We rented a live bear, to scare Shemar.
Let them figure out what that’s all about.

And here’s a photo of Mantegna and Morales:

Technical advisor Jim Clemente recently spoke to ROTHCO Press about his history as an FBI agent and his work on Criminal Minds. Here’s an excerpt:

A couple months later he brought me out to meet the show runner and the writers and I started telling them stories and those stories all ended up as episodes and I became the technical advisor. I would make sure all the profiling was correct and what I did was I made sure it was authentic. Writing stories, ripping them from the headlines, they would use my stories but blend them together. So we don’t just use one case, we’d take aspects of one and another and maybe another and we’d blend them together. So we’re not exploiting or reminding the victims or their family of what happened to them. But we can use the lessons we learned from those cases to help teach people how to be safe.

And here are some tweets and photos, including a few reactions to the renewal for season eleven:


The Los Angeles cast spoke to Extra at the Summer Soiree last week. You can watch the video here, in which they discuss the show’s upcoming seventh season.

Renée Felice Smith took home a SET Award last week for “Portrayal of a Female in Technology”, honoring her role as Nell Jones on NCIS: LA:

Congrats to @ReneeFeliceSmith on her #SETAward her portrayal of a female character in technology on #NCISLA!

A photo posted by cbstvstudios (@cbstvstudios) on

Also check out these tweets and photos, including two more images from last week’s Summer Soiree, along with some photos from filming an episode that will air next season:

Found a couple of meerkats in the prairie… @kristenjane @ericcolsen #onlyafewwakeupsleft

A photo posted by Daniela Ruah (@danielaruah) on

B Camera

A photo posted by Miguel Ferrer (@mjf789) on

#NCISLA Wrap Party in the books. @la_drgn @joeywilson57 @chrispost81 @thewilsonian Repost from: @la_drgn

A photo posted by Kyle Harimoto (@kharimoto) on

Schools out for SUMMER! #frecklesoutifyafancy #thatsawrap

A photo posted by @reneefelicesmith on

@greggerardo 's shirt tells it like it is on the Last Day of shooting today. #NCISLA #FrankMilitary

A photo posted by Kyle Harimoto (@kharimoto) on

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